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White man / Asian woman fetish/ disease [Copy link] 中文

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Wetacs help requested

Wetacs, I wonder if, next time you're in Beijing you could drop round to my house and explain to my wife thatI'm in a position of power over her.  It might be a good idea for you to have it in writing as i imagine that she'sgoing to have a hard time believing you.  Would be nice if it were true though.

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Originally posted by Ashley14 at 2010-6-23 17:20
I remember reading in the book 'The English Patient' about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear attack....

"................ a nuclear bomb would never have been aimed at a white country" ...

Ashley,  being 14 is no kind of excuse for this kind of stupidity:

1) The English Patient is a novel, a work of fiction.  Words put in the mouth of a character in a work of fiction simply have no relevance here.

2) Is it your opinion that the defeat of Japan was a bad thing?  Do you dream of a return to the good old days of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?  Not so bad being tortured and oppressed so long as those doing it are fellow Asians.

3) is it not the case that the vast majority of nuclear weapons ever built were built by White men with the express purpose of aiming them at other White men?

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Originally posted by baddog at 2010-6-29 03:31

Ashley,  being 14 is no kind of excuse for this kind of stupidity:

1) The English Patient is a novel, a work of fiction.  Words put in the mouth of a character in a work of fiction simply ha ...

Umm, how do you know she's 14?  Just because she has 14 in her username doesn't mean that's her age.  It's pretty ignorant of you to assume such things.  

The English Patient is historically accurate and is based on real life events - such as World War II.  Also it has been proven and documented that the Atom bomb was dropped on Japan because it is a non-white country.  Name one single White country where an Atom bomb was dropped out of aggression.

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Originally posted by luckyducky at 2010-6-10 10:24
I am tired of seeing white men with asian women; every time I see these couples on the streets, mall, restaurants... I automatically feel sick to my stomach and want to vomit. Their kids are ugly a ...

"In addition, as researches held by Olga Makhovskaya reveal, marriages between Chinese men and Russian women are also very successful. “There are tens of thousands of such marriages in Russia's Primorye region in the Far East. Chinese men are hard-working, they don't abuse in alcohol drinking and bring their wages home. In a word, they have lots of advantages by contrast with Russian men.""

Village Of Russian Brides In China. ... Brides_In_China.htm

Why Chinese guys choose their brides from Russia. ... des_from_Russia.htm

feel better? good. SHUT THE FUK UP NOW. i hate people like you that have this sort of whining aura around their posts. so pathetic it makes me sick. quit @@@ing faggot.

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Oh Kbay

it never ceases to amaze me how through your brainless prattle you manage to cast yourself in a negative light. The constant contradictions, the racism, sexism and downright brainlessness of your suggestions makes me think that you fap too much and have little to no concept of the way the world works.

I am sure my lady wife, as a real chinese and not a ring in, has a much better idea of what goes on and what Chinese people think. Of course I could take your word for it but your ideas have as much worth as a street corner fortune teller searching for discarded cigarettes amongst the rubbish.

Maybe that's where you find you ideas.

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Your English is so good that I had forgotten about you not being a native speaker.  The bit about her being 14 was tongue-in-cheek.  I don't actually think that she's 14, I was just using "14" in her username to draw attention to the fact that her reasoning was not quite up to the level of a 14 year old.  I'll grant you that it may not have been as funny as I thought it was when I wrote it.  I hope that's clear.   For the avoidance of doubt I should also be clear that I'm not actually a dog, in the literal sense of the word.

I'm aware that The English Patient is based on real events but it is still a work of fiction and the words that were quoted were put into the mouth of a fictional character by an author who was in no way involved in the decision to bomb Japan.   It is not a strong foundation for a debating point.  

I'd still be interested to hear from you as to whether or not, in your opinion, the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki to shock Japan into surrender was an incorrect choice.  If you were in command in August 1945, would you have gone for the nukes or would you have ordered a land invasion of Japan at the cost of perhaps 10x as many Japanese lives as the Japanese Imperial Army fought to the last man or would you have chosen to back off and leave Hirohito's empire intact and a continuing threat to the rest of Asia?  I can't imagine that, given the choice, many Chinese people in 1945 would have made the decision not to bomb Japan.  If Japan had had the atom bomb they most certainly would have used it.

Of course, everyone here knows that Japan is the only country where atom bombs have been used in anger but almost all the atom bombs ever built were built by predominantly white countries (USA, UK, France) to point at other predominantly white countries (the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact) and vice versa.   It is notable also that the US did not use nukes in either Korea or Vietnam despite their humiliating withdrawal from the latter.   

As a Brit I can say that we never dropped a nuke on any Asian country but the RAF did firebomb the hell out of Hamburg (1943) and  Dresden and other German cities in 1945 in attacks which were almost as horrific as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   It is claimed that 50,000 white German civilians were killed in Hamburg in a single night in 1943.  In total between 400,000 and 600,000 Germans were killed and further 800,000 injured by British and US "area bombing" in Germany.   We didn't hold back because they were white.  I am very confident that if atom bombs had been fully ready to use before the defeat of Nazi Germany became inevitable then they would have been used.

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Rubbish !

you don't know LOVE at ALL !

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