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A disgusting miracle [Copy link] 中文

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i bet nobody in the mainland can write this kind of report although i have the same feeling when watched those officials contributed the rescue result to the party leadership. This disaster is absolutely caused by mismanagement and could be avoided at the very beginning. people don' t want to watch this kind of miracle. it's ridiculous to watch the official reading the letter from the vice premier under that circumstance. who ever cared about who wrote the letter? who bothered to listen to the red tape? what the officials are doing now is their responsibility. why did they praise themselves and the party for what they should do?

south china morning post

China Central Television and other major state-owned news outlets gave the Shanxi mine rescue the most ambitious coverage since the Sichuan earthquake nearly two years ago, holding the public rapt as each step of the rescue operation unfolded.

From the moment trapped workers at the Wangjialing Coal Mine were brought up to the surface to wild applause on Monday, to the news that rescued miners had begun to eat solid food for the first time in eight days, CCTV captured every angle.

But many saw a tendency in the official media coverage to turn such a potentially disastrous event into a public fawning over the Communist Party and the government and expressed their dismay, even disgust.

State Administration of Work Safety director Luo Lin immediately attributed the success of the rescue to the willpower of the miners trapped underground and the strong leadership of the party and the State Council.

"We can say we've pulled off two miracles: one is the miracle of the trapped miners to come out alive and another is the miracle of rescue efforts," Luo said.

Minutes after the first nine miners were brought out, CCTV showed Luo reading a congratulatory letter from Vice-Premier Zhang Dejiang in front of droves of reporters, and Shanxi party secretary Zhang Bao-shun and governor Wang Jun actually stopped ambulances so that cameras would show them checking on the miners.

Even as the public was bombarded by more coverage of the rescue operations, more concrete evidence has surfaced to suggest that contractors were prodded into speeding up construction of the mine and that the management had overlooked alerts over water leaks.

As senior government officials were quick to hail the miracle of the rescue, a front-page commentary in the People's Daily, the party's official mouthpiece, attributed the "miracle" to wider co-ordination led by the party and the governments.

At one point, CCTV showed an interviewee saying that only the government and the party could have rescued the miners.

And when a CCTV field reporter likened the operation to a major blockbuster, it brought the fury of online commentators.

Michael Anti, a Beijing-based media critic, conceded CCTV's live broadcast was impressive in its technical aspects.

"But it's become so used to its usual propagandised rhetoric without showing due sensitivity," he said.

Anti said officials and the public had good reason to be happy that so many lives were saved, but in the same way, the public had a legitimate reason to be angry with the celebratory rhetoric. "It's an accident of a disastrous nature in the first place, and on top of that, the rescue operations are the state's responsibility as the accident happened at a state-owned coal mine."

One poster on, a popular mainland forum, said he or she was disgusted by the excitement on the faces of CCTV reporters and hosts as the whole coverage was treated like a thrilling sports match or entertainment performance.

Another said he or she was happy to see the miners still alive, but it was hardly a miracle when the accident was a result of mismanagement.

"The rescue operations are nothing but the result of a man-made disaster," the post said. "If we call them `miracles', then such `miracles' could continue to occur."
I am a Beijing girl.

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saw that in this thread pinned--- Wangjialing, a MIRACLE in Qingming festival!
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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The 115 miners turning up to be alive after being underground for 9 days in flooded mine  is indeed a miraculous escape. Based on past experiences, most would have indeed  perished in the disaster. It was a big relief that the casualty figure  reduced considerably.

I believe it is alright to be cynical, but  is sad to think that  South China Morning Post (a  relic of British / anglo colonial overlord in HK) has sunk that low in using  this occasion to be self righteous and score points against Chinese government.

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i don't think south china morning post is using this accident to scold chinese government. it's the truth that it's the mind leaders' fault to cause the disaster and they fleed after knowing more than 100 workers were trapped. they're caught right now and going to be punished i'm sure. if the safety standard of the nation-owned mines cannot be trusted, what workers should trust? what our people should trust?
I am a Beijing girl.

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Rescue made fantastic job, however,....

Another revolting and disgusting thing is that the first video reports show clarly that officials and police where here more to prevent riot than to help miners. (of course, official information never tell you that miner where furious about the fact they asked for months an ehnancement of security)

It's crual to say, but not first, not last. Remember the guangdong governor 10 years, ago, said "it's normal to have victim with so many mines...

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Polaris, from a gweilo's plataform I wellcome you to ......


.......Beijing's own version of "hollywood".
How about the term   Beijinwood ?

If we all think alike, ... then nobody is thinking.

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Originally posted by polaris1120 at 2010-4-7 14:51
i don't think south china morning post is using this accident to scold chinese government. it's the truth that it's the mind leaders' fault to cause the disaster and they fleed after knowing more t ...

This sh!t gweilo paper should be banned from the Chinese terriotory.
It is a CIA and MI6 propagada mouthpiece written by a handful of gweilos, then spread around the World as first hand authentic Chinese news from local Hong Kong journalists!

They should also be delisted from the HK Exchange.

All patriotic Chinese companies should boycot giving this crap spreader sheet advert revenue!

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