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China's Not A Superpower--Yet [Copy link] 中文

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That old gal should retire - it's just her way of "signing off"!
Polish-German descent immigrant to Palestine - exactly YIDDISH people! Fake Jews!
With nuke bombs on rockets or howitzers to threaten the ARABs, PERSIANs.

Wa ha ha ha

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Nothing at all wrong with freedom and democracy in principle except we have neither.  

What we have is mass brainwashing by big business, the politicians and the media.

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As long as the PEOPLE are happy!
and they are WELL FED, live long lifes, with lots of material comforts, i reckon it's alright to be living in the British Club!
Nobody is really completely free, as we are all interdependent on each other!
Yet, the HUMAN RIGHTS do give us a FEEL of the allowable FREEDOMS!

ha ha ha

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lol.  Happy ?   Millions are as miserable as fck with no jobs no prospects no future.

The grabbing politicians are fine though with their gold-plated Taxpayer funded fat pensions and all the expenses they pilfered.

The stinking Capitalists in the Banks also ripped us all off and did a runner then left the rest of us to pick up the tab which will take us about a decade to pay off.

MORE big job cuts to come but as always the fatcats will roll on with huge undeserved salaries and bonuses.

Welcome to the UK.

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After age of 60, i estimate a BRITON to get Bpd18,000 a year in benefits!

The unemployed 9% gets about Bpd10,000 a year - THAT'S THE BRITISH ISLE BUDGET in 2009!
Not too bad!
You could use the money to get a BUDGET AirAsia flight and backpack in South East Asia, enjoyably1
In fact, that's exactly what i see lot of time.....

So, why complaint?


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are u kidding me???

Originally posted by polaris1120 at 2010-6-8 16:49
The United States remains a country that stands for the universal ideals that people around the world aspire to


tell that to the iraqis. lets say u r at a party and some loud obnoxious dude starts telling everyone that his way of life is best and calls everyone else a barbarian (gosh when in the history of man has any nation claimed moral superiority?). say he walks over to a smaller dude and shoots him, claiming that the smaller guy is armed and dangerous, which turns out to be false (irony alert. lol). then he goes about accusing others of packing and makes life a living nightmare for em. and somehow, he actually convinces some naive girl to repeat exactly what he says... and here we are.

It's obvious that US and Chinese foreign policy is very different from one another. However, it's not that China doesn't have a well thought out plan, it's just more subtle than invading one of the oldest nation on the face of the earth claiming to change it into a better, more civilized nation that all the heathens will aspire to (basically turn it into america).

At every turn, China places itself as the even tempered big brother to a psychotically dangerous US. China sends exactly 1 man to iraq as a symbol. A uniquely chinese way of communicating. What was China saying to the world? China starts the whole "develop africa" trend. What was China saying to the world? During the South Korean ship sinking, both US and South Korea threw accusations based on nothing but their political needs. What was China saying to the world?

Death and destruction has followed every single US intervention since the very beginning of the nation. I saw a drawing of a mob of asian, african, south american, and middle eastern peasants running for their lives. the caption said "Run, they're bringing freedom"

this assertion that the US holds the key to universal moral standards is laughably ridiculous. it is an insult to human intelligence and free thought. were u paid to post this? i really cannot imagine any reasonably intelligent person would actually do it of their own free will.

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it's right around the corner.

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