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Civilized Tourists [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese in Vancouver (CIV) website has an article on the Chinese government's call for 'civilised behaviour' of Chinese tourists.

On the front page, a picture showing a woman carrying her child (wearing the ever common "kai dang ku") to urinate on the street.

CIV (modified):
The Chinese gov has ordained that PRC citizens visiting abroad must “behave in civilized manners”. The so-called “civilized tourism” campaign plans to penalized irresponsible manners of Chinese citizens travelling abroad. Those who are proven that their behaviour during previous visits “have hurt the image of Chinese tourists” will be denied passports and/or rights to travel restrained.

China was crowned “the nation of manners” in history. According to Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po, what the Chinese gov is ordering now is that all citizens must do their part to help keep this name.

The behaviour of some Chinese travellers is not compatible with the nation’s economic strength and its growing international status,” the stat-run China Daily quoted a government circular as saying.

The 6 areas that Chinese tourists must be aware of:
1. untidy, misbehaving: in summer, not wearing shirts while walking in public; rolling up pants; squatting in hotel lobbies; taking food home from buffets; yelling; making noises in hotels; bargaining prices in shops in loud voice.

2. unhygienic: spit in public; pee in public; littering; spit out chewing gums; violate foreign health rules.

3. impolite: not listening to tour guides; taking photos where no pictures are allowed; not respecting local habits; smoking in non-smoking areas; not sharing seats with the diabled on public transit.

4. not following public rules: crossing the yellow line in restricted areas in the airport; fighting for empty luggage spaces when on board airplanes; arguing with flight attendents thus delaying flight; taking away toothpastes, after-shave, tissues from airplane toilets; taking away towels, ash trays etc from hotels.

5. vandalizing/graffiting objects in tourist spots: standing on top of benches or picnic tables in public parks to take pictures; travellers whose trips are paid for by the state demand to visit casinos and red light districts instead of tourist spots.

6. not caring for the environment and pubic facilities: park irresponsibly – even parking on grass; plucking flowers or maple leaves from parks.

Some discussions on online forums also mention not flushing after using toilets, picking noses in public, wearing skirts too short, blowing noses loudly etc.

The gov is also launching a campaign to promote “civilized tourism ambassadors, civilized tour guides, civilized travel agencies, civilized tourists, civilized units and civilized travel reception units.

Last year, 31 million Chinese visitors travelled aboard. The total spending of Chinese tourists reaches a monthly average of US$235 million, ranking first in the world.

I can’t agree more with all these. I know people who still don’t wash their hands after visiting the toilet — even they have immigrated to Canada for many years and have gone thru the terrible experience of the SARS outbreak!

Bad behaviour tourists will not be allowed travel abroad. They now 'terrorise' foreign visitors in their country
Malaysian-born Chinese

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I already can see them coming down on you.....chopstick,ganzhoulin.......^^
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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Originally posted by Alex2010 at 2010-6-17 18:53
I already can see them coming down on you.....chopstick,ganzhoulin.......^^

and xilaren

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Originally posted by taikor at 2010-6-17 18:24
Chinese in Vancouver (CIV) website has an article on the Chinese government's call for 'civilised behaviour' of Chinese tourists.

On the front page, a picture showing a woman carrying her ...

those bad behaviors takes time to is not overnight doings.those call on actions are actually good and hope we ca n learn and change dramatically from ourselves.

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Alex:  already can see them coming down on you.....

I expected anger when I start to make an issue of this. Not intimidated at all.

greatlady: those bad behaviors takes time to change

It is heartening to see a Chinese citizen here who perceive things rationally. Not so by some others who prefer to react emotionally.

Time may change things. But with such a huge population still behaving badly in the countryside, it seems that things are going to be taking an extremely long time to change.

Yet, you still see some forumers here defending those shameful behaviours that had ashamed their motherland. Utterly foolish
Malaysian-born Chinese

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who's REALLY the bad apple here...

the bad guy is not really the one that did it but the ones that brought it up and start to make fun out of it and those that join em as well...those are the bad madda fackers of all (i should be easy with my chinglish here but hey that's the only way these badass would understand what they've got into)   

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Good points.

When you go to a foreign country you should respect their customs and civilization.

The conversation about the burqua then becomes even more relevant and cartoons about religious characters come to mind.

I am also reminded that the barbaric bullfights in Spain where an animal is tortured to death in front of a cheering crowd would be considered barbaric in other cultures. Or even a fox torn to death by a pack of upper class dogs as per the UK.

I personally would rather suffer the slight indignity of a small child peeing than see those previously mentioned cultural and supposedly sophisticated icons. And please do remember that many of the critical sophists who are offended have dogs and cats that defecate and urinate at will.

When you go to another country you are a guest and it is a minimum to respect their rules and the Chinese government (according to this article), are right to remind their citizens of this fact.

When in Rome, behave as the Romans.

But I do not think that the fastest developing nation on the planet should behave exactly as their bankrupt cashtrated judges at home, just because the judges deem it correct and PC. (intentional spelling error here for the teachers)

But they should in fact progress to a standard that they consider correct in their own culture, and at a pace which suits the situation and the right timing.

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