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Zero and False Flag ( German language) are also excellent

in fact there is a huge amount of info out there ( but you need to think for yourself)

You will not find accurate science in for example Popular Mechanics

to fenix and lebeast I remind them of a popular Chines saying

You cannot wake up a man who is pretending to sleep

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piteous naivete

Originally posted by funtiger8 at 2010-9-8 16:39

nano thermite

firstly, as you need an English lesson, I will kindly oblige. This is(sic)  just the net definitions. Oxford would trounce them, but not at hand.


1. Demanding or arousing pity ('nuff said)

B.Naivete (sans accents)

1.The state or quality of being inexperienced or unsophisticated, especially in being artless, credulous, or uncritical.

2. An artless, credulous, or uncritical statement or act.

Optimistically, the second definition applies. gut instinct suggests it is #1.
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Drugs and nanothermite

Nanothermite satiates the conspiracy theorist's unquestioning appetite for delusion, the drug of choice

The whole premise is based on a most tenuous article from a certain disreputable rag called the Open Chemical Physics Journal. It is as open as your mother's legs.

Enough has been said about the other "Open Journal" series to entirely relegate that mag to the shredder.

You are beholden to a fantasy. Just a different one.

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Originally posted by funtiger8 at 2010-9-8 00:09
probably nano thermite

I commend the work of Dr Richard Gage and Steven Jones

I suggest before commenting look at the following documentaries

Blueprint for Truth
September Clues
911 Demo ...

I agree with that. I asked you those questions because, more than anything else, I wanted to find out where you are coming from. Of course, you must know about Richard Gage's and Steven Jones's websites.      [Richard Gage's website]             [Cofounded by Steven Jones]             [Cofounded by Steven Jones]

I'm not Beijing based and don't know whether that makes a difference. Well, I guess there might be certain web pages I can download that aren't accessible from.Beijing. Other than that I don't see what difference it makes where the other people are located.

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The Gage articles are worth looking at though, people who just dismiss anything against the offiicial report as ' conspiracy theory ' are not being objective if they haven't even looked at it.

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The best way to view it is critical analysis.

The official version should be discounted immediately.

Secondary analyses should be viewed on merit. Be careful.
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I think thats what we are doing.  There are those with a hidden agenda but it doesn't take very long to suss them out.

If a good argument is put forward by a white American Architect im going to take it seriously.

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