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@China should sell J10&HQ9 to Iran in response to US arm sale to Taiwan@ [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2010-1-8 11:23
that's good news!

Looks like a GIGANTIC STRUGGLE between the world's BIG TWO powers!
China's best bet is for MESOPOTAMIA, PERSIA to remain free and independent.

LOOKs like ICBM's could be ob ...

Could be.

The best weapon in any military though is the experienced soldier on the ground.

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2010-1-8 11:37

... with the C919 project - I tend to view P.R. China as a manufacture - but not an innovator.  Performance for the J-10 will still be dependant on the Russian designs and availability of Russi ...


You ever serve?

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2010-1-9 09:06

In your Xbox I'm sure you have dummy!   


Now find a really tall building and jump off.

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Reply #14 edisonone's post

High performance engines has much shorter service life.....

so, a fleet of 600 J-10 will have bigger engine needs on the annual basis!

that'll make it cheaper to produce the WS-10 engine!
scale up, regular production...
so it's the J-10, JF-17 and J-11 planes that will make the builk of the new 2,500 strong air combat PLAAF!


ha ha ha

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Reply #22 zhouenci's post

numbness to under battle condition....

not easy!

have you watch young science student learning to do dissection of laboratory animals!
with processed food, many young people don't even dare to slaughter a chicken for food!.

ha ha ha

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Reply #20 zhouenci's post

No, of course not, these morons will run home and hide behind momma's skirts like the brave little soldiers they are. Only those who have seen war want and end to it and only those who are dead have seen the end of it. Those who have never tasted battle or seen comrades in arms cut in half, want it because to them, it's all XBOXor PS3, idjits!

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The best policy is still tāo guāng yǎng huì

Build up the PLA and its fighting capability.  Taiwan will not be able to afford to spend the money to build a credible defence in another 5 to 10 years.  Build secret but strongly effective weapon systems.  Time is on China's side as long as Chinese people stays united and determined.  Remember, not every Taiwanese soldier will fight.  My estimate is one-third will not want to fight for independence, one-third will fight, and another one-third swing factor.  If in the Air Force, only one-third of Taiwanese fighter pilots will fight, the other one-third may sabotage them.   China's will have easy victory.  Moreover, it is already acknowledged that China can easily flatten all the Taiwanese air-fields with its missiles.  Even one to one basis, one Chinese missile for one US Patriot anti-missile, China still win easily.  So, continue to build up your fighting strength.  That's all you need to do.

I bet US aircraft carriers will not dare to come too near. Rather, they are not willing to shed blood for Taiwan.

Remember that when the PLA liberated all-China, many territorial warlords just surrendered or joined the Communist side.  Eg. there was no fighting in Xinjjjiang.  And the Panchen Lama was smart enough to see that his future and the future of Teebet was with the Communists.  The Dalai Lama too...he signed the 17th-Point Agreement of "no return".  Hopefully his stay in India is not "no return".

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