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Google backpedals to "stay alive"...... [Copy link] 中文

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I don't think there is a confusion at my side, at least not this time Sometimes in life it is more important to uphold certain principles and support your country in your own tiny little way. So, if there is a choice not to use a certain hypocritical "private" (politically supported*) company's commercial product which took advantage of the "China Threat" syndrone to gain businesses and fulfill a political agenda, then even if they provide the latest "top-notch" technological gagdet for free to me, I will simply refuse to use it.

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repost from another forum I posted some months ago:

I did some quick research and due diligence because of some internet articles and Harley's comment about Google Earth. My conclusion: Google is linked with the CIA in one or the other way, and one can only wonder more about their motives of partially retreat than only the business failure in China. Put aside the claims that CIA funded the Google initial setup and launch, which you either believe the whistleblowers or not. I think the following information is enough evidence to show that Google is not a simple private company, but highly involved in CIA and political matters.

Let's go to the sources:

The predecessor to Google Earth is Keyhole, you go to and you will be redirected to Google Earth nowadays:
Google Acquires Keyhole Corp

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - October 27, 2004 - Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) today announced it acquired Keyhole Corp., a Mountain View, Calif.-based digital mapping company.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"With Keyhole, you can fly like a superhero from your computer at home to a street corner somewhere else in the world - or find a local hospital, map a road trip or measure the distance between two points," said Jonathan Rosenberg, vice president, Product Management. "This acquisition gives Google users a powerful new search tool, enabling users to view 3D images of any place on earth as well as tap a rich database of roads, businesses and many other points of interest. Keyhole is a valuable addition to Google's efforts to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

With an Internet connection, users enter an address or other location information and Keyhole's software accesses the database and takes them to a digital image of that location on their computer screen. The interactive software then gives users many options, including the ability to zoom in from space-level to street-level, tilt and rotate the view or search for other information such as hotels, parks, ATMs or subways. Unlike traditional mapping technologies, Keyhole creates a dynamic 3D interface for geographic information.

Keyhole's technology combines a multi-terabyte database of mapping information and images collected from satellites and airplanes with easy-to-use software.

Google also announced, effective immediately, a price reduction for Keyhole 2 LT from $69.95 to $29.95.

Keyhole was founded in 2001. Keyhole customers include consumers, large and small businesses and public agencies. Current Keyhole users will benefit from the expanded resources and operational scale made possible by the integration into Google. Their service will continue uninterrupted.

For a free, seven-day trial of Keyhole, please go to[/quote]

You can not just acquire partially or fully a company like Keyhole, which is invested by a CIA-invested company in-Q-Tel, without the endorsement from the CIA. Especially not when the Keyhole technology is used for the American war in Iraq and other Pentagon spy projects.:

NIMA Uses Technology to Support the Conflict in Iraq

June 25, 2003
Mountain View, CA

In-Q-Tel, a private nonprofit venture funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, today announced a strategic investment in Keyhole Corp., a pioneer of interactive 3D earth visualization.  The investment, made in February 2003, was In-Q-Tel's first engagement with a company on behalf of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).

Immediately demonstrating the value of Keyhole's technology to the national security community, NIMA used the technology to support United States troops in Iraq.  "Within two weeks of In-Q-Tel's engagement with Keyhole, we implemented the technology to support our mission within the Pentagon," said Rob Zitz, Director of NIMA's InnoVision directorate.  "Introducing technologies like Keyhole is part of NIMA's effort to transform the intelligence business, and the way we serve our customers."  

Keyhole's EarthViewer 3-D client application uses videogame-like 3-D graphics and access to massive databases of network-hosted earth information, including satellite imagery and aerial photography, to produce an interactive digital model of the earth. Keyhole's EarthSystem™ combines a tradition of 3-D graphics technology for flight simulators with innovative network-streaming technology to deliver enterprise software solutions for large business and government customers, as well as an Application Service Provider solution for professional and consumer users.  The result is a virtual flyover experience—so compelling that multiple TV media networks recently used EarthViewer 3-D to 'fly' over Iraqi cities and landscapes in news broadcasts using publicly available satellite images.  In addition to media customers, Keyhole solutions serve a broad range of markets including real estate, transportation, insurance, consumer and government.

"In-Q-Tel invested in Keyhole because it offers government and commercial users a new capability to radically enhance critical decision making.  Through its ability to stream very large geospatial datasets over the Internet and private networks, Keyhole has created an entirely new way to interact with earth imagery and feature data," said Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel.  "With Keyhole's technology, individuals can see and manipulate their world in 3-D, meeting their business and operational challenges in powerful geographic context."

