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Nasty British evil designs will boomerang [Copy link] 中文

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Britain will lose by criticizing China on Tibet issue

By Wang Hui (
Updated: 2010-07-15 16:40

The issue of Tibet has turned the edge of British Foreign Secretary William Hague's visit to Beijing this week. In fact, both sides have been expecting the trip, Hague's first to China after taking office, would build political trust and establish a working relationship between Beijing and London's new coalition government.

However, judging from the unpleasant exchange of remarks on the Tibet issue between Mr. Hague and his Chinese hosts, the divide between the two governments is as wide as the continent that separates the two countries.

Mr. Hague raised his concerns on Tibetans while meeting with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi. It is also likely that he picked up the same topic when holding strategic talks with Chinese State Councillor Dai Bingguo. Both Chinese officials sternly refuted the British stance on the Tibet issue.

After lecturing Mr. Hague about a brief history of Tibet, Yang warned that the Tibet issue bears on China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is part of the core interests and internal affairs of China, Yang stressed.

The first strategic dialogue between Beijing and the new British government held on Wednesday is a very important forum for both to discuss important issues concerning the smooth sailing of bilateral ties as well as major hurdles afflicting the world today. As far as the issue of Tibet is concerned, Beijing and London have failed to build on any new understanding, let alone bridge the gap.

As a government seeking stronger relations with Beijing, Downing Street should show real sincerity in respecting China's core interests. The situation of human rights in present-day Tibet is the best in history. Britain should not give any stage to Tibetan separatists led by the Dalai Lama.

Downing Street does need a new pair of glasses to see the issue of Tibet fairly. It needs to do a lot of homework on the history side as well as on its implications on Britain's bilateral ties with China.

All in all, raising the Tibet issue to upset the Chinese government is a lose-lose strategy Mr. Hague has adopted in this week's visit to Beijing. He may be counting on this to woo voters back home. However, the general British public is more concerned about the economic recovery of their own country than the welfare of Tibetans. They may wonder why their politicians cannot do a better job at home but enjoy barking around another's tree.

The fallout of political issues will leave indelible marks on co-operation in other fields sooner or later. It is a miscalculation that London could count on maintaining a partnership with Beijing on economic growth while criticizing the latter on political issues. After all, Chinese enterprises and companies are not accustomed to doing business with those from a country that is constantly pointing fingers at China's internal affairs. In the end, the British side will have to pay a dear price for this.

For the sake of stable growth in bilateral ties, Mr. Hague should take history as a mirror and avoid the mistakes made by the previous Labour administration. China-Britain relations turned sour last year under the Labour government after its Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband wrongly accused China of "hijacking" the Copenhagen summit on global warming.

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Mr. Hague has publicly stated his unwavering support for the Afghan war, but privately Britain is starting to move its forces out of "troubled areas".

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Originally posted by baofeng at 2010-7-15 19:22
Mr. Hague has publicly stated his unwavering support for the Afghan war, but privately Britain is starting to move its forces out of "troubled areas".

These British snakes don't understand sweet words.... Had I been there as Hague's Chinese counterpart, I would have handed him a bill charging him to pay one million pounds as costs of the tea and food and accommodation that had been provided to him by the govt of China just after his mentioning of the word  "Tbet"  and asked him along with his British ambassador to leave China within a few hours.

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China should raise Falkland Island and the Chagos archipelago

In the 1960s, the Chagos archipelago was secretly leased to the United Kingdom and detached from Mauritius with the intention of expelling its entire population and establishing a military base. In 1971 the United Kingdom and United States entered an agreement under which the latter would set up a military base in Diego Garcia.[citation needed]

Since then, the United Kingdom enforced the highly controversial depopulation of Diego Garcia, forcing the deportation of all 2,000 inhabitants of the island,

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On May 11, 2006, the High Court ruled that the 2004 Orders-in-Council were unlawful, and that the Chagossians were entitled to return to the Chagos Archipelago. The judges, Lord Justice Hooper and Mr Justice Cresswell concluded: "The suggestion that a minister can, through the means of an order in council, exile a whole population from a British Overseas Territory and claim that he is doing so for the 'peace, order and good government' of the territory is to us repugnant." Olivier Bancoult, the representative of the Chagossians, called on Prime Minister Tony Blair to honour the decision of the court and allow his people to go home.[19]

"We have always believed that a human being has the right to live in the place of his birth. Everywhere, the British government paints itself as the champion of human rights - so what about the human rights of the Chagossian people?"

This judgment was upheld by the Court of Appeal on May 23, 2007.[20][21] The British Government then appealed to the House of Lords, which on 22 October 2008 overturned the earlier decision and ruled that the evicted islanders could not return to the archipelago.[22] The Chagossians may now take their legal battle to the European Court of Human Rights.[23]

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We've seen the Military presence in Tibet and how frightened ordinary Tibetans are to speak out.

Nice one William Hague.

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Too many filters on this site now but apparently not for the OP.

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