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Legalized prostitution crosses critical moral line [Copy link] 中文

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I have deleted my post, for reasons of discretion.

But in any case, whampoa is often stating things that are not exactly true.

She did attack kiwi's relatives, not only him.

She said I did recall this and that. But actually I didn't recall those things.

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Originally posted by whampoa at 2009-12-5 10:41

not a good idea.

I strongly oppose the trade or legalising it.



So you are retired now?

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Originally posted by whampoa at 2009-12-5 10:49
BTW, prostitution is a billion-dollar business in the USA, do you know? :):)  It is legal but the govenrment is still poor and heavily indebted.


Whampoa[/color ...

So you made already good money?

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Reply #43 bern2009's post

Btw, bern2009,

that yellow M/F mongrel mentioned a woman's "humen", do you know what that is?  

Is it also your pastime talking about women's "humen" in the forum?    Does your wife have one?  How is it doing?

Ya, that M/F yellow mongrel sure has a wealth of replusive vocabulary and things to say.  He may tell you he is a teacher, but LOL see what he is capable of?  

OMG, "she initiated sex" "humen" !!  Anything else that he would not say and not do?  I shall be waiting.


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When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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Originally posted by seneca at 2009-12-6 19:20

You seem to be making simplistic conclusions. Tobegin with, how the heck do you know these women were  to 'lower their self worth'?

Let's see: A man and a woman, both aged 25, both having p ...

Sorry, and my personal opinion only of course: I am of the school that the trade [prostitution] in itself is a psychologically and naturally destructive force which not only lowers a person's self-worth, but that it's even highly destructive to a person's sense of self-confidence because the trade is not a normal and clean vocation. Comparison below for instance:

You have a homeless guy/gal beggin' in the street hoping to make his/her next meal verses that of a guy/gal who had done well in life; who is financially well off; who have the security of a solid family life background as life's foundation to back him/her; a guy/gal whose only worry is the bill payments after bill payment and/or the red hot fights between husband and wife: Who of the two would be more confident in life and who of the two would have a higher sense of self-worth?  The beggar? Or the one that life have treated well? Naturally, I think most would say the latter would be more confident.

Unlike most kids in the West who got entrapped into the trade due to hormonal overdrives which is a natural and rebellious adolescent phase of life, or via a culturally sexually explicit pop culture the West's very foundations are structured; Chinese kids in China, by my understanding, were culturally not as brave, as liberal, or as rebellious as ones in the West. Most of the kids I talked to (99.9999%) gives me the impression that they had innocently been entrapped into the trade (my suspicions only of course) because they were trying to make a buck to support their families back home. Do I believe in the stories told me by these kids? Sad story. But I do.

I have two kids of my own and the mere thoughts of the what if's if they were born in China and the what if's if they were in the same boat as these Chinese kids are in simply sends chills down my spine. Hence, I tell myself: I am indeed bliss because my CBC's are in the best of both worlds because, a), they are intelligent enough to hug on to the old cultural values that their folks hold Dear therefore slim chance they can go wrong; and b), they are not living in a world where the only means (for many in China that is) for them to make a living to support their families is in the inhumane filthy social lifestyles which gets them entrapped into a life of prostitution which I'd say is synonymous with how things work in China.

For the above reason, I do have plenty of respects for Chinese women in China who advertise themselves in the net with offers of relationships and marital opportunities to foreigners because, any clean, benign, and humanly-healthy relationship (not those being re-exploited back into the sex trade of course. This group I feel sorry for), long as it's not prostitution, is better than a life of sexual slavery in China and I salute them all for their sense of common sense.

Yes, I too am strongly in favor of putting into law, the trade of prostitution, in China anyway, be deemed an illegal and unlawful entity or profession and that all who exploits these poor kids for financial gains or satisfactions legally made an act punishable by execution, hence the words "legalized prostitution" is definitely not part of my vocabulary.

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Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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