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价格术语trade term (price term)   
单价 price         
码头费wharf age
总值 total value   
卸货费landing charges
金额 amount         
关税customs duty
净价 net price        
印花税stamp duty
含佣价price including commission
港口税port dues
回佣return commission   .
装运港port of shipment
折扣discount, allowance   
卸货港port of discharge
批发价 wholesale price   
目的港port of destination
零售价 retail price   
进口许口证import licence
现货价格spot price   
出口许口证export licence
期货价格forward price
现行价格(时价)current price prevailing price
国际市场价格 world (International)Market price
离岸价(船上交货价)FOB-free on board
成本加运费价(离岸加运费价) CFR-cost and freight
到岸价(成本 保险 加运费)CIF-cost, insurance and freight

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If I got down on my knees I'm being with you
If I cross a million oceans just to be with you.
Would you ever let me down.

If I climb the highest mountain just to hold you tight.
If I said that I would love you every single night.
Would you ever let me down.

Well I'm sorry if it sounds kind of sad,
just that worry I'm so worry that you let me down.
Because I love you, love you,
love you so don't let me down.

If I swam the longest river just to call your name.
If I said the way I feel for you would never change.
Would you ever fool around.

Well I'm sorry if it sounds kind of sad,
just that worry I'm so worry that you let me down.

Because I love you, love you,

Well I'm sorry if it sounds kind of sad,
just that worry I'm so worry that you let me down.

Because I love you, love you,
love you love you, love you…

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“翻译专业资格(水平)考试”(China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters —CATTI )是为适应社会主义市场经济和我国加入世界贸易组织的需要,加强我国外语翻译专业人才队伍建设,科学、客观、公正地评价翻译专业人才水平和能力,更好地为我国对外开放和国际交流与合作服务,根据建立国家职业资格证书制度的精神,在全国实行统一的、面向社会的、国内最具权威的翻译专业资格(水平)认证;是对参试人员口译或笔译方面的双语互译能力和水平的认定。



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The Chief Disciplinary Counsel

The Chief Disciplinary Counsel administers the attorney grievance system in accordance with the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. The Chief Disciplinary Counsel's Office has four regional offices - Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas and San Antonio - and the main office in Austin, each overseeing a geographical region of the state. Each office, headed by a Regional Counsel, houses an investigative attorney, and support staff to assist grievance committees and prosecute disciplinary actions.

The Chief Disciplinary Counsel's has five "satellite" offices serving outlying rural communities that house investigative and support staff. A regional office supervises these offices - Tyler is part of the Dallas Region; Midland and El Paso are part of the Fort Worth Region; and Corpus Christi and Harlingen are supervised from San Antonio.

The Chief Disciplinary Counsel's staff is responsible for administering the grievance system from the inception of a complaint to the completion of the process, including appeals and monitoring compliance with judgments. In so doing, the staff is charged with providing the resources, investigation, and logistical assistance to the District Grievance Committees necessary to enable those committees to process and resolve complaints. Attorneys assist in the classification process, attend grievance committee hearings, and handle both evidentiary and district court de novo proceedings if the cases are not resolved at the investigatory stage of the grievance process.

Grievance Information Hotline (1-800-932-1900)
The Chief Disciplinary Counsel's Office maintains a toll-free telephone line dedicated to the disciplinary system. The toll-free line is answered by the Client Attorney Assistance Program staff. This telephone line is designed to help the public with questions they have about filing a grievance.

Disciplinary System Questionnaire
After a grievance has reached a conclusion, a questionnaire is provided to the Complainant and Respondent. The Chief Disciplinary Counsel's Office utilizes the questionnaire and the comments provided by participants in the grievance system to review the effectiveness of the grievance system, the District Grievance Committees, and the Chief Disciplinary Counsel's staff.

While the information gathered from the questionnaire cannot provide a complete analysis of the disciplinary system, coupled with the Chief Disciplinary Counsel's Office's other statistical reports, it shows that the system is working effectively and fairly.

The Ethics Helpline
The Chief Disciplinary Counsel's Office maintains, as a service to the members of the Bar, a toll-free Attorney Ethics Helpline operated from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Helpline is designed to assist Texas attorneys who have questions about their ethical obligations to clients, courts, and the public under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. The information disseminated is designed to give attorneys access to rules, ethical opinions and case law so an attorney can make an informed ethical decision. Pursuant to the policy of the Board of Directors of the State Bar, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel and his staff are not permitted to issue written opinions or advice.

The Attorney Ethics Helpline does not provide legal assistance to the general public and cannot address questions concerning pending grievances.

District Grievance Committees
The District Grievance Committees are the first arbiters of writings that have been classified as complaints in accordance with the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. Texas has 49 District Grievance Committees with over 800 attorney and non-attorney volunteers. The Committees review complaints, supporting evidence, and hear testimony to determine if there is Just Cause to believe professional misconduct occurred.

If Just Cause has been determined, the Respondent attorney may elect to have his or her case heard before an Evidentiary Panel of the District Grievance Committees to determine whether misconduct occurred and, if so, the appropriate sanction.