"Keyhole's strategic relationship with In-Q-Tel means that the Intelligence Community can now benefit from the massive scalability and high performance of the Keyhole enterprise solution," said John Hanke, CEO of Keyhole.  "By capitalizing on trends in commercial markets, In-Q-Tel is supporting an ever-higher standard of advanced technology adoption in government.  Keyhole is pleased to help set that standard for large-scale 3D geospatial visualization."

NIMA's success with Keyhole highlights the significant overlap between technology needs across the agencies of the Intelligence Community.  "By investing in Keyhole, In-Q-Tel is helping CIA and NIMA leverage limited resources and gain access to a technology of high potential value to both organizations," said Louie. Working through CIA, NIMA became a limited partner with In-Q-Tel in the summer of 2002.  In addition to an equity investment, In-Q-Tel is partnering with Keyhole to further enhance Keyhole EarthSytem's compatibility with a variety of government datasets through adoption of advanced GIS data standards.

About In-Q-Tel
In-Q-Tel is a private, independent, enterprise funded by the CIA. Launched in 1999, In-Q-Tel's mission is to identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge information technologies that serve United States national security interests. Working from an evolving strategic blueprint that defines the CIA's critical information technology needs, In-Q-Tel engages with entrepreneurs, established companies, researchers and venture capitalists to deliver technologies that pay out in superior intelligence capabilities for the CIA and the larger Intelligence Community.

About Keyhole Corporation
Based in Mountain View, CA, Keyhole, Inc., is the pioneer of interactive 3-D earth visualization and creator of the groundbreaking rich-mapping EarthViewer 3-D system that transforms the way users interact with geographic information and earth imagery. Keyhole's EarthViewer 3-D accelerates and enhances decisions for business and government by enabling fast, fluid interaction with massive network-resident databases of earth imagery and geospatial information. Users can 'fly' from space to street level seamlessly while interactively exploring layers of information including roads, schools, businesses, and demographics. Further information about Keyhole is available at ht-tp://  

About NIMA
NIMA (ht-tp:// is a member of the National Intelligence Community and a DoD Combat Support Agency.  NIMA's mission is to provide timely, relevant and accurate Geospatial Intelligence in support of national security.  Geospatial Intelligence is the analysis and visual representation of security-related activities on the Earth.  Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., NIMA operates major facilities in the northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and St. Louis, Mo. areas.  NIMA Support Teams serve customers around the nation and the world.

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That said, however, my main argument against the use of "indis pensable" to describe a commercial product is something else all together. This is because every indi viduals have a choice, hard to grasp for people outside China, but Chinese consumers have a choice too. A choice to consume according to their own tastes, desires, interests and preferences. So no matter how "top-notch" and “latest" the technology of a commercial product is, it hardly makes the case for being "indis pensable", unless without consuming that product or service the indi vidual's own exis tence is at ris k. This is where your reasoning is flawed, because latest technology does not equal to indis pensable.

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google is a joke.

i like the fact that it provide nice app but i just don't like to fact that they are spy on me.

google is being use by the the USA government as a tool because they can go to the server farm and get all kind of info on people.

for a country view this is dangerous. google don't offer anything someone else can't replace.

Google will be out of china soon. they license is gone. that mean no google map in china and other. that also me the google android os is not going to do well in china. china have just lost 5 billion gave or take. the money they earn from the phone to search is done for. you can't slap chinese government in the face and turn around and think they will do business that is so easily replacable.

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Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle... Google wants China to save...'s bacon...?

In January Google's Schmidt and CEO's of other high-tech companies dined at the White House. The purpose according to the Washington Post, 11 Jan. 2010, "Secretary Clinton dines with high-tech titans to talk diplomacy."

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met last week with a handful of high-tech’s titans to talk about how the Internet and gadgets can intersect with the nation’s foreign diplomacy needs." (Foreign diplomacy needs?) my caps.

A month later the spat with China occurs, the supposed reason being hacking and censorsip and all those terrible evils that the pure "Do no evil" Google cannot abide.

A blogger by name of marshall (below) says it better than I could the whys and wherefores of Google's decision. He was responding to and agreeing with another blogger.

"(marshall @ Mar 29 2010, 10:23 PM)
The more I think about this, the more it looks like a badly played out combination of blundered corporate strategy and mis-guided American government knee-jerk policy.

