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U.S. Declares Cyber-War [Copy link] 中文

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The article below tells a lot, but you have to watch the video of Clinton explaining how the American standard is the only standard we can allow. All foreign countries who are not our close ally or puppet will have to follow America's new rules for the world wide web. The rule is, no regulation at all except that allowed by Washington. How will this be enforced? Listen to the secretary of state, she will tell you that we are going to provide the enemies of all rival states with hacks that can bypase local laws. If America is successful, soon you will find software that will give you the ability to break the law. You can thank the CIA. Don't be surprised if America monitors your activities, and if you like breaking the law, you might even get a recruitment offer to work for them.

Here is the acticle. For the full story you need to listen to Hilary drone on and on for a long time. You can tell by the length of her speaking that something really serious is coming. She speaks on an on to justify what she is getting ready to say. I could tell it was something very serious. She's even speaking in front of a wall printed with the date and a wonderful new slogan that shows me they really went all out in justifying a cyber invasion of China.

======pasted from CNN====

(CNN) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Thursday speech on Internet freedom will address the Google censorship fight in China but won't stop there, a top adviser said Wednesday.

Alec Ross, Clinton's senior adviser for innovation, said the address will roll out a new set of policies meant to encourage online freedom worldwide.

"We don't just view the issue of Internet freedom as an issue of freedom of expression," said Ross, speaking at a panel hosted by the nonprofit New America Foundation and Slate magazine in Washington. "But it also goes to the issue of what kind of world we want to live in.

"Do we want to live in a world where there is one Internet ... or do we want to live in a world where the information you have access to, the knowledge you have access to, is based on what country you live in?"

The conversation comes as search-engine giant Google is threatening to shut down its operations in China, five years after agreeing to allow some censorship in exchange for the right to work in that country's massive emerging technology market.

Google said on January 12 that the company and at least 20 others were victims of a "highly sophisticated and targeted attack" originating in China in mid-December, evidently to gain access to the e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

In a statement that day, Clinton said that Google's allegations of censorship and online attacks by China raised "very serious concerns."

Days later, foreign correspondents in at least two China bureaus of news organizations had their Google e-mail accounts attacked, with e-mails forwarded to a mysterious address, according to the Foreign Correspondents' Club of China.

Google now says it's no longer willing to be censored in China and will consider other options, including leaving the country, if it is not allowed to work without government filters.

Officials at Google briefed State Department staff about last week's attacks, and the department has officially lodged its concerns with China.

"We've asked for an explanation," Ross said. "We've had conversations over the years where we have made clear our concerns about the issue."

But he said the Obama administration also knows that the situation is primarily a dispute between a U.S.-based corporation and a foreign government.

"We're taking this very seriously but, all that said, the State Department is not the foreign policy arm of Google," Ross said.

He said Clinton's proposals will address China, but noted that it's far from the only place where the government is known to interfere with online access. Ross said that 31 percent of the world's population is in countries where there is some Internet censorship.

"It's something that's been of a great deal of concern because it really exists at the convergence of economic issues, human rights issues and security issues," Ross said.

Evgeny Morozov, a Georgetown University fellow and contributing editor at Foreign Policy magazine, said that cyberattacks have been recorded more frequently in places like Russia and Eastern Europe than in China, and that such attacks are increasingly being used against activists everywhere.

"Many [nongovernment organizations] and many activists around the globe are now subject to these attacks, which make their sites inaccessible for a few days a month or a few days a week," said Morozov, also a panelist Wednesday. "They're seeing it as a new form of censorship."

Clinton's speech is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. ET at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and will be streamed live at

In it, Clinton "will lay out the Administration's strategy for protecting freedom in the networked age of the 21st Century," according to a State Department news release.

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I just listened to the video of Clinton's declaration of the Second Opium War. Britain did this to China during the first Opium War when by force of arms, you guessed it, Britain forced China to permit the distribution of Opium into China. That sickened the health of China and is a painful memory that is hard to forgive and will never be forgotten. Now, by force of superior cyber fire-power, America will force China's Internet open. How? With hackers, with spies, with illegal software illegally distributed. If China cuts their internet's connection to the world will the US reverse it's policy? Only if we were telling the truth when we claimed this move was for the good of the people.

The U.S. also has rules about the Internet. Countries like China are not the only ones who have controls on Cyberspace, we also impose law to regulate use of the Internet. Today, we just ruled that our law is the only law. We will, by force of cyber-supremacy, break the laws of foreign countries (rivals only). We have determined that our limits are the exactly the right limits. We will not respect the sovereignty of foreign countries, we make the rules for the world (especially our rivals). However, if you are our friend or puppet, the rules don't apply (ex. the UN can certify that our puppet in Afghanistan faked the election and we think that's ok, but Iran MIGHT have cheated so it's time to foment a bloody revolution).

We can point our fingers at China and proclaim that the American way is the only way. We can say that censorship is bad, democracy is good, blah blah blah. It's the same thing we always say no matter what hostile actions we have in mind. How did the world figure out our game? We always say that our belligerence is somehow righteous because it's all for democracy and freedom, yet we prop up king's in Saudi Arabia against the will of the Saudi people, and we prop up apartheid in Israel in the face of it's world-wide condemnation.

My society is sick. We are going to force our sickness into the healthiest society on earth. That's because we have a policy of containment against China. We actually hope to make them as sick as we are. Obama recently came to China and explicitly said that's not true, but he lied. Our military bases ring China, our spy planes, satellites, and ships are in constant motion at every edge of China. Our Voice of America has spent 60 years without pause constantly trying to sew dissent, our CIA constantly seeks to foment insurgency, our propaganda press is in perpetual slant against China, and our leaders constantly say "what are we going to do about China?". If you are not sure if our fork-tongued king's intend to harm while claiming friendship, just consider the arms sales to Taiwan. We sell BILLIONS of dollars in high-tech weaponry to the province of Taiwan. In the best case, it causes instability, animosity, and an arms race. In the worst case, it will cause millions of deaths.

If American economy must suffer a stupidity tax that sends billions of dollars out of the system and into a tax-haven called religion, well then, God willing, China should suffer this too. If OUR Internet spreads perversions in our society, then China should suffer that too. Our kids are corrupted by it, our families have unravelled, we've got to let this sickness corrupt China too. They Chinese are much smarter than us, they work harder, they are simply better than us. We can not compete with them if they have such strong families. We can not compete with their kids are more interested in school than in smoking marijuana or downloading the Anarchist's Cookbook.

China has been making great strides in all sectors. China has received great praise from the international community for making great improvements. The world respects China, and China's true value can be measured in all the goodwill it enjoys around the world. We are nearly alone in our condemnation of China, except that a few of our puppets mix a few critiques in with the praise they must honestly give to China.

Do you know that our military spending is more than the entire world combined? Do you know that our cyber espionage is far greater than another other country? Why must we push so hard against China when China is already moving very quickly to improve. Why do we always have to force things so aggressively. This is a big deal. It won't be long before you read more about the ramifications of this move. This is the first time America has decided it will dictate policy to a major country. And this is a country that we absolutely depend upon. It is utterly foolish to war China on any level. We absolutely will lose any contest except all out war, and winning that would be ugly and contemptible indeed. No matter what our kings have in mind, the results are going to be bad.

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I support Hillary !!!

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If the anti-censorship software works as promised ...

and if it is open source ...

it will spread like wildfire

and some people will have a huge problem at their hands.

Looking forward for it.

Rxciting times, isn't it ?

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Originally posted by Desaview at 2010-1-22 12:32 your writings and your picture even more.

Me too.

Where can I find the avatar picture?

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Clinton forgot this …!

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