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Foreigners still kept at arm's length by Chinese culture [Copy link] 中文

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<smile> I have to love posts like this...

Originally posted by polaris1120 at 6/30/2010 02:00 AM
As a Chinese, i and the most chinese don't think that Chinese words like "laowai" and "foreigner" are somehow offensive to international friends. We just used to this kind of ex ...

... in light of the aghast that P.R. Chinese have when countries like France and Italy employ the same attitude right back at P.R. Chinese expats.  Qud Pro Quo.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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I think that "laowai" is a friendliy word, because I will call me friends "lao X".
on the other hand, i used to use other words to those foreigners I donot like, example "gui zi" for Japanese , "chang mao zi" for Russian.

in addition, i think  "wai guo ren" is a better word that can describe foreigners well.

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Finland and China are very friendly countries in every way. There are lots of Chinese people living, studying, working here in Helsinki all the time. I hear Chinese language every day while shopping etc. There are even Chinese supermarkets in Finland. For us, seeing and meeting a Chinese person is not a surprise - and never a negative thing. I think, our people get along nicely.

When I travel to China, I normally also get good treatment. It is only when one gets to know people more closely that some surprises - and even problems - start. The traditions and customs are different in some critical ways. For example, the rules about how men and women behave in different situations are so different that it is extremely easy for a Finn to insult a Chinese person - big time - without intending to.

The main reason to that is kind of logical. In China (like in most Asian cultures) people don't often speak out their real minds and thoughts. One has to be very sensitive and understand when a smile doesn't mean what it mostly means in Western cultures - and when a "yes" really means "no".

Here in Scandinavia it's not like that at all. We say out loud whatever we think. And we mean it. Here, a "yes" always means yes... We don't and even mostly can't do "small talk". And almost never hide our true meanings behind words. Our northern culture is very simple and straight in that sense. People don't always speak alot. But they mean what they say, literally, word-by-word.

It is easy to guess that this kind of communication easily upsets many other cultures who expect hidden meanings (we don't know any) and polite rules (we don't use any). We only try to be honest and straight - that's all. ;)

But when dealing with the Chinese, this culture of ours can either be a disaster - or a gift from heaven...

To me, it seems to be a disaster if one wants, for example, to marry a lovely Chinese girl. In order to do that, one should know all the traditions, customs, everything... Things tricky even for a Chinese man sometimes! For a Scandinavian man: no chance. He shall be a "barbarian", not a viable choice in many cases. He just can't understand and satisfy the thousands of years old Chinese family status quo.

And then again, our Northern, ancient way of being straight and honest is good for business.

So, my current (!) feeling is that we "outsiders" are welcome to China in business, as tourists, and in many ways. But we are not necessarily welcome or acceptable as husbands or wives, because we are... too different. In that sense, there is a real, invisible barrier, I think. I feel I am welcome to China - but maybe never a part of China.

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Originally posted by jhaye_le at 2010-6-30 16:06
I always try to blend in...
Thing is when i try to speak Chinese, my pronunciation sucks, and they stare...
Ni laowai ma?  Ni shenme difang ren? Ah..ta shi wai guo ren...  
get used to it...
bu ...

I'd buy it for you, doesn't matter about the price> I wouldn't buy cheap for you darl:)

Chao Ren VFP

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you can settle for gwai lo

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Chairman and his ghosts. go to hell

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Reply #21 updated's post

did u cut off the relationship with those ghosts ?

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