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Will China have the capability to challenge US Air Force in 2020? [Copy link] 中文

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According to an article from US Defense News,  by 2020, Chinese Air force will project air power outside "the first chain" and will begin to challenge US air advantage in this region.

The article said though the development of PLA Air Force is limited because PLA Army is given more attention in tradition, the Air Force has been expanding its influence in the modernization of Chinese military.

The article quoted experts as saying China has not prepared himself to win US in battles. They think China still needs ten years for development and training to acquire capability to challenge US Air Force in this region.

A US military expert thinks Chinese weapons and platforms may enable PLA Air Force to conduct air attack, air defense, air blockade and air transport by 2015. Until then, Chinese fighter jets, land-to-air missiles, early warning radars and camouflage ability will make China's air defense a serious challenge to US Air Force. By 2020, China will probably launch the test flight of its 5th generation fighters and J-7 and J-8 will be decommissioned.

Another US analyst says China may strengthen indigenous development of fighter jets and other weapons. Besides, China may also improve its intelligent weapons, use more UAVs, continue to deploy HQ-9 long-range land-to-air missiles and purchase Russia-made S-400 missiles.

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The development of Chinese military aims to protect its own interests and territorial integral&security. We won't challenge any bodies in any way.But we won't be lenient toward any evil counterparts!

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US can be beaten

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Reply #1 cindy1225's post

In war, it's the combat kill ratios!

BUT there is unlikely to be direct conflict, only proxy!
As long as China keeps the capacity to be able to rapidly increase production of Jets, and rapid train manpower!
This is the cheapest infrastructure needed.

Otherwise, current posture is quite sufficient!


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China will not pour so much money to develop birds as US has done and will do

nonetheless, China is able to find solution to deter possible US invasion and safeguard itself

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Originally posted by magnetic1974 at 2010-11-12 11:54
China military is getting stronger, every year, I don't thinks it will takes China until 2020 to challange the US airforce. Currently CHina have the ability to bline the US so call a smart bomb, ju ...

US can't be beaten,smartass. No country that owns nuclear weapons can be "beaten". All would lose such a war. Gosh, how dumb do you have to be to make statements like you use to do?
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Originally posted by cindy1225 at 11-11-2010 18:27
According to an article from US Defense News,  by 2020, Chinese Air force will project air power outside "the first chain" and will begin to challenge US air advantage in this region.


What it all boils down to is "who attacks and who defends".

The zionist USA has invested mega billions of dollars in amassing their super high tech military machine - a military machine with a distinctly aggressive and offensive design. It is not designed to be merely a "self defence" military.

At present the world is witnessing the zionists honing and preparing their forces - the so called "war on terror" is providing the very best training - live ammo training - albeit they are not able to hone such skills as airial combat - but they are getting huge flying hours in "wartime" conditions - carrying out live fire missions against human targets - invaluable trainign for an agressive offensive military.

For many years the zionists relied on their threat factor of nuclear warfare - but the years hve taught us that such a threat is indeed a hollow threat - because the owner of the weapon is just as much at risk of annihilation as the intended target. The point is that the "victor" would have nothing left but a contaminated planet - unliveable for a thousand years - so no victory at all.

This brings us back to the reality of warfare and the zionist creation of its massive military - in a world where it had no enemies until it created them for its own needs - the excuse to have the massive military.

China has realised the intention of the zionist USA long ago - and slowly has advanced its own military - not as an offensive aggressive force but as a very strong self defence force - Chinese military strategists are not stupid people they have observed and realised exactly what the zionists are about - and wisely they have chosen to develop the PLADF in such a way that it has kept the hegemon at bay.

China does not send its military half way around the world to make war on starved and crippled nations - unlike the zionist US - China has watched the zionist war machine and analysed the equipment and tactics of the zionists - China will not attack the zionists militarily - it does not have to because China is the emerging "superpower" with a far more powerful weapong than a massive offensive military - China has power in the will and ability of its people - a people ho are prepared to work hard and overcome difficulties with a smile and a joke - and it is here that the real power of the worlds real superpower lays.

If there is to be open warfare between China and the zionist US then it will be because the zionists attacked China not because China attacked the zionists - and should it come to that then the zionist will lose and lose very badly because the Chinese are very different to a sanction starved Iraq with a sadly obselete and broken down military or a tiny ragtag Taliban with a few worn out weapons left behind by the Soviets.

The more likely scenario for confrontation between the zionist US and China is that the zionists will unleash the military of Japan, South Korea and India against China in some invented regional dispute to absorb and blunt the Chinese capability - once the main defences of China have been depleted the cowardly zionist US will send in their "heros" - one thing the Amerikans cannot abide is facing any enemy on a level playing field - typical of the bully.

But China will always have an ace up its sleeve - an ace that it will not play until the zionist forces are committed............

Some people try to deny that the zionists have a plan to encircle China and to form a ring of steel around China with the military of its allies - but anyone who is not a fool can see exactly that it has been doing so - arming allies with very powerful offensive weapons and training their military - look at the "coalition" of forces being fed into the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan - live fire military exercises in actual wartime conditions - training that cannot be gained in peaceful war games exercises. Even the military of Japan has been serving quietly - a nation that is not supposed the engage in hostilities unless it is directly under attack.

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