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Is a PERSIAN invasion next on USA agenda? [Copy link] 中文

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the USA is determined to destroy all of human civilisation that's why she is arming herself to death.
in  the end the US imperialist aggressors will destroy itself.

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Not on the agenda anymore

The U.S. is in a very precarious financial state at present, mainly because of its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another war with Iran would tip its economy over the edge, and China won't come to its rescue.

The main problem is Israel.

However, if the Yids do decide to attack Iran, a broad Middle East war would result in either one of 2 outcomes:

1. The defeat of Israel.

2. Israel resorting to nukes and becoming international pariahs.

Naturally, the Yids would prefer Uncle Sam to do it.

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A broad war in the Middle East will mean more people will leave Israel. In the end only the diehards will remain, against a booming Palestinian population.

I sure hope the Israelis know what they are doing.

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There seems to be two options which the American Regime is preparing!

One is INVASION OF PERSIA and seek dominance in fuel supply!

and the other allowing PERSIAN to be nuclear weapons armed.
similar along the lines of PAKISTAN, have tactical nuclear weapons launched from howitzers and some missiles for medium range, we could see this by 2010.

by 2020, Saudi Arabia would also be similarly armed!

so, we have a URDU, PERSIAN and ARAB balance.
Turkey, Egyptians will be no longer a threat to this three moslem powers!

battlefield tactical nukes are pretty devastating to tanks, helicopter or other vehicles in an invading force!

I do expect SAUDI ARABIA and other ROYALTY ruled Arabs to build the ECODOME suggestion by me in the MEGA TRENDS 2009 - 2018. With Israel, in the equation.....and general desert conditions, we could see some use, ECODOMEs are good protection from radiation dust too!


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USA has already militarily occupied Haiti sending 20,000 US marines.

The entire world is silent spectator... hahaha...

Neo Nazi skinheads will do whatever they want... no body is there to resist them.

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Reply #12 communistsec's post

is there oil at "Sea Bottom" state?

or is it a key state in the CARRIBEAN encirclement theory at Pentagon?
and the site of almost 6 mbd crude oil production and more in refinery capacity for the USA.
Haiti controls a bottle neck crossing!

ha ha ha

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I am hopeless.

White Anglo Neo Nazi skinheads will behead us, they will occupy our lands, they will rape our sisters, they will enslave us...

We cannot do anything... goddamn world..!!  

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