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China has absolved the 150 debts owed by Africa [Copy link] 中文

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continue from:......  if they are responsible institutions.

Most foreign banks have been implicated for receiving billions of dollars of looted funds from the late Mobutu of Zaire; Lansana Conte of Guinea; Eyadema of Togo; and a number of tyrants such as Omar Bongo of Gabon; Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea; Dos Santos of Angola; Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo; Paul Biya of Cameroon; Arap Moi of Kenya; Jerry Rawlings of Ghana; Ibrahim Babadjinda of Nigeria and a number of sitting and ex-presidents in Africa yet western media are silent about where the funds are being kept. According to a 110 page report prepared by international risk consultancy firm Kroll, Arap Moi and his family have banked £1 billion in 28 countries including Britain but the media in the west will not expose the banks involved.

Apart from the banking sector, the property sector in Europe, America and Australia have also connived with the political and business elite in Africa to impoverish the people.
Several African leaders have bought properties in Europe and America using monies stolen from their poor countries. It is on record that Mobutu of DRC (Zaire) bought several villas in France, Switzerland, Belgium and many European Countries. Yet again the companies selling the villas have been kept secret by the media. Why ?

It has recently come to light that Arap Moi of Kenya and his family bought several multimillion pound properties in London, New York, South Africa including 10,000-hectare ranch in Australia and bank accounts containing hundreds of millions of pounds. While majority of Kenyans live in slums and in rural areas, with little roofing on their heads and lacking water and other basic necessities of life, Moi’s family live in a £4m home in Surrey and £2m flat in Knightsbridge yet the media will not expose the estate companies involved.

It is common for western companies looking for lucrative contracts to pay bribes and kickbacks to induce officials into awarding them contracts.
For example on 17th September 2002, a Canadian firm called Acres International was convicted by a High Court in Lesotho for paying $260,000 bribe to secure an $8 billion dam contract. In 2002, Halliburton, a company once controlled by Dick Cheney (former US Vice President) was accused of establishing $180m flush fund with the intent of using it to bribe Nigerian officials in order to secure a $10 billion Liquefied Gas Plant contract in Nigeria. Achair Partners (a Swiss company) and Progresso (an Italian company) have been accused of bribing Somalia’s Transition Government officials in order to secure contracts to deposit highly toxic industrial waste in the waters of Somalia.
Such corrupt practices by western companies seeking contracts in Africa are one of the reasons why poverty and diseases are rife in the continent.

The catastrophic environmental damage being caused by Oil, mining and timber companies such as Shell, BP, Total, Elf, Texaco, Mittal, Anglo-America Corporation in Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Congo, DR. Congo, South Africa, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal do not make the news in the West.
How often do we hear about the huge environmental price Africans are paying to satisfy the west’s insatiable appetite for energy and technology?
Apart from the huge profits being made by these conglomerates which we often hear in the news, do we hear also their complete disregard for environmental rules; the pollution of rivers, lakes, streams, wells, and the environment?

In October 2002, after a three year investigation a UN Panel of Experts implicated Cabot Corporation (Boston), Eagle Wings Resources International, and George Forrest’s OM Group (Ohio) for arming rebel groups and collaborating with them to traffic from DR. Congo gold, diamond, timber and most importantly coltan (columbo-tantalite)-a precious ore essential to Sony playstations, laptop computers, and cell phones. Coltan is often spirited out of DRC to U.S., Swiss, Belgian, and German clients by Uganda and Rwanda army officers, rebel groups and through a network of criminal syndicates. In all 85 companies were implicated by the report.

Except the wars and the stranded faces of hungry refugees, do these illegal activities by the corporations make the news in the Western media? Definitely not. Even when local journalists and writers document this for broadcast in the west, it is not published as it does not serve their interests.

These is the hypocrisy and double standards of the western media.

They want the world to know how poor Africans are but fail to tell the world that Africans are poor because Western banking institutions, property development companies, defence companies and defence contractors, oil and mining corporations are major stakeholders in promoting Africa’s poverty and underdevelopment. Corruption and bribery in Africa and indeed the developing world could be reduced tremendously if the media for once put aside the pick and choose journalism and attached the same importance to show the degree of involvement by western capitalist institutions Europe, America and Japan and their role in keeping Africans poor.

By Lord Aikins Adusei

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it is a quite merciful decision china had made

but there are more to do for china to help the africa.

when china's enterprises invests do business in africa, they should employ more locals so that those poor residents can directly benifit from china's aids.
and besides infrustructures building, china also should do more on the environment protection when they exploits the natural resource.

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Reply #24 tamson's post

Do read my threads again before you shoot your mouth. Zhongguo's aids to the African continent  were dated back in the sixties when Zhongguo herself was a poor third world country. Unlike the western countries, Zhongguo is in Africa not to exploit but to help them to improve their living standards by building for the Africans infrastructures. The scoundrels that plundered,raped and kept Africa impoverished for more than a century are today exposed. Yet these very scoundrels have the cheek to blame others for the very sins they had committed and are still perpetuating them in the African continent.      .

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Originally posted by seneca at 2009-10-22 13:09
25: There is a kernel of truth to what Samkong says about China  the developing giant (in the 20th century) disbursing foreign aid money to African leaders (and projects): China was POOR then.

I ...

although china is waspoor then ,it also generously give much aids to africa.  it do reflects the deep friendship between china and africa. just those kinds of self-giving behaviours show africa china's sincerity.
and i think that is why the africa stoutly supported china to gain back the UN's seat in 1970s against the super power USA which is much richer than China.

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we are always that kind

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Originally posted by seneca at 2009-10-22 13:11
Yes, that IS my problem because I do see things from AN AFRICAN POINT OF VIEW. Full stop.

Pretending to be a spokesman for others, pathethic.

Maybe you should try to be spokesman of your neighbor first, the Gazan.

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