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Top 5 Things I Love About China (compared to a foreign country) [Copy link] 中文

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In addition I would add...

Originally posted by britteacher at 2010-7-4 20:47
What are the top five things that you love about China compared with an experience in another country? Maybe you studied/worked abroad or maybe you are a foreigner... share your ideas....

My top ...

1) Creativity and inventiveness (just take a stroll and take a close look at the many llittle gadgets in the markets)
2) Dynamism. You can sense a country and a people on the move.  (which some misfits regards as a threat!)
3) A very diverse culture
4) Enormously talented as can be  seen in dance, music, name it...
5) Childlike (not childish) which brings out the best in any honest person. (It brings out the worst in those who have an agenda and who try to take advantage of that attribute)

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Very honest appraisal....

Originally posted by britteacher at 2010-7-5 12:00
Just in answer to Chao Ren and Seneca...

I've been here since April 2005...  I haven't read many books on China (I've read a number of articles but to be honest you need to be careful with these ...

A position that's applicable to any and every foreigner going to another country, especially one like China with its past history (with foreigners) and future potential (which some foreigners regard as threat). Unfortunately, far too many come to China with a closed mind and inflated egos hoping to find people they can lord over. (Sadly I've met far too many!)

Good luck in the rest of your stay in China....!

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Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....

Originally posted by seneca at 2010-7-19 20:22
I am not a spoilsport, so here goes:

- Life in general is getting easier all the time. Those who were here a few years earlier remember that urban buses usually came without aircon, and were fil ...

"I am not a spoilsport, so here goes:"

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....! But you already were a spoilsport, you who are an alleged english teacher who likes to observe "butless (sic) cute little kids"..... ! Don't you know the meaning of the word...?

"- as a laowai I am aware of the fact that a minority of Chinese give me special friendly
attention. Not infrequently I get offered a free li9ft by trucks, limos or even taxis."

More of them would if they didn't sense your insincerity re China and its people in general.

" CHinese don't generally benefit from such generosity on the part of their compatriots."

Ummm, uhhh, well, I don't know of many countries where the locals go out of their way to treat other locals the same way they would treat a foreigner or tourist by giving them "free li9ft by trucks, limos or even taxis"..... But I'm happy for you nonetheless. It does feed your ego and make you feel so much superior to the other locals who don't get treated the way you do.... And yet you hate the country and still live there...! Feeding your hungry ego makes you tolerate anything, doesn't it...?

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....!

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Gold Medal

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-7-19 21:22

  1. Many years before Huaihai in Western Hunan was off limits for laowais
Copy code

Do you mean Huaihua? If so, it's 'open' for foreigners at least since the 80s.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-7-20 12:37

You are probably (at least this time) right; fact is that a native from that town told me in the early 2000s that her birth place was 'off limits' to foreigners. I had no reason to doubt her.

You mean you actually spelt "Huaihua" incorrectly????? Shades of 'ping-peng'!!!! Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....!!!!

"...fact is that a native from that town told me in the early 2000s that her birth place was 'off limits' to foreigners. I had no reason to doubt her."

Of course you had no reason to doubt her! She told you exactly what you wanted to hear as it further justified your deep resentment of the Chinese and their country and government!

Clever girl that! She's obviously one of those who like to tell foreigners what they want to hear to either ingratiate themselves....or to play games.... Surely you've come across those? Of course you have....!

There! I've given you yet another reason to despise the Chinese even more...

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1. Dynamic: China is changing, it's changing so fast, people have to adapt, change, learn. this makes it one of the most exciting places for me to live in the world.

2. Optimism: Ask any Chinese, tomorrow will be better than today. There is the firm determination that China is on the rise, that everything will improve and so should they.

3. Friendliness: I have had the chance to meet many, many interesting Chinese who had a positive attitude towards my country, my background, who wanted to exchange ideas and good times. From simple people on the street to University students who became my friends, I had overwhelmingly positive encounters.

4. Culture: From the bleak times of extreme communism China is slowly returning to its former self. Despite the current ultra-materialism there are a lot of people with values, culture, philosophy and they can rely on a long, rich history.

5. Food/Life: If you have a little money China can be a very enjoyable place to live, if you don't try to copy your Western lifestyle your money still goes very far. You can buy excellent street food for next to nothing, you can go to a local pub and enjoy a few beers, chat to people, enjoy yourself for little money and once you're tired of that retreat to a decent furnished appartment for a fair price. Life is not so bad at all. :)

I think these 5 points are combined why I like China. There are other things like pragmatism, a dislike of organised religion, the ease to make friends etc. which I also appreciate but there are in some way included in the 5 reasons above anyway.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-7-5 10:33
I think Britteacher received his ideas about China from Amy Tan's 'Kitchen God and His Wife'.

i read her book when i was in college.her story mostly about ancient Chinese and of course her families.
well,I almost forgot what she wrote about it.

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