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I love My Ancestry Land Because It's Said by the Time of 21st Century,

It will be Communism.  So the book named "Scientists Talking about 21st Century's Communism" excited me that much, that I asked my father everyday, "is it true that if it's communism in the 21st century we then don't need to sleep, so we can save time by only taking a nap a few hours?  So we don't need to eat we then can be full by pressing a button, we can save labors not to cook?"  Oh, that's so wonderful, and how fantastic will it be?!  We'll then can save a lot of and a lot of time and labors by doing something more significantly, such as explore how to invent and open a space station in the universe, such as on the moon or other stars, we'll then move over there, to develop the communism there too - that's part of communist dreams to be fulfilled, by going there, above the earth - fly to everywhere, so advanced and civilized.  So that's our 20th centurey's dreams about communism in the future.

Don't you think if we dream some communism ideas now, isn't it also a kind of contributions to our ancestry land, of this lovely China?

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Originally posted by witnesser at 2009-8-27 21:02
loving a country is different from loving the government! you love the country is because you love the people there. you love the government is because it does things for its people. so loving a co ...

as you know,who rule China? Communist Party   !~ Yes, i love my country,and my land,beautiful view,hardworking  and
honest  people,But what a corrupt government can give us? Look around the social phenomenon,the education, the
youngers what they had learn from school?Many graduates have no job,Corruption,  embezzlement  .    i always ask myself,do our country have future?

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Originally posted by jhony_cheung at 2009-8-25 13:31
Dear all members in CCD forums,

Since China will celebrate 60th anniversary, let's do some self-check.
Have you ever do something for your Motherland ?
The real action you do, that don't have  ...

Proud of you, jhony_cheung to have been throughtful enough to raise this flag.

In this day and age it is hard to find a man pure in heart and older than 18 years old.

I guess you've found that person in yourself.

I hope there are more members like you.

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Thanks wchao37,

You are also a great member. I will be honored if you post things that you have done for Motherland. Let us learn a bit from you. Even a tiny part is very welcome. Thanks.

Thanks Baiquen (at #17 message posted),

You have done a lot more than me. My salute to you. But if I can give you some suggestion, please don't hate them, who support Dalai Lama, or who hate China. Please don't do any harm to them. Most of them are just a victim of "fake" truth about China, from some foreign bias media. Once they realized it, they will support China. We can live together in harmony. Isn't it beautiful ?

Dear Aussie Aussie A,

You are a great teacher. My salute to you too.

Dear Masco 110,

Yes, there are still many problems in China, corruption, bad education systems, etc.
But please don't turn a blind eye with what China has achieved recently.
Beijing Olympic 2008, Space walking, the highest economic growth on Earth, etc

What if your country is Africa ? Not only corruption and bad education systems, there will be much more.
China is much much better than Africa
Even in economic achievement, we are better than USA
Even in Sichuan rescue efforts, we are better than USA's Katrina ones.

Do our country has future ??
Yes, if people in China stop complain here and there about the bad side of our country
Instead, we start to contribute something for our country
Has you ever do something for your country, which you mention that you love her ?

Warm regards to all,


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I love my country

Do not do evil things though they may be insignincant.Do not given up good things though they may be minor matters
I love my country.

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Launch this topic in Chinese language....

Dear Chinadaily,

Thanks a lot for placing my topic "Have you ever do something for Motherland ???" at this CD website's frontpage.
Actually, this topic can also serve as a small-scale internal survey.

Until today at Aug 29, time 16:51 pm, we have the result like this :

--> This articles are viewed 1656 times (just make a rough prediction that 1000 members view this topic, else view it more than once).
--> There are only 26 replies
--> There are only 22 person who post their comments ( which mean 22/1000 or 0,22% CD forum member has ever do something for Motherland).

--> And please note, that not all 22 person post their contribution, many members just complain or point others contribution, do not post their own contribution for Motherland.

Yes, this poor result maybe due to majority of CD forum here are living abroad. So, it's a little bit harder to contribute for Motherland, although not impossible.

Would you please try to post my topic "Have you ever do something for Motherland ???" in Chinese language in a Chinese netizen forum ? Maybe it can show a better result. It's a kind of survey too. Do you have China Daily in Chinese language version ?

What do you think, Chinadaily ? Your reply is a great honor for me.



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Dear A-gilbert,

Thanks for posting in this topic. You are a great person.  But would you please post a specific action that you have ever do for Motherland ? Your post #27 is too abstract, just like a kind of diplomacy language.

Or you can post what do you plan to contribute for Motherland in the upcoming 60th celebration ? Your commitment to contribute will be a golden part of the upcoming celebration.



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