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Now It is Official: China is the New Super Power on the Planet [Copy link] 中文

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I meant the GNP of USA, Japan and Germany!

ha ha ha

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what is superpower. every country can be superpower in special field such as oil in Middle East.
what is special superpower of China?
unity maybe one of the most important element. just look Wenchuan Earthquake, all chinese people involved in rescure action without any hesitation.

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Not really a "lucky number" for China !

Who knows what that means ...

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Only because of crap wages/salaries in China. Figure the costs into it! Merry Xmas friend!

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1. China, 2. India, 3. USA

I guess many of you have heard of the book "When China Rules the World"

It is certainly an interesting topic. My point is, China is rising, but now so is India. Is there a place for India as a superpower as well?
A logical ranking in future is this:
1. China
2. India
3. USA

The three largest countries - seems about right

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Well, a SUPERPOWER means that the EMPIRE is the BIG BOSS!

We have 5 BIG POWERs in the world!
Anything done in the world would need consultation with them!
Whether is territorial, military, economic, etc. must be done with full view of the opinion of the BIG POWER and how theymight react!

That's the SUPERPOWER.
In the stakes of SUPERPOWER, popularity is pretty vital too as this determines the number of workable allies or backers that they can get!

CHINA is really very powerful nowadays, just like the UNITED STATEs,
smaller states needs their support for various causes!

eg. if you want to sell more CRUDE OIL, you need Chinese help!
or you want to build up your nation's economy, thus better livelihood by importing more commodity products, and your nation lack the industrial capacity or scale, maybe lack US$, you need China to loan you Rmb etc!


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As i said, INDIA, LUZON, JAVA needs to be patient!

by 2018, there would be cheap labour shortage in China as it continues to urbanized. In the rural region the old communist farming collectives makes it easier to create new rural township, and young people could also migrate to 2nd tier cities.Some of the best and brightest would want to stay in the 1st tier supercentre cities!

so, please be patient......


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