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Prof says he's no 'sex maniac' [Copy link] 中文

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The very reason the US is in such deep sh!t is due to its permissive society. Millions of babies are born out of wedlock. Kids don't know who their dads are. Guys screw around, get girls pregnant and just disappear. Teenage girls are saving money for breast-implants when they really should be studying! People get married and divorced just because they feel like it. The family unit no longer functions because nobody is committed to it.

China must NEVER go down that path! It's the highway to damnation!

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Originally posted by polaris1120 at 2010-4-7 14:10
i totally support Li Yinhe's view, because wife swapping doesn't harm anyone else and the society. as long as bot parts agree, they can do whatever they want. and the crime they're accused of is ri ...

Polaris, you think so?  So simple?

And by the way, why is it called "WIFE swapping" and not husband swapping?

To me, that doesn't say much about human rights.  Instead, it says alot more about the people and the society.

Before you advocate that is "human rights", I think you should first elevate the rights and status of your women first.  They are still treated like chattels of the men .... and that's why you haven't yet got over the terminology of WIFE-swapping.

As for your advocate on Human Rights, it serves NO PURPOSE really unless it is put for good use, for better protection of the weak (and that's what Human Rights is about) and equality of the people, rather than as veil to hide some IMMORAL BEHAVIOUR, ABUSE AND EXCUSE.

If human rights cannot be put for better use to benefit society, it is as good as LOAN SHARKS beating up their debtors and harrassing their families for not paying up their debts.  Do you want to accord the same human rights to the loans sharks, to professional assassins, street hooligans and wife bashers as well?

I have read similar stories about cybersex too.  Right now, our laws are still very immature when it comes to governing SEX on cyberspace.  How many youths were raped and abused through cyber-contacts is still unknown.  Where are their human rights?  Who and what protects them?  That's what human rights should be for ~~ to protect the weak and not to encourge lewd behaviour !!

This so-called activity of "WIFE-swapping" is really no difference to putting the wives on sale for sex by other men.  You think it doesn't hurt anyone?  To the man/men obsessed with "WIFE-swapping" may claim it is a personal matter and he is exercising his rightful "human rights".  What about the "WIVES" being swapped, where are their human rights?  Where do you draw the lines between true consent from the women and consent given under duress?

Now, let me share a true story I read in a female magazine.  The husband and wife shared the same love for internet.  One day, the husband suggested engaging in sex orgy through the internet.  By that, the couple would get contacts with cyberspace netizens who are total stranger but willing to join them in a sex orgy.  The wife was reluctant at first but after much coaxing and persuasion from the husband with promises, as usual, of his love, loyalty, forever faithfulness and protection (= emotional blackmail), she agreed.  They engaged in a few sessions of orgies and in each session they will have a tree-some or four-some.  There are certain unwritten rules how far the guys can grope the woman/women .... until they reached the climax and sex ensued, etc.  At times, some guys did not play by the rules and almost got into fight with the husband.

According to the wife who shared the story with the journalist, she felt "dirty and disgusted" by the experiences, which is understandable.  Imagine, yourself as a woman.  How do you like being groped by many hands and as they go further and deeper .... The wife later wanted it out but the husband, ADDICTED TO THE SEX ORGY, refused.  

Without a choice, she divorced her husband.  In the course, the woman went into depression and many things happened.  After the divorce, the husband took custody of the children and painted a very UGLY picture of his wife to her children and their families and friends ~~ as a selfish woman and uncaring  mother who chooses career over her family and all the craps the husband come up with.

Nobody understood the woman who kept mum through the whole ordeal, and single-handedly bore all the blame for the family breakdown.  Indeed, what is the woman to say to her family and friends in a society which still looks down on women?  She was forced into sex orgies by her husband?

Indeed, she was.  But who is to believe her?  Indeed, it is PRIVATE AFFAIR and only the man and woman involved knew the true reasons and causes for their breakup.

Who suffers in the end?  Talking about Human Rights, where does that stand for women who are "disobedient" and "unobliging" to the men in your society?

Indeed, let's work together and apply Human Rights to elevating the rights and status of women in our society,  

Till the day when our Society accepts that, yes ! WOMEN CAN OWN GIGOLOS and COULD BUY MEN FOR SEX GRATIFICATION.  Then, we talk about Human Rights in Sex Orgies.

I am looking forward to that Day, actually  !

Meanwhile, I support to Chinese authorities' way of dealing HARSHLY with the IMMORAL BEHAVIOUR of the professor and all those involved.

Finally and here's a word of caution ~~ don't simply copycat Western world of Human Rights.  Money is their Human Rights -- the unwritten law.  Without money, most of their women ended up in prostitution and pornography to make ends meet.  What "human rights" is anyone talking about?


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When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-10 20:04
Dearissima Ilea:::

Please, my Darling, give us wayward laowais your uplifting spiritual andmoral guidance.

We badly need it.

We don't understand what is at issue in this thread.

It is  ...


Don't get over-excited.

You don't understand what the thread is about?

It is about the Chinese authorities STAMPING OUT gweilos' hobby of sex orgies.

Now, you get it?   You are in the high risk group !  Yes, indeed.  The Chinese don't like your DIRTY habit at all.


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When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-4-11 18:59

Yes, I understand it NOW:

The thread is about yellow guilaos engaging in sex orgies and debauchery.

An age-old pastime of China's rich and well-guanxi'ed!

Hi my Jewish friend, Seneca, why do you always keep talking about China's past rich and debauchery?

You think your gweilos' past is very brilliant?

Ya, the gweilos are not as privileged as the Chinese men in the past where men owning concubines and mistresses are socially acceptable.  That is because their POWERFUL Church forbids it.  Even their King Henry, a "King", GOT TO BEG his Church's priests to marry a second wife.  His wishes were denied until his poor queen finally died of neglect and poor health.  Prince Charles did not marry Diana out of love.  It was the Church's dictates on who he should marry.  Certainly, not another man's wife !  So, there goes his resorting to illicit sex every night with his then mistress while his poor legal wife Diana suffered in silence and finally resorted to doing foolish things to fill her loveless marriage.  She received no sympathies from her cold-blooded royal in-laws who thought she was a shame ... until they let their hawish media step in to end everything for her or maybe for them.  Peace.

You may want to criticise the Chinese past for men keeping concubines, etc but have to say that the Chinese men are luckier than you gweilos. AT least, they have the freedom to choose the most beautiful women in the province or town to be their mistresses.

As for you gweilos, what choice do you have?  The Colonial Masters of the past cannot have a second wife.  So, they resorted to begging their Indian servants for permission to have sex with their wives.  If not, they raped their black slaves they shipped in from Africa.

During the apathied period, the white men in South Africa were known to commit incest with their own daughters behind closed doors.

That's honour, huh?  Ever wondered why your men and women never looked handsome or beautiful? Their size is also unusual


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When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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Originally posted by whampoa at 2010-4-11 23:43

Hi my Jewish friend, Seneca, why do you always keep talking about China's past rich and debauchery?

You think your gweilos' past is very brilliant?

Ya, the gweilos are no ...

Gweilos Flies will always be gweilos FLIES wherever thay are

the biggest spainish FLY here is of course LongZhou
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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We are born with the desire to have sex.
It is like making laws against human emotions.

in the west there is a saying "no foul"

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Wife swapping or husband swapping in China, I think it is one of the solution for unsatisfied couples in keeping marriage status for the benefit of their children if both parties consent.

No matter it's gweilo's or not, black cat or white cat, as long as it helps those families---charge them for crime conviction is ridiculous
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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