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Top 5 Things I Love About China (compared to a foreign country) [Copy link] 中文

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What are the top five things that you love about China compared with an experience in another country? Maybe you studied/worked abroad or maybe you are a foreigner... share your ideas....

My top five...

1. Warmth of people... in China the people are really friendly. Feeling like part of  a group is pretty easy most of the time as people are very welcoming here and generosity is commonplace.

2. Food... I'm from England and the food there is really not so good (notice the lack of English restaurants around in foreign countries )!  I love Sichuan food and all the other hot food...

3.  Light... yes that's right. I said "light". Not weather! I don't really care so much about the temperature but the light really affects my mood. In the North of Europe people get depressed. In the English midwinter its 8.30am and still dark... its 4.30pm and the Sun is setting!

4. Modesty and conflict avoidance...  the vast majority of people here don't like to boast (which can be refreshing if you have spent any length of time around big egos) as you can enjoy your own personal space and conversation without somebody trying to take centre stage. Arguments are also not as common as in the West as people like to avoid conflict even if they disagree with something said. This means a more harmonious society and definitely much less stressful.

5.   Positivity... many people in China say that if you stay in a good mood you will live longer and have a better life. This seems like common sense to me! People smile more and  look happier and I think everybody improves everybody else's mood...

5.5 Religion....   I know! It was only supposed to be 5 points but I couldn't help myself! Religion! People here can practice religion but it isn't "in your face" and it isn't political. In Europe right now the "Church of Scientology" is invading! A cult that makes money from vulnerable people and sometimes encourages them to cut themselves off from their families. Members should buy the expensive book and CD and then to make donations to get a higher level in the "Church" and access to new "knowledge". This type of organization takes advantage of people who are searching for hope, makes promises and just takes their money!

Okay, that's me done! Let me hear of your wonderful experiences,,,

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Originally posted by britteacher at 2010-7-4 20:47
What are the top five things that you love about China compared with an experience in another country? Maybe you studied/worked abroad or maybe you are a foreigner... share your ideas....

My top ...

Oh went there on a day trip from Hong Kong did you?

Chao Ren VFP

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I was OK until i wanted a crap

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Just in answer to Chao Ren and Seneca...

I've been here since April 2005...  I haven't read many books on China (I've read a number of articles but to be honest you need to be careful with these because there is a lot of rubbish floating around (source makes a massive difference on the (dis)information)and it seems Chinese life and culture is very diverse anyway with a lot of regional variation)...

I wish I had read more (but there are always so many great books to read at any one time, there always seems to be a big queue of stuff I want to read)....

Anyway... anybody actually got any on topic points? Five is not a big number right?

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1. Ease of life - For a foreigner in China it's a pretty simple life. Not many problems.

2. Ease of Job - Again, foreigners in China can easily find work and good work that gives you lots of time to travel and do your own things.

3. Friendliness - China is a pretty friendly place for foreigners. Yeah there are dicks but there are dicks in all countries. Generally I find people around me are usually quite helpful and like to chat.

4. Piracy - I love free music and movies.

5. Cheap - It's so cheap to live here it's great. I'm not a person who cares for money much so I enjoy living cheaply and still having lots of money left over to travel, eat well and party.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-7-5 10:33
I think Britteacher received his ideas about China from Amy Tan's 'Kitchen God and His Wife'.

Surely that's better than Jung Chang which you love to quote to justify your hatred of China....?

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