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US says it will stay in Haiti for long term [Copy link] 中文

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"Invade"....hmmm, the military of any country, of which Haiti has none to speak of, has a unique logistics ability as well as organisation skills to manage such a tragedy.......look at Wechuan for example, the PLA took the lead in coordinating operations there did they not? A fine job they did too. If the PLA can, why can't the US military? Yes, I know the PLA did it in their own country but, if you were a pissant country next to the worlds greatest military power with the ability to assist on a massive scale, wouldn't you want them to help? Failure to do so would be shameful. The US is damned if they do, and damned if they don't these days. So they do the right thing in this case, which is to help save lives and whether you, or others out there like it or not, it's a fact!
Blockade, a joke! Naval vessels have excellent medical facilities on board, especially the big ships and the USNS hospital ship that was sent. What a joke, the US didn't invade, they're trying to help!

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Originally posted by sansukong at 2010-2-1 02:45
When people are not honest with themselves they possess "selective senses". Facts are twisted. Actions are camouflaged. Intentions are selfish. Is just that simple!

Sans, seems like a lot of folks like you have these "selctive senses". How many folks in here twist and divert? Don't be shy, they're people like us both, but in my case, objectivity is my only purpose. I have no political agenda whatsoever.

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Haiti today, by its misfortune is turned into a global opened theater. Many countries have participated aids and rescues over there without hidden agenda. Many countries sent in trained rescue and medical personnel. I have posted many threads on Haiti in the "China & The World" platform. The U.S. is the only country which sent in 20,000 military personnel and also causing delays and thus hindering in the rescue operations. Many, that could be saved, perished. Many, whose limb or limbs could be saved lost them. Many have already lost their whole families. It has being made worst for them now that they have being made invalids. Why add pain to tragedy? Have not all these victims suffered enough? Where is the limit of one's greed? One does not step on one who is already wounded on the ground! Has the human soul become so cold and evil? Take a good look at the small selection of photos I have posted in this forum. One can see and feel the pain written on the victims' faces. They are poor. They are black. All the same,they are very much a human being like anyone of us here. They are no lesser a human being just because they are in the calamities they are in now. In the first place, they did not ask for it. It was an act of god.

Remember, a good deed or an evil one, comes back in full circle.

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"When people are not honest with themselves they possess "selective senses". Facts are twisted. Actions are camouflaged. Intentions are selfish. Is just that simple!"

I can understand why you have brought a better definition of what you meant, because when your thoughts are nebulous and without clarity, anyone can misinterpret what you really mean. That is for this reason I prefer to write a few extra lines in order not to be taken wrongly.

As for my friend Kiwi, he is like the few other individuals in this world  whose mind has been "haarped" preventing them to  understand the real agenda that hides behind the 700 billion dollars military budget of the United States. They are researching and making weapons of mass destruction, and in the same time, watching other concerned nations arming themselves in order to protect their natural resources against their predatory instinct. They are quick to highlight to the World's attention the modest military budget of the Chinese, and every time Beijing launch a new weapon platform, they cry wolf while they're praising their own militaro industrial complex prowess.
No my friend Kiwi, the United States of America has turned to be the evil empire they once accused the Sovviet Union to be. And every country on this planet that believes in their lies is doomed to go down with them, because if they don't change their bullying tactics, they must be brought down period.  Keep worshipping them.  I was a more faithful worshipper than you, I woke up.  Will you?
In my world the "equality" is not a buzz word

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