The Commission for Lawyer Discipline
The Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline, a standing committee of the State Bar of Texas, is a creation of the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. Those Rules and the State Bar Act define its role in the attorney discipline and disability system.

The Commission meets monthly to make decisions concerning individual attorney discipline cases within its purview. The Commission's powers and duties are set out in Part IV of the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.

Board of Disciplinary Appeals
The Board of Disciplinary Appeals is a body of twelve lawyers with both appellate and original jurisdiction in grievance matters as provided by the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. The Board has final appellate jurisdiction in classification decisions and acts as an intermediate appellate court for evidentiary panel cases. The Board has original jurisdiction in compulsory and reciprocal discipline cases, as well as motions to revoke probated suspensions contained in grievance committee judgments.

Grievance Oversight Committee
The Grievance Oversight Committee is a committee of the Texas Supreme Court that acts as the liaison between the Supreme Court and the attorney discipline and disability system. The Committee meets regularly and provides an annual report on the state of the grievance system to the Supreme Court.

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Chinese President Hu Jintao urged maintaining steady and relatively fast economic development in a New Year address broadcast Thursday to domestic and overseas audience via state TV and radio stations.

He said in 2009, in the face of global financial crisis, Chinese people of all ethnic groups united together and firmly adhered to maintaining steady and relatively fast economic development as the primary task in economic work.
"People's life continued to improve and the society was kept harmonious and stable," said Hu in the address, titled "Jointly Create A Beautiful Future of World Peace and Development," broadcast by China Radio International, China Central Television, and China National Radio.

Hu said that the year 2010 is the last year of the country's 11th Five-Year Plan period and the country will continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy monetary policy.
Hu added that the country will stick to the guidelines of "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong", "Macao people governing Macao" and a high degree of autonomy to maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao.
He said the policy of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems" will be adhered to and exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait will be enhanced to bring more benefits to people on both sides.
"I'd like to solemnly reiterate that China will hold high the flag of peace, development and cooperation and firmly adhere to the foreign policy of maintaining world peace and promoting common development," Hu said.
He said China will develop friendly cooperation with all other countries on the basis of the five principles of co-existence and continue to actively participate in international cooperation on issues such as coping with the international financial crisis and climate change.
"We will work with people of all countries to jointly promote the construction of a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity," said Hu.
He said at this moment, there are still people in the world who are suffering from war, poverty, disease and natural calamities. The Chinese people are deeply sympathetic and will continue to do all they can to help them.
An article by Hu on Party building in a new situation will be published in Qiu Shi (Seeking Truth), an official magazine of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on January 1, 2010.

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烧饼 Clay oven rolls   
    油条 Fried bread stick   
    韭菜盒 Fried leek dumplings   
    水饺 Boiled dumplings   
    蒸饺 Steamed dumplings   
    馒头 Steamed buns   
    割包 Steamed sandwich   
    饭团 Rice and vegetable roll   
    蛋饼 Egg cakes   
    皮蛋 100-year egg   
    咸鸭蛋 Salted duck egg   
    豆浆 Soybean milk
    馄饨面 Wonton & noodles   
    刀削面 Sliced noodles   
    麻辣面 Spicy hot noodles   
    麻酱面 Sesame paste noodles   
    鸭肉面 Duck with noodles   
    鳝鱼面 Eel noodles   
    乌龙面 Seafood noodles   
    榨菜肉丝面 Pork , pickled mustard green noodles   
    牡蛎细面 Oyster thin noodles   
    板条 Flat noodles   
    米粉 Rice noodles   
    炒米粉 Fried rice noodles   
    冬粉 Green bean noodle
    鱼丸汤 Fish ball soup   
    贡丸汤 Meat ball soup
    蛋花汤 Egg & vegetable soup   
    蛤蜊汤 Clams soup   
    牡蛎汤 Oyster soup   
    紫菜汤 Seaweed soup  
    酸辣汤 Sweet & sour soup   
    馄饨汤 Wonton soup   
    猪肠汤 Pork intestine soup   
    肉羹汤 Pork thick soup   
    鱿鱼汤 Squid soup   
    花枝羹 Squid thick soup
    爱玉 Vegetarian gelatin   
    糖葫芦 Tomatoes on sticks   
    长寿桃 Longevity Peaches   
    芝麻球 Glutinous rice sesame balls   
    麻花 Hemp flowers   
    双胞胎 Horse hooves

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牡蛎煎 Oyster omelet   
    臭豆腐 Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu)   
    油豆腐 Oily bean curd   
    麻辣豆腐 Spicy hot bean curd
    虾片 Prawn cracker   
    虾球 Shrimp balls   
    春卷 Spring rolls   
    蛋卷 Chicken rolls   
    碗糕 Salty rice pudding   
    筒仔米糕 Rice tube pudding   
    红豆糕 Red bean cake   
    绿豆糕 Bean paste cake   
    糯米糕 Glutinous rice cakes   
    萝卜糕 Fried white radish patty   
    芋头糕 Taro cake   
    肉圆 Taiwanese Meatballs   
    水晶饺 Pyramid dumplings   
    肉丸 Rice-meat dumplings   
    豆干 Dried tofu

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