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Do Miners in China need a union? [Copy link] 中文

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I know it's no use asking you this....

Originally posted by seneca at 2010-8-4 14:35

Here is a case with which I am pretty familiar:

A public utility, hence a SOE.
Personnel: Ca. 250, maybe 300. Each and everyone contributes their union membership fee annually. No choice.

because you won't bother rto answer wouldn't have a source with names of the culprits, since you state that you're "familiar" with this!

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Labor union

There are labor unions in all of state-owned companies, and in some of private-owned companies. And the labor unions was united under the leadship by the party in beijing. and It's illegal if workers found or join any other labor union except the solo one that I have mentioned.

Workers have rights and have to join this labor union and dont have the right to quit this labor union in state-owned company. And I dont know what's the situation for the right to join this labor union in privated-owned companies.

Leaders in Labor union was paid by comany owners not by labor union members. Those leaders was appionted by the companies and the same time worked as one of the top list manangers or as vice president or vice chief ceo in state-owned companies. I guess that all of union leaders are party members in state-owned companies.

Labor unions did do some help and benefits to its memebers and settle dispute but more like some of responsibilities of Human resources department in American companies, Which I read in American human resources books.

and there is not any such labor unions like the former labor unions before 1950s in China, which described in textbooks and other counties. personally, It is only a title, That's all.

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mining industry

mining workers, like workers in other industry were good and admired jobs ever, Especially for farmers in rural area. But things totally changed, now there are many office jobs availabe with economic develpment, kind of industry revolution in china in the past 30 years. So those heavy manual work like mining work are only left for migrant farmers from rural area.
Sun Shaoping was later a mining worker in the book "Ordinary World", "Ping Fan De Shi Jie" in Chinese written by Luyao. He did inspire me and many other people to take courage in life.

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Originally posted by kitty2110 at 2010-8-5 20:26
english chat super group:46343144.welcome to join!

Stop spamming!
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Mine fire traps 50 underground in eastern China

no end in sight , like i said every week a new tragedy..............

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