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Manoj, Is multitasking a bad habit?? [Copy link] 中文

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Manoj I want to ask you a different question ... I always do multitasking I mean more than one task at a time.. yes simultaneously... that's what I call time management but nowdays I am getting headach.... I am doing meditation to overcome all this trouble but it is not helping me... I have habit of doing two task simultaneously but it is harming me in big way ... I don't know how this has started.... Do you face simlar problems in this hectic life .. Is rat race killing us... I feel it's sort of silent killer.... I have started avoiding mobile phones and other things do you have any solution to simplify my life... Just asking advice incase you know something about it ...   [Waiting for your reply I will check the reply tomm.. I hope you have answer i am asking my other friends too ] Bye,,
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Hi Karma

I myself had serious problems with multitasking. However I had been quite successful in making them less effective on me. I would give you some recommendations on handling multitasking.

1. Make it one :
                            Most important way of handling multitasking headache are to consider the whole lot thing as a single entity. A good example both batting, bowling and fielding are considered as a single job in cricket. You have to do all to be the best. Similarly get rid of psyche that you have to work double. It all depends on the way we look at the problem.

2.  Not ordinary :
                               Remember it to yourself you are not doing an ordinary thing and you are doing a thing that is pretty challenging to everyone. Admit multitasking takes a toll on your health in this case headache and work related stresses.

3. Pipeline it :
                         We aren't super humans to do things simultaneously nor we can do stuffs simultaneously with considerable success. Get yourself a schedule of what you are doing, give it a time schedule with atleast a few minute interval between the tasks.

4. Prioritize the tasks :
                                         Prioritize which tasks are important for you. Arrange them in an order that effectively helps you to increase your efficiency of work.  Make sure you give enough time for important tasks. Its just like watching TV channels you know which one has higher priorities and at which time

5.  Analyze, innovate :
                                        The more you think about your work nature, the more you get idea of doing things effeciently as well as lightly. You don't need to throw yourself into work you just need to analyze to make the work more lite in a way that it is done efficiently as well as lightly.

6. Make yourself comfortable :
                                                         We Indians have the capability to make ourselves comfortable whether we are in a Boeing Plane or in Mumbai sub way station. You need to think out of box solutions to make yourself comfortable both at work as well as when you are having stress. Best idea is to take a cool shower or swimming for some hours or go for dinner with your gf or have a nice chat with colleague when you are having tea time. The more you forget about yourself in your happy moments the more better it is.

7. Each are genuine :
                                       Each person is genuine, yoga won't be a solution to all problems. For example for me yoga is never a work able solution. I get relaxed more when I am having a friendly chat with friends or having a candle light dinner with my gf. You need to think which appeals to you more and get on with it. Like I said only you know which pulls you more and make you relax.

8. You are your master :
                                            In the end irrespective of how people advice, it all depends on your psyche to get on with multitasking headache.  You are your master, only you can get rid of your problems. Make yourself a successful man in getting rid of multitasking problems. My best wishes with you

Ever wondered why Bangalore is a success story because her professionals has some of the best instincts and characters to tackle problems arousing in professional life in their  respective fields which many high tech cities in the world lack. Remember there is nothing we can do. If we can make a Silicon valley we can make our own world. Make the world around you to bend to your way. That's how you win

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Thatks for all these thoughts. hey I am collecting many opinions regarding this including my friends and relatives.. Everyone has given me so diffenent but precious stones that I am realy satisfied...
Here is funny input from my grandpa.... he said my education is one of the main reason... [he is well known critic of current education system in India]. He suggested that I should be able to write on "2 pages with my both hands at the same time".. yes he does have this skill... I tried abnd failed miserably.. There are very few scholds n India where this skill is being taught at very young age. His reason for my prob is I am not using both parts of my brain ...   he also said I used to sleep on one side when I was kid that too affected brain development... He believe that almost 80% people did not use complete brain cells...  It is very funny that is why I shared here I got plenty stones and I am ordering them right now.. Thanks buddy...
Regardig banglore,  Mumbai too has its own trouble shooting skills ... :)
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Originally posted by karma123 at 2010-5-25 11:20 AM
Thatks for all these thoughts. hey I am collecting many opinions regarding this including my friends and relatives.. Everyone has given me so diffenent but precious stones that I am realy satisfied ...

Karma, its interesting how much amount of advice we can get from our parents , grand parents. That's why I never ask advice from anyone, I like doing it on my own

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