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Was the Treaty of Versailles a Fair Document ? [Copy link] 中文

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November 2 - German and Italian Ministers draw new boundaries for Slovakia, giving Hungary a large slice of territory.

November 5 - Incorporation of the Sudeten German Heimatfront in the National Socialist party.
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Ta ............

Interesting that dear old uncle A. H. was able to mirror the direction of modern democracies ................

Regime change to suit ................

Especially as early as 1938 ...............  

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Benjamin Freedman

Benjamin Freedman's 1961 speech explains the history of the two world wars and the role of the Zionist
bankers in them.Churchill was bought by Baruch between the wars.Baruch was an "adviser" to Woodrow
Wilson at Versailles.Samuel Untermayer called for a Jewish Jihad on Germany in 1933.I suppose you shills
can't discuss the truth.

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And these two cents make sense ..............................

Okay, my two cents:
1. Germans laid down arms coz they thought the 14 points of Wilson would be the basic. Which was a mistake. This lead to the , as Satsujin already mentioned, "stab in the back" legend....the legend that the German army was undefeated in the field..but betrayed by the politicians/parties at home(heavy burden for the new Republic).
2.The US, Wilson, were naive....just the same as Truman later. The experienced European powers managed to outplay him and insist on their wills. For France that was revenge....humiliation of the Germans.
3. Reparations.....if the Treaty would have had effect till the end....Germany would have had to pay till 1988!!!!
4.Loss of territory. Of course, regions that were inhabited by other people should be given back. But the treaty stated there should be plesbicids in regions. Often those plesbicides in favor of staying wih the Reich were ignored or plesbicids didn`t take place at all which led to Millions of Germans living under the rule of other people......opposite to the proclaimed "self-determination of the people". Reason for Hitler to claim Sudetenland,Danzig(Gdansk), the Polish corridor etc. Danzig, a city founded by Germans and 98% German was divided from the Reich. East Prussia had no dirrect connection to the rest of the Reich and and and.
5.Most important...the question of guilt. Germany was to be made the one and only guilty. Inacceptable. Because it`s just not true.
6. The German military send the politicians to sign the this kept a "white west" and could blame the new democracy for the treaty.
7. French troops occupied the Rhineland to get the coal etc....this led to resistance, strikes and and and....

I`m sure I forgot some points. Anyway...there should be no doubt Germany would have lost the war would have been only a matter of time. But the laid down arms because they trusted Wilson's 14 points. It`s proper to say the treaty doomed the Weimar Republic to fail and was the seed for a guy like Hitler to emerge.

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