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Would You Help an Injured Stranger? [Copy link] 中文

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If u help others ,one day others will help u!

Roses given, fragrance in hand:):)

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Originally posted by greatlady at 2010-7-28 17:46

ys,why not? any damages to me?

helping ppls who are in need is a virtue of our society.but if you send a emergency call that is help too.

That is just my opinion!

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think of Peng Yu , i prefer stand away. it's horrible, if i catched  in a lawsuit, just cause of a kind heart

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Of course you help!!!  I've helped before and I am proud to say my son when he was still a young teenager helped an old man who was lost and wandering the streets.  He had Alzheimers and didn't know where he lived.My son was shocked that people weren't helping.  He was asking other people for help, directions, etc and not many wanted to help them.  I find that deplorable!!  Thank goodness he did find his home, his daughter was very grateful.  That poor man was tired, confused and scared and people acted like they were afraid of him.

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I like the laws of the US, although I wish they were more consistent (they can very from one state to another).  Typically, at least from a western viewpoint, one is morally (not legally) obligated to come to the aid of another if the following conditions are met:

Need - The person NEEDS help
Proximity - You recognize their need of aid
Capability - You are capable of giving aid
Last Resort - Without your aid, they may die

So, for example, if an old person fell down and was unable to get up you wouldn't be morally required to aid them physically but you would be morally obligated to give aid such as telephoning emergency services.  You wouldn't have to physically help because you are not the last resort (unless they fell down in the middle of an intersection or something); they can wait for the proper authorities to arrive.  However, if someone is being attacked, they may not live long enough for the police to arrive.  In such a case, you would be the last resort and morally obligated to assist the person being attacked.  

As for me, I would help the old lady even if she didn't need help.  I can't help it, that's the way I was raised.  I think China could do with some good samaritan laws: it would lower the amount of frivolous lawsuits, decrease the amount of scam artists, and allow people to live with the knowledge that if they are injured that others can help them without fear.  I'm not saying China should go so far as Germany's law but some protection from liability would be nice.  Then again, it's not my country.  I just hope I don't get inured while I am there.

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If you have the impulse to help someone in need please know that... is the person REALLY injured or is it a scam... because...

1. The police will hold you for testifying about what happened, and everyone knows solving cases takes LOADS of time in China and not showing up is not something they will appreciate, be ready for translation costs too in case your Chinese is too bad to be useful in the case.

2. In case you didn't know, helping people in "need" in China most often results in that person sueing you (especially if you are a foreigner who hardly understands whats going on) because someone has to pay the bill and if the person who got injured only makes 1000 RMB per month (or is old and makes 0 RMB per month) then guess how tempting it will be to try and exploit the situation with a clueless foreigner.

3. "You are never "just" a witness"... just being there makes you partly responsible... keep it in mind... it is the word of the injured against the word of the one "just trying to help out of selfless need", you sometimes deal with police who wants to sleep, smoke and drink baijou instead of help, translate and solve a case properly. It also happens enough a statement was "mistranslated" in the favor of the local resulting in the one who wanted to help ending up paying everything... so remember... don't sign papers you cannot read until you know 100% what is written on it (and don't believe any translator appointed by another party).

Same counts for car accidents, same counts for responding to someone getting robbed in front of your eyes, same counts for reacting to a public fight.

There are many reasons why even most of the local Chinese don't help each other out and now you know some of those reasons.

Ha... and for your info... above has been experienced personally so please refrain from reacting in the lines of "China is not like that".

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