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***Chinese J-10 & J11B jets production stopped due to lack of engines.*** [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by Exergy at 2009-10-22 13:01
The US has had first strike capability over china since the 1950s.  At first China could not retaliate at all, then as now its modern arsenal is too small and its early warning systems to weak.  Still the US has not threatened to strike in 35 years even as China's nuclear capability gets better and better.  The US is even downsizing its arsenal.  So in all likelyhood the nukes being built now are just paranoid wastes of money, enjoy them.

The U.S. revolution in precision guided munitions was followed by an emphasis on mobility in the Chinese missile force. U.S. missile defense systems have clearly spurred an emphasis on countermeasures in China's ICBM force and quantitative buildups in its regional missile arsenals. Beijing's new submarine-based forces further enhance the security of China's second-strike capability in the face of a potential U.S. strike but are likely to lead to increased attention to anti-submarine warfare in the United States. China's recent anti-satellite test provoked a U.S. demonstration of similar capabilities. -

The U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade 10 years ago could well have been a deliberate attempt to provoke a response from China before China embarked on its military modernization program.  As far as downsizing its arsenal is concerned, that's only logical considering the direction the U.S. economy is heading and the irrationality of having the capability to destroy the world 50 times when once would suffice.

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Originally posted by baofeng at 2009-10-22 17:28

The U.S. revolution in precision guided munitions was followed by an emphasis on mobility in the Chinese missile force. U.S. missile defense systems have clearly spurred an emphasis on count ...

the US development of precision guided munitions was not about china.  China may have reacted but that was not the point.  Although this article seems to suggest that the US is going to invest in anti subwarfare I havent seen any push for it yet, as the US is not terribly afraid of China's second strike capability, either because it findsit lacking or because it does not have plans to excersize a first strike.

The belgrade bombing was terrible, I dont know if it was intentional or not but if I were going to try and get a foreign nation upset I would hit with a larger weapon (not precision) to make it look like it was more of an accident and I would hit during the day to maximize casualties.  It being precision guided, it really looked like it was just some id!ot getting his city maps confused.

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Sorry, but I didnt wrote "garbage" as you  said.
India do not only buy india: they buy french submarine, and cooperate with Russia for the next 5 generation fighter PAKFA wich will soon fly.
There are truely bad record and many regret among the armies that bought russian stuff. There is a good reason why for the first time of its history russian is to buy chopper carrier from france , and this reason is that nobody can do it anymore in russia.

Your political reason is acceptable, but certainely not enough.
Ther are no IF for china for buy chopper, it is an abslute necessity right now. It doesnt change the fact that PLA soldier made all they could in sichuan, but there is a shameful turth far from the tiananmen demonstration. One more time:  russian choppe are beautiful, powerful, all you want, but a beautiful toy is not everything in a serious army: you need spares, and stuff to make it work. Indian Mil Mi 26 dont fly anymore due to lack of spares from russia. Heard that indian army is furious with this bad after sale service...
Also, dont sing me your old song from "western bias", because the sources were only from whina itself, there were certainely excellent volunteer in sichuan, but there is also the truth of families who have been treaten by police to shut up about their lost children in cheap construction schools...That's all from china, nothing from CIA, ISRAEL, NERD or Darth Vador.
Why China has no air carrier? China can build it but it would be not so good now, also, the biggest problem is not the carrier itself but how to use it. You will maybe be surprised to learn that china officials have been secretly asked france a programm to learn how to use an air carrier.  For the same condition, chinese nuclear submarine exist, but their using is obvious: china doens not control the very sensitive 'launching" procedure of nuclear submarine, wich require several knowledge, stuff and a whole fleet...and so are more easy to be detected.

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maybe you will be surprise to learn that frenchies where there for the first chinese atomic bomb?

and maybe you will be more surprise to learn that china have been asking for a long time france to provide the programm ad procedure required to use an air carrier?

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How about giving more details so that the "layman" in the forum could understand!

Is the nuclear ballastic missile in China using liquid fuel or solid fuel.
My understanding is that liquid fuel needs to be injected into rocket before launch whereas solid fuel can be made ready in minutes. (I think China has both technologies solid and liquid fuel)

France has often been worried about strategic defeat by the American Regime, and bullied into submission! It's the only European BIG POWER that has all the BIG POWER TECHNOLOGIES, including nuclear forces delivered by slbm, silos, and by bombers! France also has the technology to launch payloads to space!No doubt, a BIG POWER in it's own right!

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The DongFeng 31A (NATO reporting name: CSS-9 Mod-2) is a road-mobile, three-stage, solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), designed to carry a single 1,000kT thermal nuclear warhead. The missile was developed from the DongFeng 31 (CSS-9), with extended range and improved performance. About 10 DongFeng 31A missiles have been deployed by the PLA Second Artillery Corps since 2006~07 to supplement its silo-based DongFeng 5 (CSS-4) ICBM. A submarine-launched ballistic missile JuLang 2 is also being developed based on the DongFeng 31 technology.

The DongFeng 31A offers a number of technological and operational advantages over older Chinese missiles such as DF-4 (CSS-3). Instead of being launched from a fixed location, the DongFeng 31A can be transported on its transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle to one of many predetermined launch sites, giving greater survivability in the event of a first strike. The use of solid propellant gives the missile a longer service lifespan and shorter launch preparation time compared to the liquid fuel ICBMs.

The DongFeng 31A is said to be armed with a lightweight warhead allegedly copied from the U.S. W-88 or W-70 warhead designs, though so far no sound evidence has been found to support this claim. Furthermore, the DongFeng 31A is believed to have incorporated many advanced technologies similar to current generation Russian ICBMs, including the use of penetration aids such as decoys or chaffs to complicate enemy’s missile warning and defence system.

There ya go gd. Yes, you're right RE solid vs liquid fuels for the ICBMs.

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hmmmm Ah So!

solid fuel technology, created during the COLD WAR arms race, space race!
and China also has it, a dependable rocket engine technology!

that's make it possible to launch heavier payloads, as solid fuel has up to 5x more propelling force!
Yes, China can launch it's own space shuttle craft if it can only find the commercial use that can jack up the volume besides the military and commercial satellite use!

ha ha ha

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note: Just watch news on TV, the kiwis in New Zealand was watching a launch of a mini rocket! what's that all about? Proof that New Zealand has the rocket technology too? ha ha ha

Told you guys we do need SPACE TOURISM to hike up the commercial viability!

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