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Survey: US sees China as number one future ally [Copy link] 中文

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bye bye

good luck, son

you might find some girl to find an interest in you, yet, never give-up!

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kbay came to us from another forum (some goofy thing I can't remember) earlier this year in the company of peterb and one of the other Islamic nut-cases -- check their date of entry and you will see.

Similarities exist:
wchao37 has strong bonds with Middle East, especially Pakistan and Jordan, he despises the US government, Americans and Westerners in general and Zionism in particular and he does live in Hong Kong.

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kbay is lighter-hearted and a lot more ignorant, but not ashamed to admit it. He is actually fun.

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Reply to MarkWu

To Quote MarkWu:

"The Chinese people don't hate peoples of the world, whether they be americans or british or japanese.  They just don't like the hypocrisy of certain foreign institutions whose policies badly affect the peoples of the world, including the Chinese. Especially if the sufferings of today are traceable all over the world right back to those institutions throughout their histories.

Take America, for instance. Its government boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics, presumably out of solidarity with the Afghans whose country was invaded by the USSR of that epoch.  Now the same country sends its soldiers and drones to look-down-shoot-down afghan peasants. And the solidarity it is espousing has transferred to its anglo-saxon ally, the UK, whose soliders are also in that poor country, complaining of the inadequacy of their military garb and equipment with nary a thought why they should even be there.

What the world needs is sanity towards all men, so that humanity can rise again free from the dictates of imperialists and neocons.

Anyone who walks these streets of Beijing, Tianjin, Tsingtao, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen can hardly miss the good and comfortable feelings between the locals and their foreign visitors - tourists, businessmen, service providers, people who have decided to long-stay in China and work together with Chinese people to make this a better world.  And China has shown that she can help other countries such as those in Africa come up because China walks the talk, China delivers, China cares.

If the US can see all this with genuinely open heart and an honest mind, then this century can see the emergence of a new esprit de corps which will breed healthier collaboration, one that is free from saying one thing, doing another while trying to egg divisiveness between nations. The US had called for engagement but so far one can only believe that all they had in mind was containment.  If they had succeeded, Africa would have remained the dark continent.  As one faintly recalls, that's how anglo-saxon and european imperialisms had left that marvelous place.  Now the world will have to see whether they will do the same with India. One must remember how their americanized LDP rep Taro something had remarked that the two great nations had always been in conflict.  As if by saying that it will always be so. Intelligent people reduced to the tactics of global riff-raffs in the tide of history."

Well, that would be really funny if I didn't know that you were completely serious.  That is the rub... you are clearly one of the nationalists I was referring to.  Chinese don't hate other nationalities.. Yet you guy routinely sacked and rioted both the American and Japanese embassies.  Of course, I understand what the justifications that were used (ie the supposedly mistaken bombing of the Chinese embassy in Serbia when they were occupying Kosovo  and the Japanese PM visiting Yasukuni Shrine) however the difference is that Americans have a better understanding of the machinations of their own government and others governments.  Americans are plenty skeptical of the motives of their leadership and via democracy have divisions and changes in policy.  Even with this ability to adapt and change Americans have grown weary and often apathetic.  THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THINGS STAY THE SAME.  However, Americans are virtually monolithic in the belief that the Chinese are no better and indeed worse off.
One thing you seem to miss as a nationalist is the fallibility of your own country and it's government.  For you to lay the "hypocrisy" charge is in it's self foolish and HYPOCRITICAL to astounding proportions.  Most people outside China understand that the Chinese hostility  and nationalism in it's population is a form of control by it's government.  It's a tool that  universally has been used in all countries throughout history.  One step in evolution is to at least realize this.  When I read you claiming that the US and the UK want to contain China and enslave it, I can not help but to remember Japan's rationalization for it's "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" and how at the time, the Japanese thought they were only trying to help their fellow Asians stand up against the imperialism of the western powers.  Of course the Americans and the Chinese would scoff at the argument that Japan was just trying to improve the world at the time.  
Let me say this again... The more things change... the more things stay the same.  America supported the Afghans because they were invaded by an expansionist communist ideology.  Throwing the "imperialist" term around is short sighted and ignorant.  I can not expect you to acknowledge all the evils and pain that was incurred under the communist yoke.  I honestly do not believe the censors here would allow me to list them and even if I were there surely would be half a dozen canned versions/excuses for what happened in history and what is occurring right now.  Vanity, vanity... all is vanity.  America and the NATO forces didn't arbitrarily decide to attack Afghanistan.  Lest you forget, Al Queda allied it's self with the Taliban and was given shelter by the Taliban.  After 9-11 and the murder of over 3,000 American plus the murder of hundreds of Africans in the 1998 terrorist attack on the US embassy in Africa plus the Kobar towers attack plus the USS Cole attack the Taliban refused to help the US and gave refuge to the Al Queda leadership.  You might have your own interpretation and even attempt to justify Al Queda's terrorism and murder of American citizens.... something that would not earn my respect... however realize that the more things change... the more things stay the same.
When you write of helping out Africans or Tibetans after using the "USA and UK are imperialists" card makes you a hypocrite.  I can not expect you to fully know what your country is doing in Africa since you do not have a free press but know this.
THE MORE THINGS CHANGE... THE MORE THEY STAY THE SAME.  You can sugar coat things by saying people are laughing and smiling in China and I would surely believe you because people laugh and smile in America too.  Americans are proud of their country and go out of their way to help others including people from other countries.  However, I have been all around the world and know that this is not unique to any particular country.  Let me share with you one more American expression... "opinions are like a$$wholes...everyone has one."  Most people in the world know it and know the humor of those who think they are the only ones who are right.

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Good smack back!

Sorry, markwu, it's hard to disagree with him, my sentiments are somewhat similar, except I absolutely disagree with our approach in foreign policy and that is my opinion!

As for the laughter and smiles, that was me! I believe I made those remarks! I am not markwu.

Smiling and laughter are not unique to any particular country! Absolutely I agree with something so obvious!

I assure it is much harder to find laughter and smiles in nations whose populations are suffering! I spent ten days in the old Soviet Union decades ago, smiles and laughter were rather uncommon -- except for one couple that was getting married by the Moscow River! I have no real clue how things are there today, but recent Russian immigrants to the US that I know seem to indicate they are just as easy to laugh and smile and enjoy laugh as us Americans. It is a relative gauge of abundances of things from place-to-place that we all make! -- I happen to seek out laughter and smiles, whereas some folks might prefer somber and quiet!

There is no point in contest between our experiences, I've lived in Europe for extended periods of time and I have also traveled everywhere, all over the world, and I have lived with Chinese for six years and with my own American people for over half a century. I am straight-up, wide-open and flat-out, I have no agenda except peace and understanding.  

If you can receive the LINK TV channel off your cable or satellite, there the show of which I spoke, I believe, is currently playing at some time slot. I invite you to glimpse at life with the Chinese as I have experienced it! That's my only challenge!

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Survey is nothing for people. just for Media to attract our eyes.
if we have more happy life, who care about this!

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Originally posted by magnetic1974 at 2009-12-5 23:46
US will never accept China as ally, just look at the Internation Space Agency, US is the blocking China from joining the club.

You US always view China as threat and rival and its will never acc ...

It is rather reverse.

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