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Kill Chinese? [Copy link] 中文

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To Mockiavelli

Obviously, you haven't seen any Chinese war movies.  

The US has moved well beyond racism.  Compare that to China where racism is still strong and foreigners experience racism on a daily basis.  I would say that you don't know much about what you are talking about.  Maybe you should visit the US and compare the racism there with that of China.  Then you should watch some chinese war movies.  But, i'm assuming that  you are Chinese; your racism and ignorance wont' allow you to see yourself and  your own people the way they really are.  

Again, I don't see how Chinese can claim racism exists in the US, when China is the most racist country I have ever been to. And I have visited many countries and know people from many more.  Maybe the racist Chinese think that everyone else is racist, because they think we all think in such simple ways as they do.  

Again, watch some chinese war movies.  Educate yourself on this topic.  You are just a hypocrite.

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:) The longer I stay in China the longer I realize that underneath the surface, there is an enormous amount of jealousy and hatred among the Chinese for Americans. Perhaps that is what Hollywood is picking up on. The only reason the Chinese put a good face on is to use the Americans to gain technology. But unfortunately, the Americans found out. They don't trust the Chinese. In any case, the narrow-mindedness of the Chinese education system will prevent them from creating much of their own technology from scratch once America stops handing it out. Anyway, for the foreseeable future America (its spineless, cowardly leaders) will be giving technology to the Chinese, just to keep them happy.
This has nothing to do with race. The whole idea of "Caucasian" and "Mongoloid" is so backwards. Go read up on your science. Just an example how far behind Chinese education is in biological sciences. Besides, America is not a white "Anglo" country. Americans come from all backgrounds.
  Last but not least, lets get rid of the lying and faking, maybe we could build more trust. As I see it, Americans are pretty dishonest, but they cannot begin to compare with the filthy putrid atmosphere of lies in China. Lying is a despicable behavior, just like IP theft, which is so rampant here. I say, make your own stuff if you are really so smart, stop mimicking others' technology. Until then, you will receive Bill Gates half-smile of derision.
As for the movie, I feel sad that Chinese are depicted in a bad light. There is so much good in this culture. I think Hollywood should depict how Chinese people honor their parents by taking care of them in their old age, or how Chinese parents work themselves to death to give their children a better life. Or, how about how Wen Jia Bao cried for the earthquake victims? What a noble thing! But sadly, it doesn't  movie tickets.
I love China. Not in a nationalistic way, but in a human way. We are all in this together. Let's make a better world, and stop hating each other.

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Wooooo! Why are you being so snarky....?

Originally posted by RobertB at 2010-6-4 15:56
Well, then the simple reply to you is that if the Chinese can make war movies that don't adhere to reality, then why can't other countries do the same.  I have seen so many Chinese movies that port ...

I must have touched a raw nerve? Now allow me to educate you on this matter. First this topic has been discussed several times before on this site. So I'll be repeating myself (sighhhh) but it has to be done for the truth demands it. Now for a few Major points...

1) In the 1920's and 30's the west (via Britain) discovered the Chinese as the villain in the Fu Manchu and Flash Gordon serials where Ming, the merciless reigned supreme as the diabolical villain. And, yes, Racism, was a huge factor in this. This went on for decades and even into the late sixties (the civil rights period; human rights, racial equality, yadda, yadda, yadda). It established the Chinese male as gangster and criminal in people's minds...

2) In the 50's saw The World of Suzie Wong, the Chinese woman as the good hearted tart saved from her fate by a white man. It established that Chinese (asian) women as tarts. (You notice how many western men flock to asia, including China, looking for the easy lay?

3) The eighties saw the movie Year of the Dragon with Chinese as the bad guys again, thus continuing what started in the 20's and 30's.

4) Even as recently as 2006 saw Martin Scorsese's Departed with the Chinese (from the mainland this time!) being the bad guys. Ironically he took this story from a Chinese film and won his first academy award.

5) And now this Red Dawn....

In the intervening years saw asians (Chinese) on tv and movies being portrayed as victims, nerds, useless, incompetent, yadda, yadda, yadda. And this has been going on for close to 90 years. And is continuing with Red Dawn. You think this has no bearing on how people see other people? How others might see the Chinese...? You think there's no influence...90 years worth...?

