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Rent-a-White guy [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 2010-6-30 03:02

Yes, White people have been dominating the world for a long time.  It's only logical to assume that Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics have "slave" mentality.


Again it is just perception.

Hitler managed to  Germany his ideas and vile thoughts.

They lapped it up as winners.

And loathed it as losers.


Which is based on personal gain.

Not against you or me.

But what is seen as the correct and most beneficial way.

At that point in time.

Like myself, you also have perceptions.

But you feel negative and conspired against.

Whereas, if you are in America you can earn more money than in China.

If you can do the Chinese language bit ........................  ?

If not you are colluding against yourself for being lazy when you were younger.

Because your world and income should be your advantage in America.

And not your disadvantage in China.  

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Well... it's CNN now...

... figure it will be a couple of hours before the Drudge/Fox Crew gets a hold of it:

ht tp://w ww.c nn.c om/2010/BUSINESS/06/29/ ml?hpt=C1
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Good pay to hang out with models, be guests of honor at banquets, and be treated like a king?  Sounds like hard work.  Where do I sign up?

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-6-30 14:19
This is somewhat comparable to the West's equivalent;
'Rent-a-dick-dinner-talker' stuff.

Bill Clinton and Tony Blair made fortune in this telling fibs deception.

I hate to do this

Chao Ren VFP

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I understand how Wetaco would bristle at this story and I am quite sure my wife would too.
Although I am a qualified teacher I did meet many whiteys who were out and about teaching ESL, including some from Italy and greece who had accents so thick you would think you were listening to a Super Mario game.
As has been pointed out though much of the problem lays with perception of quality.
"The Original and still the best" branding which goes over so well onn the Chinese telemercials holds true for business dealings as well. Companies wish to make themselves look multi national so they hire some white monkeys, put them in suits and parade them around when in reality their overseas partners (if there are any at atll) are more than likely Chinese diaspora as well.

As I have mentioned my employer is Chinese, we have an ESL company, he uses me to set up meetings with agents, Why? because I am the whitey teacher and I look more "Authentic".

All that motivated individuals like Wetaco can do is continue to promote their own value to society, that will produce a much better long term effect than criticizing the individuals who take advantage of the prevailing social attitudes in order to better their personal situation.

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 2010-6-30 02:59

You're forgetting about the fact that there are MANY overseas Chinese/Asians who have been brought up or born with the english language.  So is it fair that a Chinese American cannot get a job  ...

Not sure all that's true,
because based on what  I personally heard & seen, non-whites are also employed
as English lauguage teachers in China.
I've heard of Indians, Filipinos, Singaporeans and even Malaysians are being employed
as English language teachers in China. Once I was watching CCTV 9 programme discussing about this matter of employing native speakers as English language teachers in many privately run institutes, and there're huge complaints by Chinese parents & students that these native English speakers aren't really qualified & not suitable in teaching Chinese students. Many felt ripped off by these native English speakers.
Chinese students just don't understand what they're babbling about with their funny heavy
native accents, and many of these native English speakers don't even have a good grasp of English grammars themselves, yet these are employed as English teachers and charged high fees for their services.
And the footages even showing both white & black native English teachers involved,
and Chinese students with blank unhappy faces.

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Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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A very fair comment.

A good teacher possess many qualities and especially they should be real teachers and not just wannabes.

The skin colour will play a part to some degree.

But I believe a good teacher will always shine through.

Irrespective of colour, although it may just be that little bit harder to get started.

After that, references should do the rest.

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