If indeed this was inspired by Sergey Brin's (co-founder of Google) distaste for China's Soviet-like qualities, then it's interesting why it took this long. Afterall, Google had been in China for 3 years, so it calls into question if this was actually a competitive move to allow Google to work on its strengths vs. Baidu or if Google found religion afterall. I'm inclined to believe that it was a calculated combination of all of the above considering that Baidu wasn't as easy prey as Google's American web search competitors. Perhaps Google advisers had expected China to give in, which in turn would give Google the competitive upper hand to crush all competitors as well as provide a great PR fable to log into Google's history. I'm sure that before this all played out, the American Foreign Policy Council either first proposed this to Google or Google proactively approached them to work together to pressure China to achieve their joint goals.

I don't think there is any other viable reason given that Google had already been in China for years, so why now besides using a basically flimsy excuse about hackers getting emails of Human rights campaigners, which looks very much like a PR campaign to gain public sympathy. As this has progressed, I've come to the conclusion that Google and US State Department basically formulated and implemented a very badly advised policy to overcome what was looking more and more like Chinese triumphalism over what was until recently viewed to be a guaranteed no-brainer. That is, that American inspired democracy would begin to take root with increasing prosperity in Mainland China.

Given the increasing difficulty of influencing China via threats, whether in the form of trade sanctions, technology transfer barriers, international alliances, anti-China media, CIA/NED financed subversive movements, etc, etc, it's not working. Even the military angle is soon to become an unlikely policy tool given China's rapid military forces modernization. I think Martian (another blogger) said it best in a prior message about how the US State Department may be looking for ways to influence and mold China's youth in its own image so that in the future they will overthrow the existing order. I agree that this appears to be the likely endgame of all this, FROM the US Government's view, but from Google's view, that's still sort of a mystery because it was such a stupid move on their part.

No amount of good PR will ever make up for the probable permanent loss of the China market to Google. They will lose the web search market, from the looks of it you can forget about any sort of significant cell phone market for Android now. There will also be a lingering stigma with Google from now on. Considering China is already the biggest cell phone market, biggest Internet market and slated to gain on the order of 2000% in online advertising revenues in the next 10-15 years.....???? Can anybody figure this out or did Google really discover religion afterall?"

On 24th March, Jason Schwarz of The Street online, gives, in detail, a gloomy appraisal of Google for the upcoming two years, "Google Could Plummet as Apple War Takes Toll"

What's eyecatching in the article is his description of the Leadership as "...running like a chicken with its head cut off. Schmidt is flying solo without the help of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are actually ing shares themselves. It's not exactly a ringing endorsement from the innovators."

He predicts that shares will drop back in price in the next 24 months, that "This China thing has been catastrophic for Google. After struggling to gain any share from Baidu(BIDU), Google is out of a country that has more Internet users than the U.S. has people. Not good, especially if Google had any aspirations of growing its Chinese Android platform."

He ends by saying, "Google is scrambling to come up with a family of products similar to Apple's but it simply is not in the company DNA. Google does search, that's it. Its software is profitless and its hardware is copycat. I'm not saying that Google is going to disappear, but I am saying that its days of high growth are over and that means the stock is doomed over the next 24 months..."

So, after dabbling in politics and getting their hinds rubbed sore by the Chinese, is Google running back in the hopes that the same Chinese they tried to intimidate and dictate to will now save their bacon coz Jason Schwarz might be right....?

As the old Chinese saying goes, "May you live in interesting times..."

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Oooops....! Correction..!

Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2010-7-3 06:12's bacon...?

In January Google's Schmidt and CEO's of other high-tech companies dined at the White House. The purpose according to the Washington Post, 11 Jan. 2010, "Secretary Clinton ...

Fifth from last paragraph:

":... without the help of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are actually ing shares themselves."

Should read, "...without the help of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are actually ___ing shares themselves. "

(This is weird! The word which is the opposite of 'buy' is not being accepted by the filter...)

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Originally posted by IchiNiSan at 2010-7-2 23:21
That said, however, my main argument against the use of "indis pensable" to describe a commercial product is something else all together. This is because every indi viduals have a choice, ...

You're right of course, Chinese do and should have a choice. If they dislike Google it's perfectly fine not to use it. But if they CAN'T use Google I think quite a few who rely on it have a problem or need to find other ways. In that way I don't mix my personal dislike of a company from its actual performance or value, that's all I argued.

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