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Sex trafficking: An American problem too [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by harmless at 2009-11-26 22:18
But those boys don't give up. They simply stick those cards into the pocket of my shirt. I am helpless.

First, I can't help by pity you. I don't mean that offensively. I truly feel sorry for those who are helpless. Especially men in their prime years, because I expect them to definitely not be helpless. In my 3 years in China I have received 2 of those cards you mentioned. Both times I admit I was curious about the picture, so I took it. Normally I refuse cards on the street. No one has ever dared to place a card into my pocket. One did drop a card into my friend's shopping bag while we sat on the subway and I promptly snatched it and threw it at him -- no great heroics, I know, but at least I don't suffer disrespect "helplessly".

Now about your many posts in this thread. You wonder why I posted it? This is the United States folder, it's for news related to the US. I could post something boring, but what's the point. Unless we start bombing another country or assassinate Hugo Chavez, Human Trafficing is definitely news of the greatest importance. Each case of helpless children being raped is a horror story beyond imagining. If one kid was raped 10 times, that would be bad enough. If 10 kids were raped 10 times, it's worse. But this is not the case, these kids are raped constantly, they are sex slaves, it's their life. And it's not 1 kid, or 10 kids...

"as many as 300,000 children in America are victims of sex trafficking each year"

You can not imagine the suffering of a child sex slave, but try. Now multiply that 300,000 times.

This is my country we're talking about. Land of the free. That's what we call it. So slavery should be something that happens in all those other countries that are not as pure and good as we are.

300,000 child sex slaves. If they service just one new customer each week, they can serve every man in America between the ages of 16-55 in less than one year. But considering the availability of ordinary adult prostitutes and the fact that American girls give it away for free, I'm surprised America could have enough demand to require 300,000 child sex slaves.

I found the story shocking. So I posted it.

Why did you start going nuts with so many posts smearing China? If you are going to attack an unrelated country, but not pick India which has an epic Child sex slave problem, or your home country (because you know it best)?

When you see a thread about UK, you go in there and immediately attack China?

When you see a thread about cute puppies, again, you jump in to attack China?

This thread WAS about slavery in America. I simply posted the news from CNN and let it speak for itself. If I made a comment, naturally it would have been related to Human Trafficking in America. See how that works?

You talk of sex traffic in China and then you laugh. You sicken me and you shame your family, your countrymen, and your invisible god.

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This is your country. land of the free !

Rightly you have said it.

Be happy with your country where you can talk freely of anything under the sun.

The Chinese are laughing about someone who exploits his own country. Not a single Chinese patriot here in this forum would start a thread about Child Prostitution in China. Even it exist and it needs to be addressed. Chinese (mostly) consider this kind of self critic as provocation and betrayal to their own beloved country.

I am not against your topic in principal. In Germany we have also the freedom to talk about these things without being blamed for being unpatriotic.

What concerns me is, that I know you as a China loyal and as a US - basher. You live in the USA and you are probably a citizen but you hit out on your own country like crazy.

You should better migrate to China and apply for Chinese citizenship.

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Actually the way you act here, I rather believe that you are not a US-citizen.

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Actually, Rudi is correct. The young "ladies" are everywhere with such cards and it's easier just to take one than have the "lady" follow you trying to entice you. This is particularly evident in many areas of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu (apparently).
There are also young ladies who brazenly walk up to me and say "uncle, can I have a few kuai to get home or you want boom boom". These people are evident around the Teemall area in Tianhe. The problem exists in China, as it does in many countries.
HT is to be condemned and prosecuted with the full weight of the law behind said prosecutions. It's a disgusting trade which abuses and debases people and enriches lowlife scum. Nobody deserves to be treated, or enriched, like that!

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Originally posted by harmless at 2009-11-27 01:07
I am not against your topic in principal. In Germany we have also the freedom to talk about these things without being blamed for being unpatriotic.

Now it seems that you are joking. If I say a single word in America that runs counter to American policy, I am likely to be called unpatriotic and invited to leave. "love it or leave it!" they say very quickly if you question the war, or our torture policies, etc. On a talk show a famous musical group "The Dixie Chicks" were asked about their feelings related to the invasion of Iraq. They spoke reasonably about the fact that there did not seem to be a valid reason to attack Iraq. They did not insult America or the president in anyway, they simply answered the question in the most civil way. The next thing that happened is radio stations across the country refused to play any songs by The Dixie Chicks. This is grass-roots fascism.

We talk about freedom of speech, but we all know that it is either 1. Meaningless to complain, we can not change anything. Or 2. We are free to speak until we get disappeared by the CIA.

Again you guys are talking about how helpless you are in the face of Chinese prostitutes and their agents. How sad. I've been here for 3 years and I'm still a man. I mastered the phrase "don't touch me!" long ago, and when I take my hands out of my pockets the birds quickly fly away. Obviously you have an inviting smile if you are getting such persistent attention. Don't smile at sex workers or their agents, find some strength and speak out like a man "Don't want!", and they won't trouble you at all. It's very simple. Stop saying you are helpless, you embarrass yourself.

Now you mention that I am pro-China and anti-America? Well, look at were I am. I didn't come to China to bash it. I am a guest, and I'm treated well -- why should I attack my host? That would be especially bad manners. On the other hand, being American, I have a front-row seat to the short-comings of my own country. Of course I should speak about those. Everyone knows America's good points already. I hear about those all the time. America has good schools and food quality is good. Yeah America! There are some other things that are at a reasonable standard for the leader of the developed world, that is to be expected. America should not get credit for a strong bridge remaining safe a long time, it's to be expected. But if a bridge is neglected and no care is taken, then when it falls and kills many people, America should be blamed. If America took good care of the Hurricane Katrina victims, it is expected. But if the government was responsible for the disaster, left the people to fend for themselves, and have not repaired the city, then blame is due.

If I don't kill or torture today, do not praise me. Decent behavior is expected. Slavery on the other hand, especially in the land of the free, is noteworthy. Someone might want to take note of it, especially the citizen of that country.

You mentioned that the loyal Chinese here must be surprised that I will point out the flaws in my own country. No, I don't think so. Why don't they often speak a criticism of their own country? They are too busy defending their country because of rabid China haters flooding EVERY folder with China-hate, even unrelated threads in unrelated folders. Note the category we are in. This is:
» United States » Sex trafficking: An American problem too
Then your comments here should be related to sex trafficking in America, thats the reasonable and polite way. Are you reasonable and polite? You know, I did not speak a single word in this folder before Harmless started bashing China immediately though this thread never mentioned China. He could have said "wow, didn't know the US had this problem" or "I think CNN is wrong, the US could never have such a problem" or "yeah, the US is a black pit of immorality", etc. etc. The point is, staying on topic, speaking about the subject, that is reasonable discussion.

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Reply #20 huang262's post

What about reading the article in the Global Times newspaper (Nov 20, 2009), available throughout China, about porn being available on cellphones, in China. Porn is everywhere there is a market and the market, I assume from the article, is huge in China so let's not just pick out the US because it's more visible there.

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