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China tops the world with exporting immigrants [Copy link] 中文

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# 15  wa ha ha , your putonghua is ok la  ;p

the students who received foreign education prefer stay oversea than go home back  as foreign offer the condition better than home or earn more money oversea . is it that the chances become Rich bigger in China than outside  ? a great part of so-called studied aboard students actually learned nothing but get a Foreign prestigious university qualification , so as to get a good job easily

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Originally posted by Mockiavelli at 2010-6-9 11:03
this is pretty much the exact same issues that faced korea, japan, india.. well pretty much any nation that goes through industrialization on a massive scale.

in the beginning, most of the stude ...

I think this may be happen

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Absolutely right!!

Originally posted by whereabout at 2010-6-9 00:19
that indicates how west countries come to steal China's talent and wealth to its own pocket

I can not agree with u any more
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Vision this...... 10th June 2010, American Embassy - immigration desk!

Mr. Zan who has PHD is Astrophysics visits the office to apply for the GREEN CARD.
The American Consulate office ask....

Consulate officer: Where do you come from Mr. Zan!
Mr. Zan: Shi Jia Zhuang, I am the owner at a industrial appliance company!

Consulate officer: Okay! Do you live there or in Beijing?
Mr. Zan: Oh! I live in Shijingshan district in Beijing most of the time!

Consulate officer: NEXT!

Mr. Chen: How are you today! Well i am retired, but wish to migrate to the United States to live with my son!
Consulate officer: Address in Chao Yang district! Hmmm! Approved! You are most welcome to live in the United States!

ha ha ha

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Reaons for the rush of rich immigrants

Why the Chinese wealthy people have been on the outgoing rush ? Experts on the studies of the Chinese Society have concluded that the rich in China generally:

1, Dread being killed. Due to the still widening rich-poor gap, and the social mood of “hate rich”, the few rich people hoarding up a considerable size of social wealth and resources will suffer the sleepless nights worrying the safety of his own and his family.

2, Dread public opinions. Many Chinese rich initially tend to use illicit or even criminal way to collect their “first basket of gold”. Additionally, even when they grow up to be “big potatoes”, they have no sense of social responsibility, nor charitable devotions. Their indifference to the needy groups spells foul public opinions for them. Even worse, some of them collude with the corrupted officials and criminal rings to exploit the ordinary people and even persecute the complaining ones. Over the years, around 80 business tycoons have ended up in prison.

3, Dread donations. The Chinese wealthy people are commonly described by the public opinions as “giant in wealth, but dwarf in social morality.” Their weak sense of serving the common good contradicts the social pressure coercing them to do their share. They are upset by the mental conflict that they have to do something against their will.

4, Dread the possible changes in state policies. The amendment or alteration to the existing policies covering, say, real estate tax and inheritance tax would throw them in the great panic that they would bequeath less than expected a legacy to their descendants.

5, Dread the “Campaign fighting against corruption”. Once their bulky wealth is found a product of “corrupted officials-and-business collusion”, or it is amassed through the “under-the-table” deals, their life of luxury and dissipation will be gone with wind.

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It's a pity that China attracts people like Seneca

From what he has written here, it would appear that he does not regard himself as a "talent" absorbed into China.

But I am with greendragon...I am thinking about how I might re-locate to China too.

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Reply #15 greendragon's post

I have poor command of PUTONGHUA and have limited reading range for Chinese Characters! That makes LIVING in CHINA a bit more inconvenient for me!

Pay me a tuition fee better than Seneca is getting in China, and I will teach you putonghua using English and various flavours of Chinese, plus some Malayu.  That will help me to live comfortably in China.  And maybe to change my residency to China.   

By the way, if you are willing to try, READING Chinese is not that difficult.  I started to read Chinese newspapers when I was Primary Six.

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