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19th century opium smoker China has a local tradition of drug use. Heroin, opium and hashish are cheap in some places. The Chinese government estimates that there are between 2 million and 3 million drug users in China.

When M ao came to power  in 1 9 4 9   there were an estimated 20 million drug users in China. Using harsh methods, including executions, the C ommunists were able to rid China of its drug problem almost over night. But in the    1 9 8 0 s  when China opened up more and eased its border controls drugs began flowing into the country and more people began using them, with drug use really taking off in the 2000s. The manager at one drug rehab center told the Washington Post, "It just boomed. Yesterday, no drugs This morning, all over the place."

China has tough drug laws. Getting caught dealing or trafficking even small amounts of drugs can bring someone a death sentence.

Drug use is increasing rapidly in China, especially among migrant workers. Explaining why the director of a drug rehabilitation center in Kunming told the Washington Post, "Each year, farmers who lose their land come to the city for jobs, but they can't cope with the changes. People all over China want a better life, but they feel lost. They cannot hold their families together, and in frustration they turn to drugs. White-collar workers like to go to discos and use ecstasy. They like to use the new drugs and follow the latest fashions."

more to read here:

h ttp://factsanddetails.c om/china.php?itemid=139&catid=11&subcatid=74

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Somehow this will be twisted and all will be blamed on the evil influence of the surprises there....

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Originally posted by harmless at 2010-1-1 19:46
19th century opium smoker China has a local tradition of drug use. Heroin, opium and hashish are cheap in some places. The Chinese government estimates that there are between 2 million and 3 millio ...

well, we see what works, i think its time for China to rid China of its drug problem again, overnight

i advise raiding all night clubs in one go

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Heroin in China

Heroin and opium use have become problems in China as more and more heroin and opium produced in the Golden Triangle in Myanmar and Laos, flow through southern China and make their way to Chinese users. Ergu is a small town in Sichuan on one of the main heroin smuggling routes. Drugs use and addiction have become serious problems there. One former addict told the Los Angeles Times. "At one point, you could look out into the field and you wouldn’t find a single person working. Everybody is taking drugs: men, women, even 11- and 12-year-old kids."

The use if heroin is increasing at an alarming rate throughout China. The drug is cheap and available in the cities, and is widely used in the migrant communities. Some addicts are able to keep their habit going and pay rent with low-paying jobs.

Snorting, injecting and smoking heroin is becoming increasingly more popular in the nightclubs and discos in Beijing and Shanghai. One 29-year-old addict told the Washington Post he started smoking heroin when he was 15. "My family is well-educated. My parents gave me everything I wanted. At that time, drugs had started to appear in society. And we didn’t know how addictive they were. We were just curious. We inhaled heroin and stayed at bars late at night." He said many of his clubbing buddies have switched to ecstasy.

Many addicts begin as unemployed migrant workers and turn to dealing and smuggling drugs because they can't find any other form of employment and the money is good. In many cases they can earn as much in one day as a courier or dealer as they can working for a whole year as a farmer. Later, they become hooked themselves when they are encouraged to use the drugs by their suppliers who often give them free samples.

Pakistan, Thailand, Iran and China account for most of the world's heroin consumption. China and India are believed to have the fastest growing market. In these places prices are low and total sales is probably less than USD10 billion.

Heroin Addicts in China

There are an estimated 3 to 7 million addicts in China. The number of officially registered addicts increased from 148,000 in   1 9 9 1   to 520,000 in 1995 to 681,000 in 1999 to 900,000 in 2001. According to one survey, three quarters of the addicts are male; 75 percent are under 25 and many are unemployed.

Half of China's registered drug addicts are in the Yunnan province, near the border of Burma, Laos and Vietnam, where drugs are smuggled and heroin and opium are cheap and plentiful. Until the mid-1 9 9 0s, drug deals where performed openly in Kunming where China White sells for USD12 a gram. In Ruili on the Burmese border it sells for only USD5 a gram.

Addiction rates are also high in areas near the Afghanistan border in  X i n j i a n g   and among migrant workers in the coastal cities, where many of the crimes are committed by addicted migrants. Drug addiction has become a problem for some ethnic groups in Yunnan such as the Bai.

There are lots of sad and terrible stories out there related to heroin use. The Los Angeles Times described a young girl who was crushed to death by a train after she did so much heroin she passed out on some railroad tracks. The newspaper also described children whose mothers were addicts and whose fathers died of overdoses and extended families that were ruined by members who were addicts and ran up huge debts.

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searches and siezures are a great idea, checkpoints, body cavity searches, raid the clubs with dogs after blocking all exits well

drag all foreigners to their homes for a dog-led drug search


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Heroin Smuggling in China

Much of the opium grown in the Golden Triangle area in Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam is purified into heroin in jungle laboratories and smuggled into Yunnan province in China, where it is delivered to Chinese syndicates who ship the heroin to Kunming and then to Shanghai, Hong Kong and another coastal cities where it is loaded onto one of the thousands of ships that leave for North America, Europe or some intermediary point every day.

Most Golden Triangle opium and heroin is produced in Myanmar. China is now believed to be the main transit point for heroin from Myanmar to the United States. It is now estimated that two thirds of the heroin on the streets in New York originates in Myanmar and passes through China. These days large amounts of methamphetamines produced in Myanmar are also smuggled through China.

The drug deals are often financed by ethnic Chinese. According to U.S. News and World Report: "A broker...might be approached by another broker representing a Hong Kong businessmen who want to invest in a shipment of heroin...the investors strike a deal with a group of ethnic Chinese in the United States - for example, New York businessmen who own legitimate restaurants or retail stores. The heroin may change hands several more times between these U.S. importers and street retailers, who for the most part are not Chinese but Italian-American, African-American and Dominican"

A Chinese national by the name of Tan Xiaolin is believed to have moved three tons heroin between Myanmar and Hong Kong before he was arrested in 2001. He lived in a huge pink-and-green villa in China only a hundred meters form the Myanmar border. The powerful drug lord Liu Ming was killed in Burma after an attempt to arrest him ended in a firefight. He had his own army and smuggled large amounts of heroin from the Golden Triangle into various parts of China.

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yes, but it all goes to America.. that's why its allowed..

if the final destination for those drugs was within China, the government would have killed everyone already

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