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China will solve all its jet engine problem by 2015. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2010-10-20 12:21
you do have good points, Mr. Kiwi!
BUT the point of the matter is - probably first use of nuclear weapons - in the battle doctrine!
Whether it's a battle field formation near the Chinese border o ...

My thoughts on this are that China wouldn't use nukes within, or even near her borders because of the internal security, international and also civilian logistical implications. The fact that the US sailed BGs so close to Chinese shores is proof of the fact that there was no real threat to employ nukes to counter those battle groups and if there was such a threat, the USN would keep their ships well back from such forward areas. One has to remember that nuking a USN N is tantamount to nuking US soil because each N is considered sovereign US territory. Sailing the Ns through the strait as was done in 1996 is no big deal because the US didn't, and maybe still doesn't (I don't know) consider the straits to be Chinese territorial waters because of their proximity to TWN and the only folks who didn't approve were the leaders and generals in Beijing. Really, if the USN BGs were in a threatening posture and fully at condition , there would be indications to indicate such. There have been no such indications, even during the recent SK/US drills so there is really no need for the PRC to worry.
As for those nations owning US made warplanes, well, I imagine they'd "consult" with the US but needing approval isn't necaessary. The only thing the US can hold over them in any case is the source codes for the aircraft.

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Reply #15 exportedkiwi's post

Americans are playing "chickens", and "pimping" the Asian Trade Route states, Mr. Kiwi!

"consult" and "approval", hmmmm
Yes, The British are so very diplomatic, quite unlike the "vulgar" Americans!

ha ha ha

Green DRagon
Game Master

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2010-10-21 13:50
Americans are playing "chickens", and "pimping" the Asian Trade Route states, Mr. Kiwi!

"consult" and "approval", hmmmm
Yes, The British are so very dipl ...

Please define "palying chicken and pimping" Mr GD. I don't think I see it quite like you do.

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Originally posted by jordan_c_fan at 2010-11-10 12:43
China's missiles and jet fighters are great.  If layers of invisible paints on the airplaness can make China's J10 Fighter invisible to radar, why the Americans or Chinese need all t ...

Paint, in itself, wouldn't make anything stealthy. Stealth is built in, not painted on!

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Originally posted by BingSilk at 2010-10-17 10:34
That's what I heard

Patience, Bing!  

Or "忍" as we Chinese would put it.

Patience is King, Bing.

We Chinese are currently existing in a guranteed period of peace and detente with the major nukes of world, major nukes of the world who once bullied us, who outright threatened to nuke us umptieth of times, and who would leisurely and routinely blackmailed us with their nukes.  

But, those days are long gone however, Bing. Our present nuclear deterrence ensures it that it'll be guaranteed a mutual destruct for all if they dare consider the Douglas McArthur form of racism on us Chinese, or the Nagasaki Hiroshima package at us yellow bastards!!!

Therefore, XXJ/WS-10 wise, why hurry? Why rush? My philosophy: If and when you set out to do something, you do it right or you don't do it at all are the rule of law to abide by!

We have the J-10's, the J-11B's, the J-11BS's, the J-15 and the J-15BS, the JH-7's, JH-7B's, and the H-6K's all of which already makes for a pretty deadly and serious combination and an arsenal more than sufficient enough for us to handle any/all of the technologies that jet fighters from ther European theater can throw at us; that Russia have; and that the Americans so brags about; and the above listing does not include the latest up-to-date equally deadly J-7E's & G's; the J-8'E's and F's; the latest of Q-5; the latter designed to deal with America's exports in the Far East.  Don't forget, then there are the FTC-2000; and the L-15  which too is on the way.

Additionally, do not over-estimate America's so bragged about F-22 and F-35 because, plenty hype there and "lots of suckers (USD 150 million a piece and climbing) out there is how I see it".

I mean if they are so confident of the -22/35, why upgrades of the F-15 to one with stealth features (this one still under development by Boeing)? Why upgrade the F-18 further? Why keep pumping up still later blocks of the F-16????

The F-22 and 35 is all about all of those suckers out there who have 150-200 million buck/unit to throw away at newer technologies hyped as a "must have" for fighter technologies.

The word for China is that its F-22/35 counterpart are geared at competing for the lucrative "sucker's market" that are out there to be had.  I mean if they force us to up our yuan (RMB), that would mean no more cheap toasters for Wal-Marts and COSTCO; our only recourse, if that were to be the case are high tech item such as XXJ's to compete for market shares to keep our economy going.

  1. 中国WS10A改进型已量产用于四代机全状态首飞

  2. [img]
  3. 11.jpg[/img]

  4. 1、HM航母上有直8预警机,固定翼小盘子和长航式无人机 ;直8预警机作为替补。

  5. 2、咱只是去做交流而已,交流的层次远不如与巴西的深入,当然与拥有丰富使用和制造经验的老牌大国进行交流确实可以收获不少 ;

  6. 3、歼10B明年投产,后年开始装备部队 ;使用了相控阵雷达等部分四代技术的歼10B不得不贵,好的品质是金钱堆出来的 ;歼10B使用太行。

  7. 4、东北有战术轰炸机和中秋J15,中秋的任务很重 ;咱的中秋是多面手,不但要能够弹射起飞还要滑越起飞,与HM系统的磨合也要长时间的积累经验 ;

  8. 5、南北各大分段已经就绪到位,有的走陆路有的走水路;

  9. 6、HM是天字号工程,相关的配套工程会先期投入核心资源进行铺垫,不会出现一些非重大因素而导致的延误事故;

  10. 7、新驱的垂发单元在原来的基础了增加了1X个,满排7X00吨 ;新驱4艘 ;排水量所多放大,功能也得到了强化,大+强:++ ,故称052C++;。

  11. 8、大驱已经开建了,大驱不出两年你会出现。

  12. 9、要是2015之内还不出现那TG就别混了;2015年之前TGHM编队任何舰艇都会问世 ,包括直通,大驱的姊妹版通驱等等;

  13. 10、从095开始TG的核潜艇将全电化 ,常规潜艇早已经全电化了 ;095在2012-2013年将进入服役状态 ;全盾化将HM编队的又一大特色。093和094都是过渡产品

  14. 11、人员与战略战术的无缝对接才能最大限度的发挥装备的战斗力,而装备的先进程度仅仅是一种静止的状态 。

  15. 12、JL2已经进入了战备值班状态

  16. 13、水上冷发射

  17. 14、应该说水上点火属于冷发射体制

  18. 15、北方的HM明年会看到, 跟老瓦也算是“邻居”北方的HM有两艘,一艘是老瓦,一艘是纯国产的 ,南方有一艘是国产的 ;北方先下的料 ,所以北方的国产先看到!

  19. 16、大驱开到印度洋使用HQ26就有机会击落处于上升段的印度中远程弹道导弹

  20. 17、就激光整体技术而言老美领先是毋庸置疑的,可是在激光武器的实用化方面咱确实走在了老美的前面

  21. 18、WS15的预研很扎实,核心机搞成了后期就好办多了,推重比达到11,2015年基本上可以用了 。WS10A稳定批量生产,改进型至少有两款。推重比为9的WS10A改进型用于四代机全状态首飞 。推重比为9的WS10A改进型用于四代机全状态首飞 。
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Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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