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Originally posted by baofeng at 2009-8-25 19:54
I eat only non-GM food. And only when hungry.

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I hope i can study hard, and  I hope i could do someting to my motherland and my hometown someday.

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Everyday i get up early ,and then study knowledgy aboat computer.
As you know,china is out of date in many computer industry.
My dream is"we study hard for several years,our country improved several generations".

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As an ordinary people who's been living and working in China since i was born,i feel shameful that i can't find anything deserving to say "did for our motherland",except i throwed my finger at those who betrayed their motherland.

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Dear lcy331,

You can do many ordinary things for Motherland. Here are some examples :

1)  You can promise Motherland, that from now on, you will save electricity in various ways, since Motherland has spend a lot of money to provide electricity to us.

a) You can turn off your electricity devices as soon as you don't need it anymore.

b) You will only use saving-energy light-bulb, even it is much more expensive. You can save money to replace all of your conventional light-bulb in your house with the saving-energy ones.

c) If you have air-conditioner, you can raise 1 to 3 degree of your air-conditioner in your house or your office. It will save a lot of electricity in one year !!!

d) You can switch off the light in your bedroom, when you go to sleep. If you don't like darkness, you can use a very low-voltage light-bulb when you sleep.

e)  You can advice your entire family to save electricity. You can try to explain many reason to them, so they are willing to save electricity. Although all of us are rich enough to pay our electricity bill, but saving electricity mean we help our Motherland to reduce the need to build many other electricity generating stations and reduce a lot of pollution. You can also share your opinion not only to your family, but also to your surroundings, your friends, your classmates, etc.

f) If your are a leader in an organization or a company, you can contribute a lot more to save electricity. You can ask all of your members to save electricity in your working place, then translate it into a regulation to make sure every member follow the rules, in order to prevent it becoming NATO, no action talk only.

g) If you have enough money, you can renovate your home or your office or your factory, to save more electricity. Install several glass-block at the wall to make the sunlight penetrate your rooms inside, so you don't need for light-bulbs in the sunny days.


2) You can prefer using public transportation rather than private vehicle. You can prefer using your motorbike rather than your car. You can prefer using your bike rather than your motorbike. Because it save a lot of fuel which we have to import and we can also reduce pollution. By importing less fuel, Motherland can save a lot more money.

3) If you are a teacher or a parent, you can try your best to raise patriotism to your students or your children. They will get a lot of reason to realize the importance of celebrating the 60th anniversary. You can explain how hard life in China in the past, and the tremendous achievement we have made at present. You can also teach them about loving and caring, lead by examples, so that our next generation people will contribute a lot more for a harmony society in China.

4) If you are a business leader, you can lead your company to perform a lot more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To celebrate this 60th anniversary, launch a project to contribute a lot more for society in various ways.

5) If you are a singer or a song writer, you can plan to create a song that will contribute a lot more for Motherland.

Examples :

    --> A song that promote peace, just like the song "Heal The World" by Michael Jackson.
         See the inspiring lyrics at : ... e-world-lyrics.html

    --> A song that promote unity and harmony, just like the song "Black or White" by Michael Jackson.
         See the inspiring lyrics at : ... white_20092658.html

    --> A song that promote courage and heroism, just like the song "HERO" by Mariah Carey.
         See the inspiring lyrics at :

    --> A song that promote persistent and motivation, just like the song "When You Believe" by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.
         See the inspiring lyrics at : ... hitney-houston.html

6) If you are part of media (newspapers, magazine, radio, internet, TV, etc), you can launch your own version of this project entitled "Inspiring People, Improving Motherland". PLEASE NOTE : this project main goal is to stimulate real actions, not just a discussion or else. Never fall in NATO trap, no action talk only.

7)  If you are still young and energic, you can build a community called "BIKE FOR MOTHERLAND". Ask your surroundings to join you using bike (e-bike is ok), replacing their motorbike, cars, etc.

8)  As an ordinary people, you can keep your country clean. Stop spitting, stop littering anywhere, etc.


Now after I show you a lot of examples, what do you plan to contribute for Motherland in this upcoming 60th anniversary ?



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When I was  in school,I couldn't  imagine the difficulties I am meet with now.Everyday I worked hard.But at  the end of each month,I find my pocket is empty.  the food,the house,even the fruit are so expensive that they only belong to others.I have to pick the cheapest when shopping!I hope In our motherland people who work hard can get what they deserve.

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