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Smile in the darkness [Copy link] 中文

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Smile  in  the  darkness

Out of my window,the  darkness  gave me  a  signal:if  you  are  habitted in the  darkness  of heart,you  would  be  dissappionted  for ever.sometimes,I want to find the  way  of  making me  in  the positive attitude  to the  life,but  always are  beated  by    my experiences  which cutted  off  the  robe  attached  to the sunshine.but,the frustrated happenning  is  not the  domination which converts  my  good intention  to  the  devil,the domination is  my  thoughts  which  are  sometimes  not  superficial,but profound,gives me  the light and  warm  to  live  simply  and  happily.

What kind  of  thoughts  would  release  my  pressure  and  gives  me  the  ability to survive  in  the  chilly  and choppy  reality which would distort  the  heart fragile  to the fragmentary  condition,or  make  the  heart  wisom strong  get  the  meaning  of  life,which  would push me to  the  heaven  with  lots of  beauty  and  full .I  would  say that my  thoughts  is  related  to  the  thoughts  themselves,if  you  can change the  thoughts  quickly  and  correctedly,you  would  be  on  the right trace to pusure  the  objects  you  want;if you are  stubborn  enough,you  would be  easily  defeated  by  the fate which  urgently need  the  wisdom light  to  cover  the  black  in  the  mindset full of good  and evil.

When  I  was a child,I  do not  know  what  is  right or  what  is  wrong,and  have no faith which would  comfort  my  soul  to  give  me  a  light  would direct  my  road to the  tranquillized  home.  My  pressure  is  from  my  family  where  my father  is  not a  reasonable person  and  had no ideas  on  how  to  cultivate  my  individual personality  and my  character ,so  in  the  long  time ,I  felt the  life of  mine  is  in  hell,even if I have food  to  eat,have cloth  to wear,but my  heart  was in  deep frustration  and had much hatre  in  the  bottom of  my  heart , shaping my thoughts that the life  had not power  to lift me  from   the  miserable  conditions.after  long  long time,the climate has  been changed  to  more warm,the  rivers  have  been changed to more  polluted ,the hearts  of  many people have  been changed  by  desire  for  money  to  be  vicious,my god has given me  the enlight  that  if  you  can comprehend the  love ,the  truth,you  can have sheft below the  sunshine  which would fill  you  and  warm  you,so  it  is  my  fortunation,I can  get the hints from god, giving  me  the truth which fattened my twisted  raods in the mist,and  I  can smile happily  and  never be  frustrated  again.

Even  if  I explain the understanding of  love and  truth again and  again,lots of  people still had lof  of  question  on  my  comprehension  about  the  thoughts  as same as  my my  past,I  was  puzzled intensifiedly on  some meaningful words.some people said to me  the words  wisdom,but  it  is like  a  fool  who can not  distinguish what  is  right or wrong,I  am delayed  to  understand  the  truth ,which stumbled  my existence  and  made  me fall  to  hell.but the  darkness is  not always  having  no  light,maybe my god has  pity on me,one day I  found  thoughts  can change my  action,my attitude  to  the  life   I  confronted that is  in  the  embarrassed  condition.after  I  have  been  changed  to the peace life  by  the  fresh way of  thinking,I  can in confidence  make  a conclusion  that  please  believing  in  the god’s  soul that  tell   you  what  is yours,what  is  the  most  wonderful  thing  in  this  world worthy  pusuring .you  should  love,should  dent  the  suffering you have got,and smiling  in  the  darkness.

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