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Talmud and Torah, Bible and New Testament, Koran and Hadith... [Copy link] 中文

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Talmud and Torah, Bible and New Testament, Koran and Hadith offer insufficient grounds

"I have now a book backlog that needs to be synthesized so that the external gates and walls of religious institutions can be battered down, and their prisoners freed to the direct, inner and personal experience of the Divine and the Resurrection. The religious institutions, masses and fanatics must be challenged to defend the indefensible (graves opening up and skeletons becoming alive, 4000-year-old earth etc.) and flee the multi-pronged charge against their most prized, sacred, protected—albeit utterly false and misunderstood—bastion (Eschatology of the Last Judgment)! They must be confronted to embrace the most ridiculous, and defy/deny their most revered faith i.e., the Great News and Sure Signs of the Resurrection, the heart and soul of their religion.

In Defense of Atheism: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam is one gigantic battering ram, a most welcome means to accelerate that process. The religious elite should begin to realize that the sun is now setting on their evening empires which are crumbling into sand, and from those ruins is breaking the Dawn of the Divine Feminine that will awaken the human race from their long spiritual slumber." - jagbir singh

Talmud and Torah, Bible and New Testament, Koran and Hadith offer insufficient grounds for the philosopher to choose between Jewish, Christian or Muslim misogyny.

"While September 11, 2001, as seen by the United States and therefore by the West, calls upon everyone to choose sides in the religious war that supposedly pits Judeo-Christianity against Islam, we might prefer to avoid choosing either side and opt instead for a Nietzschean position. That position would be neither Judeo-Christian nor Muslim, for the very good reason that these belligerents are continuing the religious war that began with the Torah bidding the Jews to do battle with their enemies. The book of Numbers, chapter 21, verse 14, refers to the "book of the wars of the Lord." The justification for bloody battle against one's enemies is an important part of the Torah. And the Koran is infused with recurrent variations on the same theme: slaughter of the enemy. In other words, nearly twenty-five centuries of calls by both sides to acts of crime! Nietzsche's lesson: we can choose not to choose. And a decision not to side with Israel and the United States does not automatically mean that one is a fellow traveler of the Taliban.

Talmud and Torah, Bible and New Testament, Koran and Hadith offer insufficient grounds for the philosopher to choose between Jewish, Christian or Muslim misogyny. Or to opt against pork and alcohol but in favor of the veil or the burka, to attend the synagogue, the temple, the church, or the mosque, all places where intelligence is ailing and where, for centuries, the faithful have practiced obedience to dogma and submission to the Law—and therefore obedience and submission to those who claim to be the elect, the envoys, and the word of God...

Thirty centuries, from the earliest texts of the Old testament to the present day, teach us that the assertion of one God, violent, jealous, quarrelsome, intolerant, and bellicose, has generated more hate, bloodshed, deaths, and brutality than it has peace ... There is the Jewish fantasy of a chosen people, which vindicates colonialism, expropriation, hatred, animosity between peoples, and finally an authoritarian and armed theocracy ... There is the Christian image of the Temple moneylenders, or of a Pauline Jesus claiming to have come bearing a sword. This justifies the Crusades, the Inquisition, the French Religious Wars, the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre of Paris's Protestants, the stake, the Index, but also worldwide colonialism, North American ethnocides, support for twentieth century fascists movements, and the centuries-long temporal hold of the Vatican over the smallest detail of daily life ... And there is the clear exhortation on almost every page of the Koran to destroy unbelievers—but also the Jews and Christians of the book—their religion, their culture, their civilization, all in the name of a merciful God! So many pathways to entrench the idea that precisely because of God's existence everything is permitted—in him, through him, and in his name, without the slightest objection by believers, clergy, the masses, or the ruling spheres.

