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U.S. and India hold military drill in Okinawa [Copy link] 中文

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#35,  manoj10

when China and India were both very poor, they were the best of chums,
and gave suport to one another in the international arena of politics.

Since they begin to catch up with the 'lost years', and enjoying some of the luxurious
modern living offered - that the West take for granted; motor car, plane travel, tap water and electricity; they seem to drift apart.   

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The culprit?

The sh!t stirrier?

Yes, you've guessed it.

It's really is not too late for China and India to get back to their old ways.

Friendship and peaceful coexistence.

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There is only one (possibily two) winner(s) in this  India - China  divide.

The hidden agenda to keep the sleeping Asian giants in a permanent coma.

Wake up Dr. Singh.
China is your natural friend.

We are your neighbor, and we will not ever go away.

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God! Are you guys the coming of China's next great 西遊紀 or somethin'?

I mean jeez, the Monkey King and Mr. Piggy is but a great big crap filled farce...  The characters in it are no more but metaphorical depiction of personalities in within the demographics of Chinese society meaning we had then as well as now plenty idiots in our midst. Taiwan, HK, FLG, and Tam SPDM are none other but the fineest of examples of just such clowns and idiots.

Another metaphor here: The mighty Himalayas is and will always, forever and ever, be a natural divide that keeps the "South Asian continent" separated from that of "the true Asian continent" ...  

I mean if you guys don't mind Lou Jings in your midst, well of course it's your prerogative but don't drag the rest of us down the sh*t hole with you guys...  I mean the Divine Mother Kuan Yin wasn't given us for nothing. It was a gesture of hope, purity, and love, entrusted in us Chinese by the "Chinese-Gods"...

In my book, the mighty Himalayas remains and it can only grow stronger and stronger...

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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The population resources of India and the land resources and Science and technology resources of American
is each complementary.

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Reply #43 Tsaokuohua's post

That's a big question mark!

Actually India is nearer to Europe, while China is nearer to USA!
That's why China became the "sub contractor" for USA, besides it's advantages of superior infrastructure, cheap electricity, sufficient water, well disciplined workers with good nutrition, lot's of east asian collaborators due to proximity!

INDIA time will come, as soon as it becomes practical and profitable!


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