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US police officers beat up Chinese diplomat [Copy link] 中文

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Three Houston police officers have been assigned desk duties as city and federal authorities scrutinize the arrest of a local Chinese diplomat who says police hit him in the face during a traffic stop last weekend at the Chinese Consulate.

The Chinese government responded to the Saturday arrest of Houston deputy Consul General Boren Yu, who said a security camera recorded the incident, with a call for a speedy investigation. The Chinese government also noted that “solemn exchanges” had passed between China and the U.S. as a result of the incident. Under the Vienna Convention, local law officers are prohibited from entering foreign diplomatic offices in all but the most extreme circumstances.

Mayor Annise Parker, in announcing the reassignment of the officers on Friday, commended newly appointed Police Chief Charles McClelland's handling of the case.

“This is important as Houston has the third-largest number of consulates in the country,” the mayor said. “We cherish our international residents and want to assure them they are welcome in our city.”

Reassigned to desk duties were Central Patrol Division officers Timothy Riley Jr., Quang Tran and Victor Olivares. Riley has been with the department since 2008; Tran and Olivares since last year.

In an interview on Friday, Yu said he was traveling with his wife in a consulate vehicle when he saw a police patrol car with flashing lights behind him. Yu said he stopped his vehicle and waited several minutes, but drove off when the officer remained in his car and took no apparent action.

Yu said he drove to the Chinese Consulate in the 3400 block of Montrose. When Yu drove through the consulate garage's automatic gate, the police car followed him.

Yu said he “made it clear” he was a Chinese diplomat, but the officer handcuffed him anyway. Yu said the officer struck him in the face, but he did not address the circumstances or specify when the alleged assault took place. The Chinese official also suffered hand and neck injuries, according to a co-worker at the consulate.

Roberta MacInnis, a Houston Chronicle features editor, said she was shopping at a nearby business when she saw a Houston police officer lying on top of a handcuffed man who was face-down on the garage floor.

Yu said the entire episode was captured on tape by a garage security camera.

The diplomat and his wife later were released at the scene.

A source familiar with the officers' version of the events said Yu's vehicle was spotted about 4:30 p.m. Saturday traveling a short distance from the consulate without a rear license plate. With the police car following with flashing lights, the vehicle wended its way through Montrose for about five minutes, finally pulling into the consulate garage.

As the officer exited his patrol car, the source said, Yu greeted him with loud curses.

A consulate spokesman said Yu's rear license plate had been stolen, but the diplomat thought he could drive the vehicle because the front plate still was in place. Texas law requires front and rear license plates.

Aaron Suder, staff attorney with the Houston Police Officers' Union, dismissed Yu's claim of a police assault as “categorically false.”

“When and if there's a video that's made public we are absolutely confident that the actions of the police officers involved will be justified,” he said.

Unresolved on Friday was whether city police legitimately had jurisdiction on consulate property. Parker reported that police said they were unaware they were on property owned by the Chinese government.

The consulate building is marked with a large sign and usually flies the Chinese flag. The garage is marked with a smaller sign designating it as consulate property.

Under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, police can enter a consulate's property only by the invitation of the mission or to protect the consulate from a grave threat such as a fire or mass shooting, said South Texas College of Law professor Geoffrey Corn.

“If they thought the person they were pursuing was dangerous to consular staff,” he said, “there's a provision that says permission is presumed. But this is nothing like that.”

Parker said the new police chief has issued a directive that all beat officers receive the address of every consulate in the city.

On Friday, city Councilman Al Hoang, who represents a heavily Chinese-American district, praised the Parker administration's handling of the case. “The Chinese Consulate has a great relationship with our city and I know that relationship will continue,” he said. “

Hmm....was the Chinese diplomat Black or something??

In all seriousness, how did the cops not realize they were beating someone up in a CHINESE CONSULATE. They must have been blind not to notice they were on Chinese territory.

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Hmm. My post on this topic still hasn't appeared, or has been removed.

FFS the guy had missing number plate.
In most places the number plate indicates a diplomatic vehicle, therefore the cops wouldn't have known the car was attached to the Chinese consulate.

Here in Melbourne, numerous consulates occupy offices in commercial buildings along side businesses and consulting rooms.
You wouldn't know that the British, Japanese or whatever consulate was in that building unless you went looking for it.
And the other thing, even if they did know the Chinese consulate was there, what if a disgruntled Chinese refugee drove a stolen car with no plates into the basement of the Chinese mission, with the intent of setting off a car bomb. I guess you'd hope the cops tackled him before he could set off the explosives.

I am no fan of the behaviour of some American cops, but judging by the information printed here, they were well within expectations of behaviour.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by wetac0s at 2010-5-1 09:23

Hmm....was the Chinese diplomat Black or something??

In all seriousness, how did the cops not realize they were beating someone up in a CHINESE CONSULATE. They must have been blind not to no ...

What else do you expect from these Anglo-American inbreds?

These mindless thugs probably failed to get into the army where they can murder at will. So they do the next best thing and that is to beat up blacks and Asians.
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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US police officers beat up Chinese diplomat

Shouldn't this read alledegly

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-5-1 12:57
'Hmm, was the Chinese diplomat Black or something??'

Interestingly polar mindset evident in the poster's mindset. We commonly call this 'PREJUDICE'.

In the SCMP and the CD I read the Chiens ...

I ain’t having having any problems with people working their way up from a Kinglong tractor driver on a Jiangsu dirt road to deputy Consular.
Perhaps poster # 2 is suffering from an unfavorable opinion himself, called prejudice.

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The beating and kidnapping of the Chinese vice-consul from Chinese territory (Houston Chinese consulate), a couple days before the grand opening of the World Expo in Shanghai, coupled with the absence of even an apology after a whole week, serve as a clear declaration to the world that America stands alone in the world in not being required to abide by international law. All must grovel before Empire. Have you guys forgotten how it is supposed to feel?

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Originally posted by firstcause at 2010-5-8 08:10
The beating and kidnapping of the Chinese vice-consul from Chinese territory (Houston Chinese consulate), a couple days before the grand opening of the World Expo in Shanghai, coupled with the abse ...

When did he get beat?  This is the first I've heard of that.

If I were driving a car with no plates and refused to stop, I would be chased down and arrested.  I have no doubt of that.  I actually saw someone once try to run from the cops - they caught him, tackled him to the ground and cuffed him before any questions were asked.  He was white, not black, not asian.  This is how it works here.  You have to stop for police.  Had the guy had plates on that marked him as a diplomat, he would have more rights than the rest of us - but you can't expect cops to be mind-readers.  And you're talking to a person who HATES cops - I really do.  From the simpsons: "police aren't here to help you, we're only here to punish you" - or something like that. lol

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