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Kill Chinese? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-6-2 02:54

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I confess; the photo does attack me to polaris's threads. It's not that I like her threads that much. But what do I know, her threads are certainly much more popular than mine.

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Well a rising power will inevitably face challenges.

If US throws down the gaunlet, are you going to back off?

Respond? Yes but intelligently. A Hong Kong movie once played the police being demonized by the media. An officer recommended that the police force must respond by winning the fight through the media rather than using other means to circumvent it. Of couurse along the way there are heavy cost to be paid.

US is not the only country in the world although its assets such as technologies and weapons rank amongst the best and media psychology is another anchor strength of it.

Without forgoing the Chinese's core strength, the Chinese should respond correspondingly to counter the US challenge and not copy it. There is no need to rush into things. Believe in fundamentals and yourselves. Chinese shouldn't seek hegemony nor the number one rank. China should not pay lip service to this but seen visibly to be so.

What the Chinese should seek is continuous sustainable growth even if China has become the number in a particular field. Building a happy, efficient and productive nation is the best counter measure China can have against the US. China already possesses the best resources, human, in the world and it has to translate this resource into a sustainable success. Translating China into a vibrant, healthy and happy society not only serves those dwelling in China well but will also attract foreign talents in the long run - something China will need even though it has a huge population. When talents come and they see a logical and humane China, they will be more willing to converge with China and contribute to China's growth.

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Originally posted by kyosan at 2010-6-2 23:07
No one should be surprised when they see movies like this though because they are not new.

Absolutely right. Think of all the propaganda movies, news, TV programmes, cartoons etc. fed to the Chinese people over the last 60 years.

Not including, of course, the movies that are now censored, banned, tinkered with because of objectionable content etc.

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Chinese need to learn more about the REAL USA

Originally posted by polaris1120 at 2010-6-1 11:14
I've read an article revealing that a Hollywood movie named Red Dawn, which is expected to be released this November, centered on a group of Midwest teenagers who came together to defend their town ...

I have seen enough Chinese movies that portray the westerners as either evil or dumb.  I have also seen movies that portray the Japanese as dumb as well.  Some of these are historical movies, but some are not.  Even the historical movies are not that accurate, but are meant for propaganda reasons.  

Also, some people meantioned that Americans don't know much about China.  Well, I have lived most of my life in both the US and China, and the Chinese know even less about the US.  All the Chinese know is what they see in hollywood movies, which is why this person might think this movie is "dangerous."  What Chinese don't know is that movies are made for entertainment, not a depiction of real life.  Chinese will believe anything they see in a movie, and that is why they think this movie is unfair.  Americans just see it as a movie.   I have been asked so many stupid questions about the US from chinese friends.  I have found that the Chinese only THINK they know about the US, but they have no clue.  Even Chinese who study in the US stay in their circle of Chinese friends and don't bother to understand the real culture or people.  However, the Americans and other westerners in China make it a point to find Chinese friends, travel to the countryside, learn Chinese enough to speak with the local people, and generally understand as much as they can.  So, I have found that Chinese who visited the US know less about the US than Americans who have visited China know about China.  The main difference is that if the American doesn't know something, he/she will say they don't know.  The chinese will just arrogantly make something up to prove their point.  It is both an embarrassment for the Chinese as well as the person speaking.  

In the end, both Chinese and Americans can learn more about eachother.  However, I doubt Chinese arrogance will allow the Chinese to move beyond seeing things through their Anti-american cultural lenses to see the real USA.  Americans are a little bit more open, although we have our nationalists as well.

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art is a reflection of the society from which they derive

when a filmaker chooses the elements of a scene, they will naturally use symbols that will trigger the anticipated emotion in their target audience. therefore, contrary to the original post, i'd say red dawn isn't an attempt to portray china as a threat. it's a reflection of the existing fear that permeates the US.

an obvious counter-propaganda campaign will be counter productive. honesty is a cornerstone of art, no matter the culture or genre. dishonest propaganda will only poison the soul. therefore, the goal should be to enlighten rather than manipulate. my grandpa used to tell me "you don't  run away from sh11t because you are afraid of it, you run away because it's dirty".

people are more intelligent than they express themselves to be (based on the utter ignorance of some of these posts, i really hope i'm right). Most will understand red dawn as "junk food" art. answer with another "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" to contrast the relative quality of the two and the world will associate china with quality and US with a society that cannot evolve past it's racism.

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The level of naivete and ignorance....

,,,from some of the posters is truly astounding! Especially from those who say that 'it's just a movie'.

If a 'movie was just a movie' then neither the Pentagon nor the CIA would be in bed with Hollywood making movies. Check it out...They do so because they know that a movie is NOT just a movie.... that a movie helps shapes a person's thinking and attitude...

Ask Spielberg and Tom Hanks why they're so keen to produce war films (Saving Private Ryan, Band of brothers, Pacific) that portray american soldiers (mainly white) as human beings filled with feelings, compassion, failures etc. and yet brave, heroic...

And they're doing this at a time when the US is involved in two UNPOPULAR wars... Coincidence?

And this new Red Dawn movie falls into that category...with the Chinese as the bad guys (as usual)....and at a time that the rise of China alarms some americans. More coincidence...?

More likely Propaganda! Biiiig time propaganda....! With a war mentality like that it's hard not to conclude that America is one sick country... !

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To ganzhoulin

Well, then the simple reply to you is that if the Chinese can make war movies that don't adhere to reality, then why can't other countries do the same.  I have seen so many Chinese movies that portray white people as evil or dumb and the japanese as the same.   But, for some reason you think it is wrong for the US to make war movies while it is ok for China to make war movies?  That is just being the typical, arrogant racist you have always been.  

China makes more war movies than the US does.  With your logic, I could say that China "is one sick country...!"  

But, I don't think the chinese education system taught you much logic, so I'm sure you won't understand anything I said.

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