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Do you want to visit N. Korea? [Copy link] 中文

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i'm going to say no, i would not, at least not until little kim released his iron grip and allowed his people the chance to live, think, and build themselves up.

would rather visit china again, beautiful country, beautiful women, most everyone is friendly, just make sure u have a friend who speaks mandarin/cantonese and never pay full price for anything hah
Don't tread on me

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i don't support Kim's leadership either. you suggestions reminded me that chinese people's visits provide money to his regime. i decided not to go to N. Korea, period.
I am a Beijing girl.

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Originally posted by bern2009 at 2010-4-14 09:50 AM

Exactly! No further comment needed. What is commonly said about North Korea is actually true.

but if u think like a non-barbarian as i showed u in the lyric of "north korea welcomes u", then u could finally get out of ur own mental gulag and do something for peace:

    (Going by the tune: "If you're going to San

If you're going to North Korea, be sure to say

"Hi!" to the Squashed Porcelain Drum.  It's

squashed, yet not broken!  Now anything is


Being pressed makes it stronger.  Even

though it can now hold less for itself, but it

could bear the whole weight of the world.

In the last century, the world has moved

ahead at Korea's expense.  Although North

Korea is moving in the opposite direction,

her defiance has turned suffering and

devastation into victories.

The current crisis in finance and

environment vindicates North Korea's faith in

going in her own direction.

Who in this confrontational world would

make it a habit to releasing the enemy

humans but hold their weapons as prisons.  

Besides the spy ship Pueblo, North Korea

even went about to catch her a torpedo and

imprison it to make the sea safer.

While the world has turn the social ranking

of scholars, farmers, laborers and

merchants around, making us all slave to

money, North Korea has not only preserve

the old tradition, but also eliminated the

merchant class.

The old work ethic of no pain no gain, has

kept the whole populace in North Korea fit

and while continuously reaching for ever

higher athletic potential.  To hit home on

tradition, North Korea even found nothing

out of the ordinary when starvation came

alone with famine.  Then, her action exposes

the predatory nature of the rest of the world,

when, instead of coming to her aid, the rest

anti-traditional, materialistic world for using

the opportunity for propaganda purpose.

The Mass Game, a collective effort to

display the country's aspiration, has been a

success story that's void of any financial

consideration.  It charges the entry fees

according to what the individual spectator

could afford, ranging from $450 to 0, all

ushered in without regard to their true

preferences. In a way, the audience

becomes the involuntary participants in the

spirit of collectiveness.  

It teaches that public performance should

be, above all, for one's own fitness, and the

spectators are there for a  good dose of

fitness indoctrination.

The missing link in Asia is an undersea

tunnel between Korea and Japan.  That's a

job for anybody who can build the

Pyongyang Metro.

Building atomic bomb is wrong for anybody,

for any excuse.  But if it's for the sake of

getting rid of the bomb, then we need to

make a special exemption.  In fact, we

should all be grateful to North Korea for the

possibility of being the first country to set an

example to the rest to dismantle a viable

nuclear weapon program.  In so doing, North

Korea would lead the world down the path of

a nuclear weapon free world.  

Yes, the Squashed Porcelain Drum is here

to make anything possible.

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Originally posted by bern2009 at 2010-4-14 09:52 AM

so you advocate a "pure race" ideology. No further comment on this

so you advocate "mixed race" ideology?  and let's hear some comments.

my 1st one is that the bastard child u called him jesus christ hasnt exactly set a good example for the lost soul xtians in the world.

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Originally posted by JFenix at 2010-4-14 10:50 AM

Modern countries have done away with this type of thinking a long time ago.  The nazi's kind of soured the world on racial purity ideology, so now it's not too cool.  

Let me quote from a li ...

let me give an advice to our in-house love expert, jfenix:

love starts with love ur own kind.  the other kind of love is called orgy.

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Originally posted by Desaview at 2010-4-14 04:36 PM

in some countries race is divisive...that is bad
in some countries race is unifying...that is good.

so dont mix things up...fennix.

why jews and arabs cant get alone? also indians and pakistanists?  because of ameria, the country who lied about loving others, while the racial division in the homeland is deepest int he world.

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