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Chinese Tourists Oversea Misbehaved ? [Copy link] 中文

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Okay, let me apply for the post of cd mod.
Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-8-26 14:25

You should.....

If you pass all the Chairman's requirements.


Age is no problem here?

I mean .... look at my avatar.....not too young ?
Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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Get used to it!

Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-8-26 13:25
I see my good friend's three supporting posts on his #6 comment has been deleted.

Perhaps the  MOD  who carried out this deletion would like to give an explanation to members for his action?

I read this thread this morning, and ThankoPan's posts were not offensive.
They were news cuttings
They were factual reports.
They served to warn the public there are too many British tourists in Thailand exploiting children for sexual purposes.

Were they deleted because a complaint was 'Repored' by some gweilo members; that British paedophilia revelation in Thailand and elsewhere in SE Asia were too embarrassing to the Anglo eyes?

Entire threads have been wiped out before because they point out Anglo lies, propaganda and hypocrisy.

The Anglo mods are devious! They will wait till a thread goes off the radar and then delete it.

That is why ALL moderators should be CHINESE!
the anglos are rsponsible for ...

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Originally posted by canada_man at 2010-8-26 13:17
Inorder to simplify this:
- when in China, do as the Chinese.
- when in Canada. do as the Canadians.
- when in Timbukto, do as the Timbuktonians.
- get it?  :)
[/ ...

A better version is "when in Rome do as the Roman"

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Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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Chinese Tourists Oversea Misbehaved ?

Yes, when they buy LVbags, they misbehaved. Chinese don't match the Anglo bag style yet they fellow what the Anglos do. Why are they so pathetic?

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Quote from the OP:

Chinese Tourists Oversea Misbehaved ?
Greetings, ni how, I am oversea Chinese from Guangzhou lived in Canada for over 40 years.  Now that Chinese are richer and travel overseas for holiday.  this is good both for China and host countries because it foster understandings, goodwill and world trade and peace.  However, I like to point out that Tourist companies should take some responsibilities in educating their clients some basic things to do when abroad:
1.  When they are abroad and see a line up, please do not jump the ques,  
2.  When in a bank or public places, please do not spit
3.  Please discard your empty can or cups in proper disposal bins
4.  Please do not talk so loud in a bus as if you are giving a speech.

Please maintain some basic etiquette to reflect Chinese as Global citizens and all Chinese will be proud. The saying goes"when in Rome, do as the Roman do"
Cheering for you in Canada

Obviously it all depends "who" is giving such advice or order:

If Chinese authorities advice the common Chinese not to wear pajama in public (especially not during the EXPO)  ,

if the same authority advice the common Chinese not to spit in public buses,

it will not wake up any of the patriotic   w a t c h  d o g s    in this forum.

But if any one else is saying such things - it is considered an outrage and racism against Chinese people.

That is quite interesting.

So? Are those advices from Chinese party authority  racist against their own people?

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