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Is the U.S. behind Japan? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by joeching at 2010-9-20 17:34

the sf deal is the current point of contention between japan and china.


Just like what I have pointed out, the SF treaty does not supersede the Potsdam declaration. If you disagree, point out the specific clauses in the treaty that say so. Since China has nothing to do with SF treaty and it does not supersede the Potsdam declaration, it is not a point of contention.

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Originally posted by liliao at 2010-9-20 03:58 PM

Just like what I have pointed out, the SF treaty does not supersede the Potsdam declaration. If you disagree, point out the specific clauses in the treaty that say so. Since China has nothing t ...

this is what japan and america are based their rationale on.  but all these issue are superficial.  the following 3 posts described the underlying dynamics:

someone from china, referring to the lip-service only behavior of the chinese leadership to japan's tough stance as:"""主子 奴才和狗""", "master, slave and ".  this is out of total ignorance of the history.  The expression, however, can be best applied to the chiang/sun gang.  it switched its master from japan to america, acting as master themselves to all their subordinates.  today, the likes of mr. horse of taiwan are still into being pet  for their master america.

the current chinese government under the guiding spirit of mao knows history well(although bashful in revealing it all to avoid antangonizing the  in taiwan, according to the historians i talked to at our berkeley eastasia studies).  for whatever japan did, it mainly fought the america and chased all the western barbarians out of asia.  and its arms were instrumental in kicking the america  out of china by mao.

as to japan's current right wingers.  who do u suppose their ultimate enemy is?  u have to be really dumb to think it's china.  japan is only use china to pump up it's military and defense in the okinawa area to eventually achieve it's deeeeep wish of revenge whoever nuked it.

personally, i was intimately in the midst of the first sign of japanese true intention when my japanese colleagues in the PNC laboratories were defying america(the weak carter adm) about doing plutonium reprocessing.  way back in the early 80's, japan had been ready with it's nuke arsenals in preparation for a sequel of the pacific war!

recheck out these videos to sense what's the japs are thinking now:

yasukuni, japan-china-america
ht tp://ww m/watch?v=d-2_Mm5Jozw
ping-pong.n et/yasuku.mpg
yasukuni - an america
ht tp://ww m/watch?v=TPsRA634x7Q
ping-pong.n et/yasame.mpg
yes Wyn, america is the culprit.  in fact, it's just rite down the course of the century-old asia-america war.  after beating up the japs down to submissive parasitic pets, the amreica monkey's next target, of course, is china.

what u said here:"let history remain history and to instead look towards the future of East Asia (East Asian Unity)." is only half correct.  we cant let bygone be bygone's.  we must look and base only on history, but do it accuratedly, not based on america's lies and distortions and without any japanese inputs.  asia's 5000 yrs of long history is pointing at the "east asia unity", but the last 100 years put thing in doubt.  we must let chip fall as they may, and the reason i m on japan's side, rather than america's is because my research showed that it's just doesnt fit that japanese challenged america while already crippled by all the problem it has with "colonizing" asia.  only explanation that would make sense would by that the "colonization" was really a rallying effort to get all the asians to form a united front against the western barbarians.

just now, i watched how the chinese news commentators are echoing exactly what u said -- everything traced right back to america.

but china must heed the lesson of history and dont act alone this time around.


why doesnt anybody blame the america monkey for giving jap the island and helping it to protect it, and the monkey's pet chiang kai shek for refusing to take the whole okinawa back for china when it was offered right after the war ii.

9/18 was approved by chiang kai shek's deputy the young marshall chang, both of whom studied in japan.  and the 1937 japanese invasion was caused by xtian liberators scheme to lure china's loyalty to the american monkey, during the xian mutiny, in which the japanese soldier, chiang kai shek temporarily lost his power and almost his life.

had it been mao's choice, i ll put my bet on his choosing wang ching wai, the jap pet, over uniting with his exterminator chiang kai shek, and resulting in the next 20 years of hellish existence caused by american monkey's unending assaults on the border, as well as today's entrapment by the monkey and pets in the pacific.

had china and japan united during wwii, america would lose, and mao would easily take care of the japs afterwards.  u see, i deal a lot with japanese.  they go by the merit system.

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Originally posted by joeching at 2010-9-19 12:12

actually, by default ryukyu would be returned to china.  but when it's offered the america puppet government of chiang kai shek refused.

still, it's probabaly better to have it given to japa ...

Well, they did agree on the military occupation of Ryukyu, joint administration and perhaps subsequent independence.

"During a private dinner with the Chiangs on the evening of November 23, President Roosevelt asked Chiang China's intentions regarding the Ryukyu Islands. According to the memorandum written by the Chinese side (Roosevelt's special assistant Harry Hopkins was present but did not apparently take notes), "The President referred to the question of the Ryukyu Islands and enquired more than once whether China would want the Ryukyus." To this, Chiang reportedly replied that "China would be agreeable to joint occupation of the Ryukyus by China and the United States and, eventually, joint administration by the two countries under the trusteeship of an international organization." (See "Chinese Summary Record [translation] of Roosevelt-Chiang Dinner Meeting [November 23, 1943]," FRUS, The Conferences at Cairo and Tehran, 1943 [Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1961], p. 324.) Chiang, in his own notes, explained that he responded this way because he did not want the United States to think that China had territorial ambitions in mind, and thus sought to "put the U.S. (government) at ease." (See Chiang Kai-shek, Sho Kai Seki Hiroku 14 (Jihon Kofuku [Chiang Kai-shek's Secret Records Vol. 14 (Japan's Surrender), Tokyo: Sankei Shimbunsha , 1977), p. 122.)"

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I don't understand why the Japanese hate Nixon so much. What did he do to your country?

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Originally posted by bigstick at 2010-9-21 12:10 AM

Chiang reportedly replied that "China would be agreeable to joint occupation of the Ryukyus by China and the United States  

this biggest traitor of china also addressed his troops defending shanghai against mao in 1949, that if they could just hold off for 6 months, the americans will come(with nukes) to destroy china.

china's real problem is not japan, but china's own traitors and america.


Gou Jian was a king in ancient China.  After losing a war to a much powerful country he volunteered to be a captive.  He pretended to be so subservient to the powerful country that once he willingly tasted the feces of his captor king to help diagnose the king's illness.  Then during the years of his country's captivity, he tasted the bitter bile every night before he retired only to sleep on dry tree branches,all to remind himself the humiliation of defeat.

But secretively he made his country strong, while still supplying his captor country with crops that were often used in its next year's planning.  One year when the time was ripe for him to revenge his defeat, he supplied the crops already heated in hot water.  Then when the seeds wont produce new crops and caused a famine in his captor country, he attacked the country and revenged his insult.

Is it possible that Japan is crossing its fingers that America never heard of the story of Goujian,or 越王勾践卧薪尝胆的故事.

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2010-9-13 16:31
Is the U.S. behind Japan?

Sorry, this is NONSENSE  

Maybe you think that the Nánjīng Massacre was a fairytale too and the chemical and biological tests performed on Chinese civilians is just a myth too?




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Originally posted by joeching at 2010-9-22 18:18


No chance. The Americans have remained suspicious of the Japanese to this day so that they will not be nuked. Not only that, they also helped the Japanese to make themselves hated by all their neighbors including the Russians, North Koreans, South Koreans and Chinese.

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