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@@Let's face it, China lacks behind US military tech 30 yrs at least now.@@ [Copy link] 中文

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What do you propose to do?  Go to war over these small islands?

Is it worth it?

Even during the time of Mao, Zhou accepted that India can have Arunachal Pradesh (south Ti be t).  And Deng xiaoping also after even he wsa reinstated.  China would just keep Aksai Chin which it already controlled and it strategically very important.


Only Taiwan is worth fighting for ... with all the might of Chinese power.

And it is no fault of Hu and Wen.  Mao and Deng did not win back China Sea islets.  

Don't expect China to fight unimportant wars and loses all its friend in whole Asia, esp. SE Asia and E Asia.

That will be stupid and not worth it.

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100 missiles for one aircraft carrier - I actually anyhow to throw out a number, and I had in mind cruise missiles rather than ICBM.

Because cruise missiles are cheap.  I do not know how much it costs to lauch DF-21C/D (x 100)

I think it is worth it even if China needs to launch 1000 cruise missiles in exchange for one aircraft carrier.  It ias definitely a good deal.

And thanks for newsmax article.  I believe China already has it own torpedo, which must be an improvement over the Russian Shkval rocket torpedo.  It was reported that the chief designer of the Chinese-made torpedp slogged himself to death after the torpedo was successfully tested.  

And now it is probably in mass production as shown in your photos.

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Japan has 5 helicopter carriers?

Hyuga class ships?
Six being planned, with only 1 operational to "match" China's capability!

Where is the other 4 helicopter carriers?

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Originally posted by magnetic1974 at 2010-7-29 15:12
Both China and US have nuclear weapons and if the war broke out between two country its will be the "Nuclear War". US won't dare  to attack China, because they  US realize that they canno ...

A real brawl between the US and China? Slim chance!

The stakes simply exceeds the benefits. No one is stupid enough to get himself all blue and black over a stupid thing "as simple as a war of words" or "over a silly little thing as a war game as per the recent US-South Korean military exercise", not the US and definitely not China.

Truth and reality: With all of those rhetoric's that Gates, Keatings, Clinton, and a whole lot of them are uttering towards Beijing, they are merely blanks. Same applies to the words coming from the top Chinese military brasses.

These people, they all love the part they are playing and they just love the attention they are getting from the media and the public for their macho showings. However, smart and smarter does exist: these two (US and hina) will get their bite d-ogs to do the bitings for them.

Sadly, that's where we Chinese are short changed. Yes, it is true we have but a rag tag few bite d-ogs (Kim's the pit bull being one of them and Pakistan the Doberman Pincher another).  

America however have the upper hand in this respect. She (America) have a whole pound full of them (i.e., Japan, S. Korea, Chinese Taipei, the Philippines, Nam, Indonesia and of course India) all trying to break out of that wire cage with a lust of tearing at our flesh until our bones are exposed.

Luckily however, these American bite d-ogs are mere poodles and their bites harmless  :)...

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Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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Yes,that's true,but the Chinese not fear of USA,

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