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Harvard Library at 4:30 a.m. resurfaces... [Copy link] 中文

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瞎扯的 !哈佛大学图书馆凌晨4点半的景象  死灰复燃

The fabricated Scene of Harvard Library at 4:30 a.m. raises its ugly head again, accompanied by an even more outrageous set of claims.
It appears in more than 200 blogs in Sina alone!

以下引自  令人震撼:哈佛大学图书馆凌晨4点半的景象  
哈佛的学生餐厅,很难听到说话的声音,每个学生端着比萨可乐坐下后,往往顺手把大衣扔地上,然后边吃边看书或是做笔记。我就没见过哪个学生光吃不读的,更没见过哪个学生边吃边闲聊的。....  哈佛校园里,不见华服,不见化妆,更不见晃里晃荡,只有匆匆的脚步....

Roughly translated: You can hardly hear anyone talking in the Harvard cafeteria. Every student , after sitting down with their pizza and coke and  throwing their coats causally onto the floor, will either read or write notes while eating. I have never seen any student eating without studying, or engaging in idle chatter..Fashionable clothes, make-ups, are absent on Harvard campus. There is no loitering, but only the hurried footsteps...

What kind of nonsense is this?  One blogger, replying to my query, said this was an "on-site interview/report " filed by the Chinese TV station 央视. I don't how true that is, or that the TV crew has accidentally went to North Korea, or went back i time to 60's,70's China.

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Oops, wrong picture #2! Here is the correct one.

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And #1 as well

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Originally posted by the_yeti at 2010-10-28 03:05
And #1 as well

Oh Wow

All that is so fun


Chao Ren VFP

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so much for the Ivy
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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Variations of this article are now in the tens of thousands at the SINA Blog space. Somehow, joyless, solemn,   zombish Harvard students are considered as good role models for Chinese students.

This nonsense even appear on "travelogues" of some bloggers.

Despite news media reports[1][2][3], Harvard Library’s official clarification, and confession of the author of the fake book, Allocution on the wall of Harvard University Library, that the “Harvard Library Mottoes/ Harvard Library at 4:30 a.m.” is a fabrication, the “Harvard Library Mottoes/ Harvard Library at 4:30 a.m.” has come back with a vengeance in Mainland China, in particular, the SINA Blog space, where it is being “re-paste” over 30 times a day[4] under various titles and packaging. The endorsement by several bloggers with huge following also contributed to the rapid spread.
On Nov 22nd, 2011, Mr.Yue, CEO of New Oriental School, sent out an email to “all the staff” recommending such an article. By the time he sent out a notification that the “Mottoes “ weren’t true, it was too late. Several of his teachers have put it up on their blogs and Weibo (China’s version of Twitter).[5]
The article describes Harvard students as serious hardworking, but joyless, folks. They do not wear nice clothes, put on no makeup, do not talk in the cafeteria but eat and study, and walk around campus with a heavy heart. The author cleverly interweaves true facts (the on-site visit by a CCTV reporter and her interview with one Chinese student and a Chinese professor) with fabrication ( Twenty mottoes on the walls of “the” Harvard Library, zombish Harvard students, and two pictures showing two libraries packed with students at “4:30 a.m.”(sic).)
尽管新闻媒体的报道[1] [2] [3],哈佛 图书馆的官方澄清,偽書"哈佛图书馆自习室墙上的训言ALLOCUTIONS on the wall of Harvard's Library" 作者DannyFeng丹尼·冯 承认这些所 谓的“训言”确实是没有,“哈佛 图书馆格言/凌晨4:30在哈佛图书馆“在中国内地网上迅速传播, 尤其是在新浪博客 空间,一天超过30次各种不同的標題和包装转贴. [4] 几个多人氣的博客 也有助于迅速蔓延。
2011年11月22日,新东方学校总裁,俞敏洪 ,发出了一封电子邮件给“全体员工” 建议这样的文章。第二天他发 出通知,“”哈佛图书馆自习室墙上的训言”不是 真实的,为时已晚。有几个他的老师已经 在他们的新浪博客和微博帐發表了.[5]
這把哈佛学生寫成認真, 勤奋,但死氣沉沉。"哈佛的学生餐厅,很难听到说话的声音,每个学生端着比萨可乐坐下后,往往边吃边看书或是边做笔记。我就没见过哪个学生光吃不读的,更没见过哪个学生边吃边闲聊的。感觉哈佛,餐厅不过是一个可以吃东西的图书馆,...哈佛校园里,不见华丽服饰,不见浓妆异彩,更不见晃里晃荡,只有匆匆的脚步,..."哈佛绝绝对不是這樣的.
作者巧妙地交织 真正的事实(由中央电视台记者的现场访问 和她采访一个中国学生和 中国教授)和杜撰(哈佛图书馆墙上的二十条训言, 行尸走肉哈佛学生,和两张显示凌晨4点多学生仍在学习的杜撰的照片.)

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还有更多: (填入“哈佛”)

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