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Chinese: Different ethnicites united into One [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-25 08:52

Where did I mention 'Africans'?
There is not just one African 'race'; Africans come in several races, and several of them are black, while others are white and many are mixed white-black.

Are you comparing black africans and whites to ethnic chinese and hans?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-26 19:02

Oh my saccharine Sugar Babe Wettie, you a MONGOLIAN? You have been telling us for ages you are a CHINESE, letting most of us extrapolate that you are a Han.

Mamma mia, how poorly I know you ...

fyi, I was commenting on your response to Stephanie22 who said:
Actually Iam mongolian, and I am from a small city in innermongolian. I love there .Tough the lifestyle there is nothing different from other cities normal, I feel proud when people ask me about my hometown. It's my pleasure to give others introductions of my hometown.

And then you berated her.  Do you have tunnel vision or are you just blind and retarded?  Please go back and read the posts before you start to have a fit.  

Btw, I am part Mongolian, as are many Han Chinese.  But I guess anyone with black hair, brown eyes, and a flat face is Han and worthy of hatred according to you.  It does not matter if they are uigher or Korean, you will assume they are Han and Hate them.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-26 19:13

Dear delicate Mimosa Wettie,

here I wanna share a delicacy with you that I plucked from a book written by a husband-and-wife team of authors who spent years in China and are fluent in Mandar ...

Nice of you to pick one biased book in the perspective of a foreigner in China.  I can do that too!  Maybe I should quote a book by Oprah's book club talking about white racism against blacks!  

Yelling some slang words for "foreigner" is not RACISM.  Unless racism is institutionalized, it is not racism.  Can you blame CHinese or asians for not liking westerners after everything the West has done to us?  Atom bombs, agent orange, colonization, opium wars, etc...

It is fruitless to talk about racism with you because your idea of racism is when Chinese people look down on other Chinese due to wealth.  Or when you as a white man are not allowed to cut in line to a trendy club in Asia.  I might as well be talking to a blind person about their opinions on renaissance paintings.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-26 19:19
46 (continued)

And finally, we need to ask ourselves, how these different ethnic groups came into being -was it because some 'Chinese' wanted to have an identitiy separate from the mainstream Ch ...

Yes, like the Irish speaking a completely different language than English?  Do you agree?  Should we label Irish as a separate race from English?  Should we continue to exploit the differences between Celts and Brits?  Should we continue to focus on the differences between norwegians and swedish?  Should we talk about how the Swedes have been bullying the Norweigians for centuries?  If you want to get into petty ethnic conflicts, why don't you talk about a region that you should know about?  hmm....?

People like you want to create division and conflicts between Asians.  The leaders of the US and EU want to do the same.  That's why they funded the rwandan genocide, saddam hussien in the 80s, racial division in india, etc....which led to very sad outcomes.  

I am here to celebrate my diversity as a Han Chinese and to acknowledge that chinese ethnicities are all equal and share commonalities.  The same blood that flows through tibetans flows through me and many other Han Chinese.  We are all brothers and sisters and deserve peace and prosperity.

Why do you have such a problem with this?

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-27 20:48

Nice to elicit a personal response to a piece of well-intentioned advice, Sweattie! Now perhaps even you can see how hopeless you are. Nothing I say can leave you indifferent, and most of what  ...

Nichol Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn....hmm...sounds more like a white guy and a twinkie wife who hates her own race.....

Go ahead and cherry pick individual opinions as your "credible source".  I will stick to scientific research and unbiased sources, thank you.  But I really don't expect much from you.  

Wolf Totem?  Haha nice one.  Everyone knows the only chinese books that become popular in the west are those that renounce China or talk about "elicit sexual" stories of Asian women.   Books are from an individual point of view and are biased.  I trust journals and articles more.  Did you read the chinese version or the english version?  It wouldn't surprise me at all if the book got lost in translation.  Books are for entertainment and making money, there is no way to verify whether that story is fact or fiction.  Of course the guy who wrote "a million little pieces" did get caught by Oprah.  Again, keep cherry picking old books that fit your agenda.  

Seems more like china has worn you down.  You have taken the identity of a hateful, bitter, loser who is glued to his computer screen masturbating to my posts like an obsessive hermit.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-27 20:56

I shouldn't come down on you for the fallacies you are guilty of in this post, dear Sweattie - talking about Irish and English, or Swedish and Norwegians - that's talking about apples versus pi ...

Nice of you to completely disregard the Irish war of Independence in this conversation.  You would rather point the finger at Asians instead of focusing on your own race.  I guess a coward like you would rather run from troubles at home, while sucking off the teet in a foreign land while hating it at the same time.  

The Irish War of Independence (Irish: Cogadh na Saoirse, also known as the Anglo-Irish War or Tan War)[4]  was a guerrilla war mounted by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) against the British government  and its forces in Ireland. It began in January 1919, following the Irish Republic's declaration of independence. Both sides agreed to a truce  in July 1921, though violence continued in the northeast (mostly between republicans and loyalists). The post-ceasefire talks led to the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which ended British rule in most of Ireland and established the Irish Free State. However, six northern counties would remain within the United Kingdom as Northern Ireland.

The IRA that fought in this conflict is often called the Old IRA to distinguish it from later groups that used the same name.

Funny how you seem to care so much about the uighers, yet don't give a sh*t about the irish.  

The norwegians and swedish speak different languages but are in the same family.  Just like korean and mandarin both use hanja.  Most Japanese and chinese characters are the same.  Even the japanese refer to themselves as 日本 (which are the same characters for Japan in Chinese).  Btw, Mandarin is a "sino-tibetan" langauge.

And don't tell me how the uighers feel.  Unlike me, you have NO uigher or ethnic chinese blood.  If you told your arrogant diatribe to my great grandmother, you would have gotten your a$$ beaten.

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