If the existence of God, independently of its Jewish, Christian, or Muslim form, had given us at least a little forewarning against hatred, lies, murder, rape, pillage, immorality, embezzlement, perjury, violence, contempt, swindling, false witness, depravity, pedophilia, infanticide, drunkenness, and perversion, we might not have seen atheists (since they are intrinsically creatures of vice) but rabbis, priests, imams, and with them their faithful, all their faithful (which amounts to a great many) doing good, excelling in virtue, setting an example, and proving to the godless and perverse that morality is on their side. Let their flocks scrupulously respect the Commandments and obey the dictates of the relevant suras, and thus neither lie nor pillage, neither rob nor rape, neither bear false witness nor murder—and still less plot terrorist attacks in Manhattan, launch punitive raids into the Gaza strip, or cover up the deeds of their pedophile priests. Then we would see the faithful converting their neighbors right, left, and center through the example of their shining conduct.

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# 2


Politics and religion.

But which one corrupts which one?   

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Inside Job

9/11 was an inside job.The "secular" Zionists have been in charge for a long time and have caused
horrors undreamed of in earlier ages.The horrors of Dresden and Hiroshima and Baghdad and Fallujah.
The unleashing of the automobile which will take 50 million lives or more if we survive another century.And
lets not forget that the godless NWO drew it's resources from the genocide that started with Columbus and
continues into the present day.A genocide which has dwarfed everything in history and which has wiped out
the lived of more than 200 million.

Those who believe that the banker funded abomination of gender role reversal will bring better and gentler
times should ponder Valerie Solanas,Charlotte Madison,Queen Victoria,JFenix,Madeleine Albright,
Condi Rice,Shrillary Klinton and shudder.

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A picture of the demolition of Moscow's Church of Christ the Saviour in 1931.I wonder if the Soviets
demolished any synagogues.I was told they restored synagogues allegedly destroyed by the nazis in
East Germany.

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Not one synagogue

Soviets Razed Churches, Spared Synagogues
February 9, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In October, a reader sent a penetrating question: "When Bolshevism took over Russia, they tried to eliminate religion. Their stated philosophy was atheism and they closed Christian Churches and killed or imprisoned the clergy."

"However, did they also close Jewish synagogues and kill or imprison the rabbis? The answer to this question will explain many things about the early days of Communism and I hope you can provide the truth."

Last week I stumbled across the answer in a book by American historian Edwin Schoonmaker:

"Fifteen years after the Bolshevist Revolution was launched to carry out the Marxist program, the editor of the American Hebrew could write: "According to such information that the writer could secure while in Russia a few weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has been torn down, as have hundreds梡erhaps thousands of the Greek Catholic Churches...In Moscow and other large cities one can see Christian churches in the process of destruction...the Government needs the location for a large building," (American Hebrew, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 12) Apostate Jews, leading a revolution that was to destroy religion as the "opiate of the people" had somehow spared the synagogues of Russia." ("Democracy and World Dominion," 1939, p.211)

If the Communists hated God and religion so much, why didn't they destroy synagogues too? Do Christianity and Judaism worship the same God? Or can a religion that claims an exclusive God be a religion? Could it be that Judaism is a really a secret society like Freemasonry where the members don't know the hidden agenda, which is in fact expressed by Communism?  Although many religious Jews were anti Communist, Schoonmaker's information suggests there may be an affinity between Talmudic Judaism and pagan satanic Communism.

My working assumption is that the London-based Judeo Masonic banking cabal sponsored the Bolsheviks and is behind the NWO. Communism was part of a grand dialectical process by which "life in the United States ... can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union," in the words of Ford Foundation President Rowan Gaither, to Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd in 1953.

If indeed Communism and Democracy are being "comfortably merged" under the pretext of the phoney "war on terror," then church destruction will be disturbing to Christians and all God fearing people, including ethnic Jews like myself.

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However, three years after the start of the war the entire Russian Royal Family was killed and Communism began.

You might find it strange to learn that the Russian Revolution was also fuelled with British money. Capitalist businessmen financing Communism?

Author Gary Allen gives his explanation:

"If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth programme, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead, it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs.

Communism or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite."
Gary Allen, Author

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W.Cleon Skousen wrote in his book 'The Naked Capitalist'.

"Power from any source tends to create an appetite for additional power... It was almost inevitable that the super-rich would one day aspire to control not only their own wealth, but the wealth of the whole world.

To achieve this, they were perfectly willing to feed the ambitions of the power-hungry political conspirators who were committed to the overthrow of all existing governments and the establishments of a central world-wide dictatorship."
W.Cleon Skousen

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