So the Chinese make some movies that portray whites and Japanese as bad guys. So what? Any of these movies were made 90 years ago? No, they weren't. They're new and recent and indictaes that the general Chinese audience is waking up to the realities of how Hollywood (and the western media) perceives them. And they're finally fighting back...thank god! They're learning. How about you...?

Did your wonderful education in your wonderful country with its wonderful educational system ever taught you the above?

(By the by, you haven't addressed why the Penta-goon and the CIA are involved with Hollywood in makiing movies. You think they'd be helping Hollywood make movies if they thought movies had NO influence...?)

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Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....

Originally posted by RobertB at 2010-6-4 16:03
Obviously, you haven't seen any Chinese war movies.  

The US has moved well beyond racism.  Compare that to China where racism is still strong and foreigners experience racism on a daily basis.  ...

"The US has moved well beyond racism."

Oh, really? You mean because they voted for a half-black president?  You persist in deluding yourself... In view of what Obama's said and NOT done one has to wonder if he's his own man, or the footman to his real masters, which is another story. Anyway in  the news today was a racial incident where a white man killed a black man and dragged him for miles behind his truck. Happened in South carolina, I think... check it out on the net...

"Compare that to China where racism is still strong and foreigners experience racism on a daily basis."

Yes, let's compare. First every race on the earth is 'racist' to some degree. That is normal human behaviour, the cross we all carry. What is important is the degree it is acted upon. Now tell me how many times a Chinese killed anyone (white or black) and dragged them for miles? Tell me how many times you've heard of Chinese physically attacking foreigners just for the fun of it, as its done in the west. So you've experienced racism many times in China. So? For every one like you I can find another foreigner who will say that they're being treated way too well, almost as if they're gods, much to their embarassment. Clearly you're doing something wrong.... what could that be, I wonder...? (Maybe you didn't get what you wanted....?)

So you visited many countries and lived many years in China, and you still haven't learnt anything...? You know ignorance is fertile soil for racism... do be careful...

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2010-6-4 12:18
Ask Spielberg and Tom Hanks why they're so keen to produce war films (Saving Private Ryan, Band of brothers, Pacific) that portray american soldiers (mainly white) as human beings filled with feelings, compassion, failures etc. and yet brave, heroic...

And they're doing this at a time when the US is involved in two UNPOPULAR wars... Coincidence? ...

Do you think that they should use non-'mainly white' soldiers in the movies? That would have been a nice piece of fiction.

Oh and why let dates or facts get in the good way of your story. Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers were made BEFORE US involvement in either of their current war theatres.

Kind of puts paid to your theory that they are trying to show the human side to US soldiers during a time of US aggression, doesn't it?

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2010-6-5 00:10
1) In the 1920's and 30's the west (
2) In the 50's saw The World of Suzie
3) The eighties saw the movie Year of the Dragon with Chinese as the bad guys again,
4) Even as recently as 2006 saw
5) And now this Red Dawn......

Would you care to offer your viewpoint of how Chinese cinema has depicted foreigners over the same period?

For a so-called Chinese (but with a foreign passport & nationality), you sure do have an astonishing knack of seeing xenophobia everywhere you turn in North America, yet coupled with an equally mesmerizing talent for hiding - and indeed excusing  - similar Chinese behaviour to the western world.

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holy cow!

is it even possible for any of u angry monkies to stop throwin your own feces at each other? my god, i'm not sure what mental institution allows unfedered access to the internet but they really need to re-consider. all i've seen so far is "your a bigger douche bag".. "nah uhh u r".. "nah uhh u r times a million". my god how old are you people???

the main point is that a particular movie uses asians as a symbol of fear and that this is a dangerous use of media in the modern world. now,
of course there are racist elements in EVERY society but have any of u considered why and how to mitigate, rather than just pointing fingers at each other? feel free to list out every single ridiculous flick from every nation in the world, but what are u actually acheiving?

i thought "raise the red lantern" was an extremely well thought out and well executed movie that forces western audiences to consider the weaknesses of capitalism without resorting to ugly insults. sure it's propaganda but it's intelligent and thought provoking without the biligerence of red dawn. maybe it's because it uses elements within chinese society to make it's point rather than using the stereotypical greedy white colonialist. can anyone name a western movie that criticizes communism with such elegance?

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