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Wow! Even the CIA recognize Tibet as part of China. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wuen at 2010-3-9 05:28

The CIA stand for the Central Intelligent Agency. All their information must be accurate to form the correct policy to undermine other nations. If the CIA report that Tibet is already independe ...

Yes, my apologies.

I cannot see your point.

Could you kindly elucidate further.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2010-3-9 21:50

  1. Sometimes there is no explanation and no reason known to the permit applicant.
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Reason for refusal of application is of course not given but this means, the traveller didn't have a permit. To try without permit does just not work.

  1. Certain nationals are turned away more often than nationals from other countries. And at certain times, T is shuttered - as it was in March last year until summer.
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I have to admit that I'm not aware of different treatment for different nationalities. I can only speculate and don't want to do it here. Times when the TAR is closed for foreigners is always pre-announced.

One other reason for refusal is that all hotels in L. h. a. s. a   are fully booked but agian, in this case the traveller has also no permit because confirmation of hotel is a pre-condition for the travel permit.

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Place children from anywhere in the world into an environment without nationalism and religion.

Let them grow up together and they will always be able to identify with each other in one way or another.

We are not born with nationalism or religion.

We are fed it till it becomes a core belief.

Even if it is wrong.

QUOTE: am I missing something on this simplystic analogy between youngsters of two remote locations on earth??

No I don't think you are wrong.

Of course, that is not to say that the next ingredient will not trash this harmony.


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The 212 countries of the world have agreed this.

The U.N have agreed and recorded this.  

These two ideas are enough to make it legal fact.

The argument about the 1911 - 1949 gap has already been proved negated by the 1931 events, and the collusion of the U.S and the Kuomintang.  It is very clear in this period that was stated as a part of China. Course, not so popular a theory after 1949.

The U.S senate may wax lyrical once in a while, but it has no power to determine this and can only bray.

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Originally posted by expatter at 2010-3-8 23:02
That is an interesting thing.

The supplier of funds to the DL and backer of the 1956 -1959 debacles.

The trainer of insurgents, paymaster to the CIA Agent known as the DL, exhibits the inform ...

I apologize if a misunderstand your above statement.

I do not know if the above statement by you is in a ironic tone or not by saying "Wow! Even the CIA recognize Tibet as part of China".

Do you believe the CIA tell lie?

If people should wonder if the information in the CIA website information are true or false, I will say it is true. The CIA does not fabricate fact in their report. To know more about the CIA structure and goal, please visit the following website.

About CIA

The CIA is responsible in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence information to top US government officials. This is the reason why their information are accurate.

The organizations that fabricate fact are the U.S mainstream media and it associates such as NGO, NED, Human-Right Watch, Amnesty International. I do not mix the CIA with the U.S. mainstream media and it associates.

When the CIA state Tibet is part of China, it is doing it proper job of stating a true fact. I don't like the CIA and it operation in other countries, but they do have credit in reporting about actual fact.

The reason why I have the impression the CIA is lying is because of the leader who falsify the CIA report to achieve their own objective. The original CIA intelligent report contain true fact while the final CIA intelligent report filter by the leader contain inaccurate facts. The people responsible for falsifying or changing the report should be arrested or fire from the job. It the the responsibility of the U.S leader who falsify the CIA intelligent report about Iraq WMD and Iran nuclear weapon.

I may be wrong, if so please correct me.

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We don't need CIA to recognize TB as a part of China. CIA doen's stand for a country. It is just a US outfit.

The fact that tb as part of China has been standing out a thousand miles. Almost every countries admit it.

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Initially it was the CIA, and now it is NED that does the funding.

What is tragic is that when the U.S clandestinely supports revolution in other countries,

they do not care about the loss of life to achieve THEIR aim.

Causing funded riots and keeping the police on alert doesn't help those that do not want the trouble.

Even democratically elected (S.America & E. Europe) representatives are subject to be ousted if it doesn't suit the U.S.

As usual in a democracy it is the minority that shouts that gets the rules changed.

Not the ballot box.  

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