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Love Letters in Iraq [Copy link] 中文

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U.S. Marines in Iraq Open Love Letters with Caution

By Michael Georgy

NEAR FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - U.S. Marines thousands of miles from home in Iraq (news - web sites) face ruthless insurgents, a debilitating desert climate and tasteless food. But they dread nothing more than opening the Dear John letter.

"It's so hard when your girlfriend sends you that letter and says goodbye. It just shatters all your childhood notions of romance," said Corporal Samuel Shoemaker, 22, of Shelton, Washington.

"She wrote me a vague letter about our future but I had no doubt about what she meant. It's the last thing I needed out here. I first met her in grade school. I don't have the stamina to chase her anymore."

Thousands of U.S. Marines launched an offensive this month that crushed Arab Muslim militants and Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) loyalists in Falluja, Iraq's most rebellious city.

But many say victory can't ease heartbreak by letter or email. "Man I can't believe it. I was engaged to a woman who I raised our child with for three years," said an infantry Marine who asked not to be named.

"She wrote me a letter to ask whether we could put it on hold so she could have sex with another man. Then she asked me if I could accept her having sex with another woman if I reject the man."


Strict rules of conduct have not stopped Marines from seeking love on base. But it is not always easy and dating Iraqi women is prohibited.

"They hit on us all the time. It is really annoying and we have enough to worry about out here," said Corporal Ann Gorecka, 23, of New York City as she and a woman comrade looked at compact discs at the base PX store.

Some Marines do everything they can to avoid the Dear John letter, even if it means being lonely in a country gripped by suicide bombings and kidnappings.

"I planned for it all along by making sure I was single before I came to Iraq. That way it can't happen," said Captain Oscar Marin, 28, of New York City.

But Antonio Figueroa spread the risk.

"I have never been in love so I am safe. But I have about three girlfriends so that if one sends bad news that is fine with me," said the 19-year-old native of Long Island, New York.

Lance Corporal Joc Sims was not so lucky. His girlfriend ended it when he was still in boot camp.

"It just stinks when you get the letter. She was my best friend," he said.

A married officer who asked to remain anonymous said he would welcome a Dear John letter.

"That would be great. God I would be free."

To look at U.S. Marine operations around Falluja, it is a wonder anyone still has time for romance. Deafening artillery shells are fired. Mechanics are priming tanks for possible battle. Hundreds of houses are searched for weapons caches.

Corporal Madison Saba, a 22-year-old Marine of Iraqi origin, said she could not understand all the fuss about goodbye letters.

"This is part of life. People should just get on with their work," said Saba, who is single.

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My Message to the American people

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I would like to point out that in my posts when cursing the US; I would want the reader to know I only curse those Americans who supported this cursed war in any way what so ever...even if it was just a word. To those Americans who were against the war from the beginning and still are; I would like to tell them that though I do not trust them but I appreciate their efforts and their opinion, and I would also like to tell them that they are not the ones meant in my cursing or any of my posts.

My blog is a message to the Americans that supported the war from the beginning and still are, and to the Americans that supported the war but do not support it anymore. These two groups in my opinion fall in one category, even though the latter doesn't support the war anymore. I include the latter group because these people had not stopped their support for the war because of the crimes Iraq is witnessing, but they do not support the war anymore because they either have a son...killed in Iraq, a husband...killed in Iraq, a father...killed in Iraq, a brother...killed in Iraq, a boyfriend...killed in Iraq, or simply they found the war not in the interest of the US and that it would mark the downfall of the American Imperialism and domination.

But in general though there are Americans who are Pro-War, and others Anti-War...I trust neither. What the US has done to my beautiful Iraq is unforgivable. Just like Layla Anwar said...though she doubts that the Iraqi people will forgive you... definitely the palm trees, the river, the streets, the clouds, the sky, Baghdad itself will not forgive you. What you have done to my country no other country has done before...I will not forgive the American people no matter what.

Would you forgive the Iraqis or any other nation if what happened to Iraq happens to you?

I very much doubt...

You raped Iraqi women, men, and children. You killed Iraqi women, men and children. These women are a mother of someone, a sister of someone and a wife of someone. These children are babies of someone, sisters and brothers of someone, they are someone's son and daughter. These Iraqi men are grandfathers of someone, fathers of someone, brothers of someone, and cousins of someone. Do you expect the relatives of all these people...all the relatives connected to these people; do you think they will forgive you? How can you not expect them to fight you back? How can you expect them not to be thirsty for revenge...for vendetta? HOW CAN YOU NOT EXPECT THEM?

You use Iraqi orphans as sex slaves, you bought drugs to my country when Iraq was a 100% clean nation from drugs. You killed all the palm trees fearing that the resistance would hide between them.

I believe even the Americans that haven't supported the war from the beginning...these Americans would agree with me, and I trust they would not take offence in reading my blog. Your government and army destroyed my country...don't expect me to say anything nice about the US and the American people.

http://nebuchadnezzar-ii.blogspo ... merican-people.html
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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So... mechanic = Brig. Gen. Hussein Anwar?

Originally posted by mechanic at 12/3/2009 01:50 PM
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I would like to point out that in my posts when cursing the US; I would want the reader to know I only curse those Americans who supported this cursed war in any way  ...

I doubt it.  Cripes... another "Cut 'N Paste".  At least you had the curiosity to list your link (nice to see the mods ARE allowing urls again) - but at the end of the post and not the beginning? < shaking head >

Looks like you and eyeofgod are grasping at straws again.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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