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The Fall of Nations [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by buddy35 at 2009-12-1 10:33

Wherever Anglos infest they infect!

Just look at Thailand, Philippines and elsewhere that Anglos infest and you will see exploitation, misery and suffering of the locals.

The last time Ch ...

Or you could say they locals are inflicting their lascivious lifestyle on innocent westerners who are just there for the sun :p Seriously though..the locals are clearly creating a market that appeals to a certain type of person. It's their choice and their mistake to make. If they are making that mistake they are doing so because they think they can make money.

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Hm... sounds like someone is trying to...

Originally posted by 9th_immortal at 11/26/2009 01:09 AM
40 years ago, in 1969, America began a radical shift in social behavior. people were rebelling, they would live without clothes in naked communities where the entire community would get together for a large scale sexual intercourse orgy with everyone having sex with anyone they wanted to at ay time, its at this period that homosexuality gained its present heights

... paraphrase that Egyptian that had a heart attack about square dancing just a generation before - or what did Queen Victoria say to the generation before that?  "We are not amused".

Funny thing about falls - they usually involve the same, brittle government type (i.e. emperors, kings, queens, "strongmen").  If anything, one can say that the U.S. is not the same as it was when it was founded 200+ years ago, nor will it be the same in 200+ years into the future.

As for the quote above from Nine... looks like he was watching the same Woodstock special on Vh1 that I did after Thanksgiving.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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I think that nations fall for a variety of reasons as follows;

Incompetent and corrupt governance,
Hedonistic and greedy citizenry,
Poorly educated working class,
Unwillingness to work/build/improve,
Lack of initiative and imagination to create,
Disparity between elites and poorer folks,
Breakdown of law and order,
Social unrest,
Moral degeneration,
Political correctness overemphasised,
Public and private indebtedness,
Overextended militarism,
Lack of resources to provide for population....................and the list goes on.

I sincerely doubt that race has anything to do with it although cultural identity may play of small part by way of disenfrachised people. As is evident in the world today, all of the nations in our world are afflicted with at least one of the above, including China. Interracial breeding, as suggested by 9th, is not an issue. If anything, it helps bring nations together via cultural understanding. Racial purity is a thing of the past and to see an example of efforts to implement it, we need look no further than Nazi Germany and we all know what happened to that "experiment".

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