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Prof says he's no 'sex maniac' [Copy link] 中文

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i totally support Li Yinhe's view, because wife swapping doesn't harm anyone else and the society. as long as bot parts agree, they can do whatever they want. and the crime they're accused of is ridiculous. their behavior may harm the moral ethic, but moral ethic violation doesn't equal to crime conviction. that's two different definitions. chinese people are more serious of marriage and sex so that this kind of activity is rare in china. i even watched a foreign tv program reported wife swapping activity in that country and nobody tried to say it's illegal. the law in china should be abolished to protect human rights.

global times

The university professor who will go on trial today for organizing group sex parties through a "wife swappers" chatroom told media Tuesday that he is being treated unfairly.

"I didn't do anything wrong. And there was no forcing and organizing. Why the whole country is picking on me?" Ma Yaohai, 53, told Tuesday, adding that even his two sons are behind him.

A group of 22 alleged swingers, including Ma, were arrested for taking part in group sex parties and charged with lewdness. Their trial will take place in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

The 14 men and eight women, aged between 27 and 53, met through an online chatroom. They face up to five years in prison, according to the Procuratorial Daily.

Ma, an associate professor at an unnamed university, was put under surveillance in August after he was found organizing spouse-swapping parties at his home.

"There are many wife-swapping clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Nanjing," the Southern Metropolis Weekly quoted Ma as saying.

Ma was indicted on March 10 for "group licentiousness," a crime he said he has never known to exist.

If convicted, Ma would be the first person sentenced for "the crime of group licentiousness" in the past 20 years, Xiaoxiang Morning Herald said.

He said many news reports have labeled him a "sex maniac," which gives out the wrong impression that he was having sex day and night.

"I am not doing this kind of activity day and night," he said.

When asked if he tried to challenge monogamy, he said it was just a game.

"Partner swapping is just a game, which has nothing to do with monogamy. Two of our members got married to each other after joining the parties. Some divorced, but not because of wife swapping," he said.

He added that his two sons, aged 26 and 13 respectively, are not bothered by the charges and the allegations.
Ma initiated the chatroom after two devastating divorces. The wife-swapping club has attracted over 190 followers. Police said he has organized 35 parties from 2007 to 2009, 14 of them at his own apartment.

Ma has some experts on his side.

Li Yinhe, a scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences who is well known for speaking out about sexual freedom, wrote on her blog that the lewdness crime should be abolished. "The number of people involved in this is not big, the activity is based on mutual agreement, it does not harm other people and it does not harm society," she said.

However, Yuan Jiuhong, a professor at Nanjing Southeast University, told the Procuratorial Daily earlier that wife swapping should be banned because it violates moral ethics, which will affect social order and harm interpersonal relationships.
I am a Beijing girl.

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Just because they do it in the West, it doesn't mean that China should follow.
It's just like prostitution... it does not seem hurt anyone really, but most people would object to it.

I wonder what will you think about eating dog and cat. In the West, it is a big NO. In China, eating dog meat is rather common and there is no specific law to prevent one from eating dog meat. Because people in the West are not allowed to eat dogs, are their human rights violated?

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Ah, dear. I think that it is not something that is exclusive to only western countries, like any social problem or abberation wife swapping and swingers clubs are, in general, looked down upon by all socities. While chinese may think it is common in western countries I can assure you it is not. Where is is discovered it is highly publicized and eventually the adherants are forced to hide themselves from society.

The issue of monogamy vs polygamy is one that has affected all cultures and is even celebrated in some historic circles as proof of difference in social needs.

Personally it all makes me a little bit queasy but it is not my life. If it is illegal in China then I'm afraid people need to follow the law, and if they can't then find a country that at least tolerates it. I do not think there is any country that openly condones it.

As for eating dog, it is not illegal in Australia but it is certainly frowned upon, Australians tend to have close relationships with their pets and it is hard to repress that care when you get stuck into a bit of dog.

I used to have a pet turtle so I also find it hard to eat turtle soup, even though it is delicious.

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i don't think it's quite common for chinese to eat dogs. i never met a person who eats dogs in beijing. and what's the relation between dog eating and wife swapping? it's no matter whether this happens in the west of east, it's about human rights. i strong believe that if their behaviors don't affect others, they're free to do what they like. oh, and they don't have sexual diseases.
I am a Beijing girl.

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Hmm.....Chinese ethics...sometimes puzzle me. Wife swapping a crime...against moral ethics. What about thousands of pink barbershops? The thousands of xiao san/ mistresses? Funny.

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LOL with such ridiculous things...

Dont worry for the high ranked official and their thousand of favorites prostitutes..they wont go on trial tomorrow...

Someone to ask Mao to go on trial for rape young virgin every day?

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i bet many wives want to put mistresses into prison  hehe
I am a Beijing girl.

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