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The Obama Threat [Copy link] 中文

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I have said this from before he was elected, continued to say it after the election, long before it happened, as many of you will remember

i said that obama would ruin america

i said that obama had no support from any of americas money

i said that obamas election would cause the worlds economy to stop growing on capital entrepreneurship

i said that obama would cause investment and venture capital to dry up

i said that obama would cause the trilateral and builderberger organizations and their affiliates to pull out their economic power, which is equivalent to the power the moon has over the tides

i said that obama would have no choice but to spend 100% of the money it takes to improve the economy

and thats exactly what has happened

obama has spent more in the 20 months of his presidency than every of the 20 american presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan combined together

he will destroy america and the world's economies

a foreign power should intevene, by sending in their secret agent specialists to deal with the world-wide obama threat to all economies,

or its iminent doom

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thats more than every other president in history, throughout each of their entire terms as president, every program ever thought up, all the way down to Ronald Reagan, 20 presidencies, many lasting many terms

all in just 20 months of obamas unsupported and already failed presidency

America cannot and will not survive the rest of this admistrations presidential term


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Considering what Obama inherited most of that wasn't difficult to predict so you're no mystic.  Our new government are in a similar position.

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Reply #3 St_George's post

The terrible twins - Obama-Osama
I doubt the UK has anything to do with their decisions!
Just trying to keep "ties" with everybody, old English Kongfu!

ha ha ha

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Originally posted by St_George at 2010-9-29 12:14
Considering what Obama inherited most of that wasn't difficult to predict so you're no mystic.  Our new government are in a similar position.


thats a common misconception created by those who hve grown accustomed to blaming St. George W. Bush for everything

its economics 101, which may well beyond your scope of comprehension

america is free-market capitalist with more individual economic freedoms, private ownership, and private responsibilities than ever before seen on earth

its economy is based solely on the cappitalist machinery working in tandem

america is a country where 90% of the wealth is with 10% of the populations / corporations.

the money in america's form of economic system is not with the government

the american government cannot make the economy work, it doesnt have the money, nor is it that what it was designed to do

it depends solely on private companies, thats why war is so good for americas economy, the corporations do all of the prrparation and production involved in wars

90% of the money in america is within the trilateral and bilderberger corporate 'brotherhoods' and is rapidly being moved overseas, because of obama

obama and the 'majority' of americans bit the hand that feeds them, they waged war on those corporations which have thrived under every other president, they ARE the money and jobs and bread-provider for America

they do for the american economy what communist governments do for communist economies

but obama thinks he's in a communist country, he thinks america is a place of 'untold wealth', according to his father, who heard that in tribal gossip on the african continent

so he thinks, unashamedly, that he is in charge of the money in America, and thus in control of its economy

when all he has done is take what little america had and gave it to people who didnt do anything for it, and who dont deserve it, and wont create any jobs with it, or do anything at all to move the economy

he will have to keep dumping mythical money into the economy until his term ends, or until a grown-up takes him out of his playpen

he will have to print out trillions of dollars he doesnt have, until he makes every american an overly-inflated middle class

at least thats what he apparently believes is his job

but its all he can do

he may as well be polpot

he's 'slaying' the corporate empires

which is to say, directly, that he is slaying americas only economic system, and americas only hope for an american life

and its all moving overseas

because we arent giving what is ours to americas own polpot

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-9-29 13:51
don't worry your ugly little head assassin.

Sarah Palin will be your next President.

im not a musIim, thus, i dont hate conservative american republicans

but obama is neither democrat nor republican, as either of those groups are both american and intelligent enought to know who and what america is, and to help businessmen, entrepreneurs, companies and corporations, which is all america is

obama is polpot

he doesnt comprehend much of anything, just likes being in power, wants to be an emperor, and only cares about his popularity with the single-issue voters who 'hate' the corporations, and prefer anarchy

he should be the arab messiah for u kbay

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except i know there are alot of arabs more intelligent than the obama administration as well

i think kbay is a hk arab who most likely knows the value of a strong economic environment good for business

the whole world is suffering and will suffer much more if obama is allowed to continue damaging the economic environment for corporations, entrepreneurs, business owners, developers, and investors, just so he can win a popularity contest with disgruntled lazy americans wanting a handout or a gay marriage

its our responsibility to the world to move overseas


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